Guitarist Reacts to Jhope 'Daydream MV // 백일몽 // Solo BTS Reaction // Musician Reaction to J-Hope

Guitarist Reacts to Jhope 'Daydream MV // 백일몽 // Solo BTS Reaction // Musician Reaction to J-Hope

I'm a guitarist reacting to kpop but you already know that could you clicked here but am I the only one who actually be playing all that music and being intoxicated right probably who knows Kennedy no I don't know does anyone care probably I mean it proves at least like I do play guitar I don't just drink alcohol much kpop videos I also spend 1 percent of my time playing music alright j-hope daydream I love j-hope I love well I mean let's be fair all the dudes in BTS that I've gotten to know I really love I think the person I know the least in BTS is jungkook but j-hope is just a bright ray of sunshine and let's see what his is my I think it's my first solo j-hope track would you like to watch this reaction video with the original music track plane and not the weird version you want to put your request to the top of the list 2 bucks a month find the patreon link in the description I'll see you there let's go [Laughter] [Laughter] it's doing something I have not heard a bunch it's actually really rare to hear the way he's doing it he's doing a chord and I'm not sure he's like going up a half step and back down and down up a whole 7 back he's going back to like really quick so he's like that's really a way to do it that fast [Laughter] holy um I don't know what this is from like I don't know if this is that thing you're talking about Jay hopes like solo mixtape thing I was not expecting a fully produced video and just a sick bassline of course hope Guillemette late you want to spit up it just sounds so I have to sneeze y'all now always the question with sneezes will I remember to edit I don't know well I definitely I definitely won't remember it the question is will I see my drunk handwriting you know that means take the sneeze out ha oh I can't see that vowel quad dung that's me right now simpatico me and hope he's my hope you're my hope I'm your hope I love him doing the heel toe heel toe in the flip-flops got flip-flops they just call them sandals when he's done head to thong all right I didn't know I knew his vocals I knew his rap game was gonna be all point there was no doubt in that this video and the beat oh my god oh that was actually gonna say hold on it's not funny but it's funny that j-hope is the tallest member and the shortest member in his own group like a wanker mechanism and magic ain't even gonna happen yeah what's this oh it sounds like that a guy a gum diagram yeah there you go there you go sounds like that could you hear the nurse comb where you're like you pushing the string down and you like let go so you're let go and the string go down this would be like yeah something what okay this is me being having doing fun this fun this is complete well it's not complete I'm gonna go on a rampage after this but I think I've done two videos maybe three now really off the rails and for the safety of all of us I'm not you know gonna you know film it and I guess you could argue like what's the problem like why I'm not just film it but you know you got to have the lapel thing on and like not not over I don't know how crazy I'm gonna get that was amazing and also I just kind of want to go out on a high note at least for me that was stupendously amazing I think I just came off of a REM mono playlist like tonight that was like two tracks ago and so for all idea the j-hope was gonna be this gritty grimy introspective type of thing I'm sure he has stuff like that like mama is emotionally moving but that was just a straight jam and I am going to leave it that way and I love y'all I'm sure j-hope loves you the cat I think she loves you but it's hard to tell because her back is like turned she can be secretive she wears camouflage but I will see you somewhere else this has been a tremendous blast for me oh this is my chunky wash shirt where I misspelled show you why so I have pulled from production I I thought I said show you up this is like jokey wants to choke you wad so I I bought I spent like 30 bucks on my own shirt and this misspelled they don't give me your own shirts for free by the way I mean I don't have a factory so I had to like design my own shirt print it and send it back to myself and wait for it to come in I'm like that wolf looks dope but the Hangul is wrong if you weren't in English that is of course in the links I know this is all BTS related is an EXO style but whatever I ain't gonna tell nobody if you don't I'll see you in another video I will drink one for you please drink one for me love you bye


  • DontSigh says:

    Glad you liked this song! It's one of those that just never loses its shine for me no matter how often I listen to it. Also love the cat appearance :'D

  • SarahMusic says:

    please react to the rest of the album

  • Alanoud Mohammed says:

    Please react to exo funny & cute moments concert ver you will have fun time please please please please please if you do the react i will be so happy ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ do it very soon please

  • Vita Febriani says:

    Could you please react one of bts older song, the title is "look here". Its available in lyric version and live version. Thank you Mr. Ellis.
    P.s sorry for my bad english

  • Kaitlin Disney says:

    So happy you like J-Hope's Daydream! You should react to his mixtape as well as Suga's like did to RM's. It is really dope! 😁

  • coralie leduc says:

    loveddd this video! So fun to watch!

