Guitarist Reaction to CHUNG HA – Snapping MV // 청하 // Musician Reacts to CHUNGHA

Guitarist Reaction to CHUNG HA - Snapping MV // 청하 //  Musician Reacts to CHUNGHA

the results are in and it turns out that three consecutive days of watching music and staying out till sunrise is bad for your brain leases it's bad for my brain I'm like got the coffee in me to try to be alert my brain is still all fogged out so like I'm excited but dumb probably not a good combination but new song that I got to do it new song whoo this okay don't know that much about chewing uh uh oh I I think it record too maybe one or two other songs don't remember anything negative so you got nothing but upside right she got the nails done with the rounded tips I see that oh and she got beige on one hand and white and the other don't know if that's gonna be important you never know wait it's my speed right what what is those are just fast [Laughter] I'm the first to admit based on those arpeggios I put the beat in the wrong place [Laughter] I didn't know what was gonna happen this is I am blown away by how the rhythmic accents worked at the beginning the the the time I was keeping in the beginning is the time that came in in the second section so I'm gonna say that it was the bass drum the bass drop against the arpeggios that was creating what felt like a different time signature hemiola different times secured now he back in it that's crazy yeah well let's shall we just had that's awesome where that the colors dude the blue on that Omni what you called it such a robe that's something so Mon oh man I also don't know what you called little gemstones in a line it's also awesome it's like hooter I don't know anyone that does that but it looks cool it's like why isn't everybody do it maybe it's like we're just walk down the street with it but it's not it's never weird to look amazing all right Daniel like can we get back to it that whole silhouette dance thing is super interested and I haven't seen it in a minute my actually one time when I was performing solo guitar I would I was not playing with the dancers I was playing in between the dance sets but they had a dance set where they had all silhouette and to make a little risque some of the people were like semi nude and or nude but it didn't matter because you couldn't really see them was just silhouettes just kind of cool and it was really liberated liberating for the dancers because even if you saw a body type that you didn't like you didn't necessarily know which dancer it was so it's kind of liberating I think that just cool it's a cool thing Plus that original musical section that started with the arpeggio through the displaced bass has never come back yet maybe it will at the very end of the song or something but it hasn't come back Suzu dancers appear when you clap your hands what okay all right this long as strong strong like how is it differently strong its strong like this says this is something that people can just chance you all over you don't have to be into kpop at all I don't think for this I mean other than other thing you have to ignore the fact that there's like non-english but it's super accessible but it's not over the top and it's just got a nice groove to it we have like a really crazy contrast we have this really sit down the word for it decimate decimator there's an effect that you typically use to just make your sound bad because sometimes bad is like a cool neat texture so the highest cent line is this really saw wavy sound and then when the load base register is like a tuba and that little and her voice floating in the middle is this cool cool uh set of ingredients for your ear well that's all this is there could be trombone I'm not so good at picking out my instruments on the unmanned horns it's low can we call it low brass which eating away with that is okay low brass all right that was that was crazy fun for me she made it easy for me to just have a good time which I guess is the course that's the message that's the meaning of dance music is can I get you to have a good time and other than my inability to structure really elaborate funny jokes felt good about it but everything extra to say I don't think so other than it just looks it it looked see there's that brain fog shame on me shame on me it had a movement to the visuals that help just carry you through the song so before I knew it the whole song was done right but I was never like I was never just bought into the visuals or just bought into the song it was a dis nice little groove almost like hypnotic like me hypnotized me with the dancing and the changing colors and then just moving through the sections of the song I found it very interesting that they had this nuts syncopated hemiola style not sure what the time signature is in the very beginning section of the song and it sounded super cool but they knew I'd listen this is my opinion on it they knew that you didn't know where to dance in that section so it was a cool way to catch your ear off guard then when they brought the beat in they never brought that section back because if you had been dancing along with the song and that section came in all of a sudden you wouldn't feel like you were dancing on the right beats and it would mess you up some artists like to do that because they like to catch you off-guard they want to be like oh yeah you think you could dance to everything you can't dance for this but a lot of times when you're making a pure dance song the one thing you want people to do is dance so why would you interrupt them in the middle of doing that with your inventiveness I'm I'm one weird guy like that everybody's different in music you know how to create stuff some people aim for brand-new some people like old but but a little more polished I am a my message in music my message my mission or a overriding concept is if I get you to buy into what I'm doing I'm not gonna take you out of it right like if I if I'm making a dance song you start dancing I'm not gonna interrupt your dance if I'm playing a slow classical song and I get you to buy and emotionally like you're feeling the music then I'm not gonna do something goofy to change the mood like we're gonna keep continuity in there that's just me that's just this guy's thoughts that was fun and this is me just doing one video after this I think I'm gonna finally get out the BTS 21st century girls costume dance I think if my timelines right all right do not stay up til sunrise three days in a row I mean it is so fun when you do it but boy you feel so stupid on that fourth day but if you do stay up till sunrise I pitch you got some stories I guess I just don't really alright I'll be good be back just just be


  • Eleanor Schmidt says:

    Please react to (G)I-dle & Hyolyn!!! Thank you 💜

  • pkfsylvia says:

    Dear EllisLamarMusic, thank you for your reactions! I would like to introduce you to a Chinese singer/songwriter Hua Chenyu. He is passionate and talented both in singing and composing. He often says the vocal is just part of the music and you may find that he sometimes sounds like an instrument when he is singing. He is now the TOP performer in China as his stage charisma, powerful vocal may lead you through a roller coaster of emotions, he also composes a few lyricless songs which express emotions only through melody and music. I am really looking forward to a professional musician like you to react to him. Please find out his performance on Singer 2018 "Child" and "Equalling Heaven".

