Guitarist Reacts to GOT7 – If You Do MV // 니가 하면 // Musician Reaction

Guitarist Reacts to GOT7 - If You Do MV // 니가 하면 // Musician Reaction

coming to you super cool I don't I sometimes I start a sentence and I realize like I don't I don't know I thought I knew where it was going to coming to you live but like it's not I mean I'm live right now but that I'm gonna edit it so that's the opposite of live it's dumb well first time for everything this first time I've ever been like coming to you live and they're probably the last time I ever do it and I'm talking to a camera it feels so alive though when I do it because it's a continuous you know that's perfect that's what makes it feel live to me is I'm used to recording with myself you know with mics and stuff or your studio with a band and there's lots of takes and that's the opposite of life is having lots of takes you screw it up you just do it again you screwed up 20 times you do it 22 times you can't get it right today do it tomorrow you can't get it right this week do it next month this is a continuous thing so the to me that feels live even though I'm still going to edit it here for got7 if you do nigga ha-joon get better at the greeny not better the pronunciation nigga ha dealing so you got this you got you got you s you Hadi on don't know probably related to hodda which is to do conjugation not my strong suit excited to do it would you like to watch this reaction video with the original music track plane and not the weird version you want to put your request at the top of the list 2 bucks a month find the patreon link in the description I'll see you there so let's just do it that's me I already like that it's way smooth I never know they're going I gotta stop saying I don't or maybe I should say it it I couldn't tell like pick a silac every time or never this reaction video course I don't know where they're going like yeah I like this I like this a lot I mean I'm stared to the you know to get at the chorus you never know what the course is gonna be so far this is great a great starting point and I like their combination of the really active bass line the bass line being like a solid like R&B dancing baseline real bass a real electric bass and then the arpeggios lutar ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Betsy arpeggios on my guitar da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da I don't know what quarter it is but it's like it's like make that type of pattern hey what's up cat is it cat on the floor can we see you you're about to jump up oh my god that's the best shot I've ever got of you attacking jumping up on the share it's amazing that a good timing you're going to the vet in the morning to make sure you're not sick all right back to this long all three said nigga uh ha myung nigga no oh this is that thing I tried to learn between nigga and nigga and now they're kind of pronounced differently than how they were tradition of the nega is you nigga home young sorry the cat is like completely messing with me I'm loving the song I'm just trying to like keep her from messing with me the baby so this is where where it looks like it says neig but it's actually mega because the confusion and the pronouns right there's like that one video on pronunciation between the subjects pronouns this is actually nigga on the KitKat why are you messing with us show them your face tell them that you're the one doing it I'm not the one doing it you're the one doing it all right let's go like of course it's up to me I'm a got7 who helps with it so I could be up to you or you and got7 no I'm in got7 yeah it's up to me like a now say Nika hyung Nika Hong myung-bo for sy connait no go home that's like you go home yeah I know it's tough it's tough chucat now it's doing it wait so is it maybe moving back for like if I do and if you do if I do if you do or is it all supposed to be the same I thought the song was super cool my face has nothing to do with the song my face has to do with other groups trying to think like they're a group Sun trying to figure out like which groups I feel like I can count on all the time I feel like got7 is one of them definitely EXO and it's time L groups EXO BTS got7 NCT but then I'm not sure which in CG I mean 127 or you were dream and I'm not sure what I feel about 17 and 80s I know that I love some of their songs I'm just not sure like if I love like all of it I don't know I'm asking that question it's probably too late this is my question that has to be answered yeah I'm just a dude listening to music right now and hopefully that's what you came here for just a guy with a cat listening to music and me got home young if you do then chop really or way way I don't know enough Korean I definitely all never enough Korean to be intoxicating to be pretending to be speaking it wait you fake speaking Korean young a Haji dude I'm not I say stuff and this cat it's right here say goodbye say goodbye look at the camera you don't know there's a camera they don't know to look at it just not you just your dick wait put your pearls allowed okay let's go yeah bye y'all


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