Guitarist Reacts to Baekhyun – Stay Up LYRICS // Beenzino // 백현 // Musician Reaction

Guitarist Reacts to Baekhyun - Stay Up  LYRICS  // Beenzino // 백현 // Musician Reaction

so I'm pursued the nice like I don't barely speak I don't speak Korean well I don't speak English that well either I'm like dude words slow down say words we're doing the second track off of the city lights album the whole vibe caught me off-guard love it whoo put your guns down love it but I was like I didn't expect that uh that direction so I'm excited for the rest of the album the second one I'll put the album here stay up and of course if you want to hear this reaction with the real music not the music you can go to the patreon link below 2 bucks man it's 2 bucks a month for everything and all my guitar stuff too you get all the guitar stuff everything everything – I feel so bad asking for $2 and like I give them everything so if you play guitar cool if you don't play guitar then just give your friends the link and let them play the classical stuff I don't know me let's do that bacon let's see what's up all right so obviously I'm trying to find things to like say that are not just emotions the song feels crisp yet like shut up phone waiting still talking he let me cover that up with a look of bones it's crisp yet it has this airiness around it I'm trying to think of things in the mix but they're actually changing really rapidly it's hard to put my finger on it one thing I can tell you is they're heavily utilizing the stereo spectrum which is a fancy way of we have basically left right in the middle and we have sounds of instruments that are actually ping pong game which means changing from side to side right and then we of course have Bacon's main vocal directly in the mix but they're doing a lot of things what's going on the left and right and the first 46 seconds and has not been continuous it's been messing around so I can't even give you a specific example all right so I don't know where I've heard this I don't I can't place it before I'm gonna write down here echo shifts it's like most of my selfs like a master class right is a breakdown is singing and Royce places in the middle which basically means you hear just as much of his voice and your left and your right ear your equal amounts but you'll notice when he's singing when he holds a note on my end it's straight down the middle and then kind of shifts to the left so like as he gets to the end of his note his voice slides over that okay it's part yet buh buh buh buh buh buh that they it started here and it moved and it went back real slow [Laughter] the harmony is of course you put on both sides all right I feel like this is just the whole thing I'm gonna talk about the mix yes of course Bacon's coming after your girl of course bacon is like girl you know you need it yes because it's bacon we wouldn't expect anything less but as far as what we're hearing the basic flow because actually what I was gonna just say before he came in is really made apparent by what's going on here I was gonna say in the bass the bass that you hear is like bum bum bum duh duh dum ba bum right it's there's the base is really sparse and everything until this line I was gonna say is that the base has to be sparse to have all of this upper level of vocals and sand keys and stuff that are shifting left and right they when you have a lot of sound shifting left and right they're constantly taking up more space in different places so all of a sudden you have like a lot of sound here on the left and a lot of sound on the right in the middle and if you have too much going on it just gets muddy so the bass being really sparse allows the room for the vocals to go left and right but here with the rapper we don't have those harmony vocals you have a vocal track the rapper track but we don't have all of these lead vocals and harmonies and this swish wash but because of that the bass can get active right here so what you'll hear is and we'll back up maybe 10 seconds the bass is way more active on this section than it was in the previous section even though basically the same tract but there's more space to be taken up so the base is like going to work my point I'm going back to bake down point when the basis so you can see how sparse the base is all right I like see I like having a journey on an album man it is a journey it's like I'm weird I know I know that here's something I've never said on the video that nobody cares about I never never ever I never get in the car van SUV and go on a long journey and meet Italy buy food never never ever never like the saddest thing to me is going on like a six-hour road trip and buying food when I leave because now if I buy food on the way it's like I've eaten too much food it's like not even exciting I want to start off kind of hungry and drive to I'm really hungry in fact one of my favorite things is stopping for food about an hour before I get where I'm going I'm just like so exciting some like oh so hungry I could drive it so long and I'm gonna get that food especially when I'm going camping or something or at a festival still camping right and I'm like do I get in here all this foods gonna be mediocre and or like a way overpriced it's gonna be like 20 dollars for a three dollar plate or some you know and I'm like this is my last meal with civilization before I get in there I love it so likewise I love starting from somewhere and going somewhere musically on this album and I do enjoy this track better than the first track let's be fair I only heard the first track once but I've also only heard this track once so I like it plus I heard that bitch is like the jam I don't know where that is in our tracklist but I am excited oh my cat's back from the vet should I should have led with that I'm the next maybe next thing I'll say that my cats back from the vet yeah she was sick yeah it was like oh my cat's a little ill how much is that yeah ouch $400 of course it is why why would it why would it not be 400 yeah yeah which is fine she's good I'm good the foreigners not gonna kill me I'll buy anyways anyways how many times can I say anyways anyways I'm going on the next track which I haven't picked up so I didn't know what we're gonna get tonight is like hmm damn it my mind is like all over oh my birthday's tomorrow no no I'm not gonna tell you I'm not I'm not oh my birthday already happened because I push it out like this is how dumb I mean done lovingly to myself but this is how dumb I am that like I actually could announce my birthday on YouTube to people watching the channel but I'm going to tell you after the maybe I got like the speed everything up and like edit it's been yeah I'll spend my whole birthday editing video so I can get out the video that says it's my birthday on my birthday I doubt that so chances are it's not a birthday when you see this July 12th my birthday that's okay comes around every year so you can catch the next one maybe then maybe next year I'll get the timing right dude life is funny I point my pin at you I say I love you and I'm gone


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    This is one of my favorite songs on the album . Not just what he is talking about but because I feel like it’s not fast but it’s not slow . If that made any sense lol

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    This was produced and arranged by chacha Malone he is the one who does a lot of jay parks and his aomg crew beats. He’s super talented…

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    Glad to see you're following through with more from City Lights. I never noticed the note slide until you mentioned it but now it's going to be glaringly obvious to me every time I listen to this. Out of all the tracks this is probably my least favorite, but it is in no way bad; I just personally prefer the other songs more. Hoping you'll do Betcha (the one I think you'll like best), Psycho (the full HQ version of the short live performance you were upset was such bad quality), Diamond (my personal favorite from the album), and Ice Queen (my other favorite contender but slightly behind Diamond) too. So happy to hear Chu-Chu is ok! Happy belated birthday 🙂 You don't need to tell people your age- I'm sure people will have fun guessing in the comments.

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