  • Angela Fei Mariè says:

    I love how you pointed out that one time when she clapped the dancers magically appears. Btw, cool reaction. Nicely done. 😉👌 Please react to the whole album and the comeback stage if you can. 😊

  • pendragnx says:

    "Hypnotic" is definitely an apt description for this song.. a feast for the eyes and ears

  • jin young says:

    chungha really snapped👏👏👏

  • soc kc says:

    I really think chungha is strong amazing artist. Loved it:) thank you for the upload and reaction

  • YanChen Huang says:

    TVXQ truth please!!!!

  • Phuong Nguyen says:

    Please check out f(x) red light!!!!!!!

  • crispe nel says:

    Pls reacto to BTS RM- FAVORITE GIRL …thanks 😊😊😊

  • Shawna Brooks says:

    Well this song is catchy as hell. As someone who wasn't a big fan of Gotta Go, I find this a big improvement.

  • ImSunday says:

    Could you react to Infinite – The Eye ?

  • Raven Hutt says:

    I gotta disagree with ya just a little bit on the switch up thing. Switch ups can be a brilliant thing if they serve a purpose

  • EXO_Suho We are one says:

    Please next react to EXO’s Stay fmv and Baby Don’t Cry live.You definitely will love these songs

  • GK Master says:

    Yesss thank you for this reaction!! It was good!! Not my favorite title track from Chung Ha but I can see why it was chosen as the title. If you have time check the mini album too "Flourishing". This track is entirely in english and I could see Ariana Grande singing it. It's very good but my favorite is "Chica". Another great Kpop album this month where I think the B sides are stronger than the title track! I love Chung Ha's voice!! Check her other MVs when you have time. "Roller Coaster" is awesome. Your boy Baekhyun from EXO (the best singer in Kpop in my opinion) will release his first solo album next month and SM got the finest R&B producers to do it. Instant success!!! Can't wait! (G)I-DLE is coming this week too. Kpop never stops!!

  • The Best says:

    Hi ellis 👋
    Can you react to bts 🙏(just one day), please🙏? I am sure it will be one of your favorite💓 songs🤩.

  • Baekhyun's hands says:

    Please react to CBX-Sweet Dreams and CBX-Lazy

  • Baekhyun's hands says:

    I was waiting for this 🎉 thank you

  • Casey McFadden says:

    I think Chung ha's "Rollercoaster" and "Gotta Go" is even better than "Snapping." I strongly recommend you check those out as well if you haven't already.

  • Munkee F10W3Rr1ng says:

    Whoop whoop 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Chungha 💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Whenever you have the chance please react to Infinite- The Chaser. You’ll love this song so much.

    Here’s a few facts to help pique your interest in this group
    1. INFINITE (Not BTS) was the first Kpop group to be personally invited by Billboard to perform and be interviewed at NYC Billboard Studio. Here they performed The Chaser and Be Mine
    2. The Chaser was chosen by Billboard as the “Best Kpop song of 2012” surpassing PSY (remember this was the year Gangnam Style went viral), G-Dragon, BigBang and 2NE1
    3. The Chaser was picked by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the “50 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time”
    4. INFINITE (Not BTS) were the first ever group to challenge the Big Three in terms of awards, concert and album sales. To this day they are still one of the most highly awarded and selling groups
    5. One of the top ten touring acts along with BigBang, TVXQ/DBSK, 2PM, SHINee, EXO, CNBlue, XIA and B1A4
    6. first Kpop group to obtain permission to film at Universal Studio in LA. Here is where their Destiny MV was shot
    7. Woohyun was recognized as one of the Kpop idols who makes the most money as a producer.
    8. known for their live stages. Literally the term “CD Swallowers/Eating CDs” was coined to describe this group
    9. one of the Top 20 Most Successful and Best Selling Kpop Groups ever
    10. well-known for their “timeless” style. Their songs have a lot of 70s/80s inspired sounds, strings and unique melodies. INFINITE never followed trends. From the very beginning they released music that would never be mistaken as anyone else’s.
    11. Were the first ever idol group to guest on Weekly Idol. Is one of the groups with the most guestings.
    12. known for their 99.9% synchronization and “Knife-Point” choreography. Earned the title Kings of Synchronization.

    Credit to @ifnt7kings for most if this list. I edited for grammar and added a few other accomplishments that were not listed.

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