  • monika krell says:

    This is J-Hope first Mv from his Mixtape

  • SnowxXxAngel says:

    That guitar bit you were playing sounds familiar…..But I can't think of the name of it….

  • 김나래 says:

    its my bob and 밥 meant meal in korean
    ps. 밥 is not only mean rice

  • Brandy Brewer says:

    Man! I REALLY like drunk Ellis reactions😂

  • L Ann says:

    CNBlue…A Kpop group for you to discover. They've been around a while and have a bunch of content to enjoy.

  • Laura Barata says:

    YEASS, honestly his whole mixtape is sooo great! I really would like if you could react to all the songs on the mixtape. Hobi is so good as rappers, producer and songwriters 😭😭

  • Alanoud Mohammed says:

    Please react to Paper cuts EXO _CBX magical circus 2019 at saitama super arena it’s emotional 😭

  • 디민이 says:

    Hehe poor kitty 🥺🥰

  • pullenda infires says:

    hairstyle's really cool Ellis!

  • cupofchoc says:

    Thanks for reaction! Can you please react to TVXQ! Changmin Rusty Nail (full live w band)

  • Diana Robles says:

    this song is also introspective, similar to RM ruminating on his life as an idol and it's limitations, but he said because the lyrics are a bit sad, we wanted the actual music to be upbeat so it doesn't make ppl sad. 🙂

  • Jack2 Go says:

    Pls react to BTS-tomorrow

  • sanishma bajracharya says:

    Pls react to Nam Woo Hyun Hold on Me ft.Junoflo

  • Vita Febriani says:

    Could you please BTS go go dance practice halloween ver. It's so fun to watch them. Thank you Mr

  • siti delima says:


  • khaye chan says:

    Please react to Stand out fit in by ONE OK ROCK 🙂

  • Tasnim Ahmed says:

    please react to the behind scenes for the making of daydream! Thank You!!!

  • Johanna Diaz says:

    Finally, Day Dream. I knew you would love it, the vibe is so good in this song. That plane at the end of the Mv is for AIRPLANE by J-HOPE. So, please react to it next time.

  • Yasmin A says:

    i know you watch bangtan bombs sometimes, so please check the behind the scenes from this mv, the members came to support him one by one and it was really cute. this one has eng subs: !

  • Tiesiog Ieva says:

    You really was fooled by this song. It is retrospective and if you gonna pay all your attention to lyrics really sad.
    In this song lyrics clash with music for a purpose. If you gonna explore lyrics you will be surprised how its content is so different from music. I really feel bad for him about how his life on a spotlight is.

  • Kur4mon says:

    Bless you bless you

  • BTS JUNA says:

    4:35 – 4:38
    I smiled so damn much
    That was cute.

  • griswaldgirl says:

    Yes! Hopeworld!! Excited for this. Also again like your bangs down. But it you want to get em a little more choppy and tiny bit shorter so you can see it's cool

  • juolikim 215 says:

    So happy to see your reaction to J-hope's video. It really was his mission when he released this album for the listeners to feel happy and hopeful with his music which really embodies his personality as an artist 😍💜😍 Please do react the rest of the songs in HOPE WORLD ☺😊🙏

  • Maj Mg says:

    Bless you

  • MaTT • says:

    Jhope wrote and produced every track on that mixtape, you should definitely check it out

  • 김레이 says:

    Wow finally!!!! J-hope!!!

  • KarlaFM24 says:

    The vid and song are both lit! Well it's JHope, so… 😉

  • DD디디앤미 says:

    BTS를 이해하시고ᆢ
    알아봐주시는 중이셨구나ᆢ
    한국에서도 정말 좋은일 많이하고/ 부모님을 극진히 공경하고/ 사회에 겸손하고/ 팬들을 변함없이 사랑하는 진짜 좋은 사람들입니다/
    인간적으로나🙏 너무 훌륭한 사람들입니다ㆍ

  • ODD says:

    'meow' 6:19 OMG cute…ㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!

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