Guitarist Reaction to SHINee – Tell Me What To Do MV // 샤이니 // Musician Reacts

Guitarist Reaction to SHINee - Tell Me What To Do MV // 샤이니 // Musician Reacts

tell me what to do you already did that's okay full disclosure full disclosure look good that's how you say vodka in Russian you could say hi how are you privyet donkey Ola you could say that but that wouldn't have anything to do with anything here I'm just not completely in a normal state of mind I think that's good for all of us let's go to tell me well I'm not gonna say it I'm not gonna say it again we're done with titles I actually think the chord progression is C D E minor C major D major E minor that's my guess my speed right that's not oh I guess that was just like cool a cool thing I gotta know I gotta know if I'm right move Mike back over there I'm right well that's why they do it ah so yeah C major D major E minor or if a minor is our key it's flat 6 2 flat 6 made sure to flat seven major two one minor song is excellent I think I just got unlucky with my shiny I think you can go check my records I think the first like three SHINee songs I ever heard were my least favorite and they were all back-to-back Tyvek it might have been four sometimes just get unlucky I would get unlucky you told me to watch him somebody all picked out some songs I don't know Oh gotcha Kimani nunchaku it's still seedy beaches variations on the arpeggio Cheers that guy [Applause] sorry I'm focused cuz I've actually thinking that like I might know exactly how to play the guitar part they're doing there's two variations I'm listening to I think he's in a storage container mat rotator 40-foot container oh no it's just shaped like no oh yeah it is just shaped like one maybe it's the interior plug never I didn't hear that same part coming back I just want to see if I can kind of remember it's that and then the glare one would be like probably 250 I'll say that these maybe some like it's not like that that's in yeah so I'm super fun maybe want to play guitar and I did so victory to me victory at them oh and that that BMW by the way when I was a freshman no sophomore second year in college I totaled my card had no car and my roommate was kind of wealthy and had a sick BMW and I moved in with my car being broken and that was just hanging out and chillin for like a a week or something two weeks it was like dude whenever you need to go anywhere just take my take my car cuz that night I was like I should I need to go somewhere can you give me a ride he's like I just take it through the keys and for like a year he just let me drive around his I don't know 75 $80,000 car for anything I wanted and then just in return like I didn't think he need help with I had his back so like a lot of times needed my phone and stuff like that that's its own story but uh sometimes I'd wake up in the morning my phone would be gone I'm banging on his door he would answer I bang a bang a bang like what it's like dude where's my throat I didn't use your phone search thank someone what like dude where's my phone I use your phone do where's your keys and then he's like there's be silence like don't where's your keys been like I get his keys I go outside dude I found my phone all over his car back seat front seat and the funniest one is I found it under his gas pedal in the middle of night he needed my phone he got my phone went to his car left my phone under his gas pedal it was an amazingly fun awesome year anyways good times good times good time for more maybe maybe we do breathe remember breathe breathing is important breathing it's important I actually spending to get nervous so tints you don't breathe or you breathe really shallow so at times when people are like playing guitar and stuff said dude breathe like white like breathe although it can be funny if you're recording like something quiet you got to be careful with your breathing because you can hear it in the recording it's like uh your tank was awesome music was so emotive except for the giant breath you had anyways this was fun I am Not sure I'm gonna go to oh I think I promised ray kids my pace I better get over there fight


  • Any Aidan says:

    Oh college stories are my favourite.

  • Any Aidan says:

    Hi Ellis please react to shinee – sherlock mv
    Jonghyun – y si fuera ella
    I know you prefer to react to 2016-19 songs but these the kpop never had a golden era. You can have both good and bad songs in any year. Please react to these 2 please

  • Anastasia says:

    Please do more guitar covers of kpop songs 🙏
    I love guitars and kpop, please, save my soul and clear my sins. I'm blessed)

  • Ashley Stanford says:

    Please Listen to SHINee-Seniorita!!!!


    It's a b-track so no video, but they've performed it live!!

    It's an older song but it's got a latin-y goove and not as much of that early 2000s kpop sound you don't like.

  • irma zubie says:

    I LOOOVEE this song soooo muchhhh

  • Taelented says:

    react to SHINee's Sherlock please. thank you^^

  • MsSarahJean09 says:

    Yes shinee!!!! More SHINee. Love your videos

  • Shawna Brooks says:

    I'm happy you finally found your groove when it comes to SHINee. It was wonderful to see you play your guitar for such a long time in this video; it's one of the things I love about your channel- it authentic. If you want to do something, you do it. I'm vaguely wondering why this dude needed a phone when he had enough for a high priced car but my mind just comes up with bad reasons so I'm gonna shut down that train of thought. Off to Stray Kids I go.

  • Alely Platon says:

    Want to SHINee

  • RJ Minty says:

    You know I really like it when you play the guitar in videos. I'd really love to hear you play some more in the future. Thanks for the reaction~

  • Jim Ad says:

    You know some Russian ?wow 😂 I was surprised

  • Panther says:

    you reacted to the songs without Jonghyun first. He produced many of SHINee's songs. The songs you heard first had only four members.

  • Darlin Kris says:

    Привет,как дела???😊Hi from Russia and Thank you for this video))) and more SHINee,Please.🙏

  • BlingBlingSHINee2 says:

    Please react to SHINee "Wanted" 🙏

  • yumi diamond says:

    Please react to SHINee's STRANGER live performance, DREAM GIRL MV, PICASSO live performance

  • Regina Alma Nathania says:

    please react to blackpink lisa is kpop’s queen of stage presence by dorky lisa😭😭🙏🙏

  • Rocio Contreras says:

    Ellis: *analyzing the track, unbothered*
    Me: *trying not to cry bc I love this song and it always gets me emotional*

  • Jenny P says:

    Honestly, SHINee's music is difficult to pick out for people because the genre range for their title tracks is so all over the place. That's something I love about them, but it makes it hard to introduce them to people because everyone needs "that one song" to like an artist – and chances are with SHINee, that's not going to be the first song you're introduced to unless you're super lucky. If you want to figure out the chord progression, there's an instrumental only version of "Tell Me What To Do" that's fabulous ^^

  • IvaNFJ says:

    Minho's rap part here was LIT.
    Damn, it took me a few listens to fall for it.
    'Tis art.

  • Suga is my queen says:


  • Suga is my queen says:


  • Suga is my queen says:

    Please react STRANGER- SHINEE the live version

  • chloe says:

    shinee dazzling girl please

  • chloe says:

    please shinee " dazzling girl " pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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