Guitarist Reacts to Red Velvet – Happiness MV // 레드벨벳 '행복 // Musician Reaction // Yup. Still Weird.

Guitarist Reacts to Red Velvet - Happiness MV // 레드벨벳 '행복 // Musician Reaction // Yup. Still Weird.

hey what's up Ellis that's at me that's still weird – why why would I start off with my own name people don't whatever um we're doing red velvet happiness yay and before this was is rayon ISM BTS tomorrow FX 4 walls run legion ah saw made Zico and BTS see in case you wanna go backwards someone asked if I had been making any more t-shirts I have a new one in it's really weird I don't know why anyone want to buy it you're welcome to if you want it is my first really weirdo design and it's just no meaning behind it it's just it's just a rooster shooting lasers across a retro background of course you get the shirt in whatever color you want that will be linked below the teespring store whatever in case that's your cup of tea and of course thank you guys for the pastry on stuff it's mind blowing already you can go there 2 bucks and get the original audio and do your quests and things and and doesn't unplug plugs over because you requested me to do a song it actually got someone else some money cuz I did the run by Lee Jenna how about like keyboard solo was awesome I was going to start to transcribe it I thought maybe someone else has already done it and I found someone who actually transcribed the solo so I bought their sheet music and now I'm working through the analysis of the solo so I can learn the tricks of how it works and in case you're the case it makes any sense to you the very first thing she does in the solo is start playing super Locrian across the dominant chords using the two super look you know – that means anything anyways we're here for red velvet happiness the theory is done for now let's go this is pretty cool let me take it in for a minute okay you already win for saying booyah indeed yeah [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] okay III okay okay I have no idea what to say but let's find something to say shook the beginning of the video is like hell yeah a hundred percent my style and then I'll be expecting like a psychedelic type of music just because you know it's a psychedelic looking thing except for its not psychedelic it's tropical so it's like South American style ribbons and it's how many times do I have to say it's red velvet it's weird is new is weird is different but it's like still awesome but weird Oh No cha-cha-cha cha-cha-cha was that the black pink song ah black pink with the feature with someone else do it do something anyways the same type of doom cha-cha cha-cha which I was happy about is instead of do you do which is very overused we get doing the cha-cha cha-cha well what I'm loving about this version this version well this version of the rhythm is that the vocals are so loud in the mix like I'm just hearing mainly vocals in this last part yeah [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] I like don't I am I am I move as my brain turned off today I hope not because it's the first video I've sat down to do it's the very the first section is all like vocals carrying everything I only think we really had much of a chord structure at all and then now we have this guitar that's doing a really rudimentary basic do a basic do you know just like nothing you probably realize right it's like by nothing but then they have these really cool vocals that I don't even know what style you call that apparently I have a limited music knowledge man there's some things I just don't know much about which I feel like it's just I just take a shot in the dark and go based on the scenery and the underlying rhythms that like maybe it's a South American type of song structure I mean the vocalist the vocal melody itself one of those rare times that I think I feel and sound dumb that's amazing right here right right here question what are the court instruments doing again there is no Cordish mitt there is a base and there is a sounds almost like a cowbell it could be like a wood block or something so the entire the entire chord structure is their vocal melody Wow dude red velvet is consistent I don't know I like it I'm just like caught off guard which makes me am i just tired but I'm not so tired agile the video the combination of the video and the song structure going from that that Dancy part with just the vocals on top so then we had the guitar part and those went back and forth a couple times and then we had that interleaved with the bright lights and she was in the dress and it was all fancy-schmancy you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna take a second to uh throw a rock at somebody how about that my near and dear friend Josiah who I am super excited to have back over to do videos I thought we were gonna do videos yesterday and I picked this song to do yesterday isn't enough I wish he was here I wish he was sitting here on those two right hand side he'd be in that chair probably and I'd be like I don't even know what to say and that he would jump in and you would sound like a genius and y'all would love him and I could just ride on his coattails so I my reaction is oh that's my reaction can I hear that again please maybe thank you please sir may I have another so I'm just going to stop I'm gonna attempt to do another video and see if I'm still dumb on the next video it could be good happen I haven't picked out the next video I don't know if you made it this far your your you a champ Pat you pat yourself on the back say good job me Ellis didn't carry this but I stuck with them you're right you're right I will catch you at whatever the next video happens to be


  • EllisLamarMusic says:

    My patreon

  • fari 15 says:

    React to blackpink Dont know what to dp

  • Shawna Brooks says:

    I actually got to see this before I went to work last night; I definitely don't regret using Patreon for the first time for your channel! It has perks. That shirt is pretty cool. Red Velvet was strong since debut. You looked completely blown away from the start. Even though this was before Yeri joined the group, it's still one of my favorite Red Velvet songs. Happy to hear you're getting more Friends React filmed and that you'll be including Red Velvet! It will be good to see Josiah back. Can't wait to see what's next.

  • cupofchoc says:

    Thanks for reaction! Can you please react to TVXQ! Changmin Rusty Nail live

  • Natalia H says:

    Catching up with the updates. Came here right after listening to Red Velvet's Bing Bing, which has a part that gives me EXO Love Me Right/Daft Punk's Get Lucky vibes.

    The other day you wondered why K-pop songs usually didn't have instrumental breaks, and I was thinking after hearing your comments about the vocal melody as chord structure in this song, I was expecting your reaction when Wendy does her "vocal bridge" and you made that face. I approve. It's been 5 years since this song came out, and it could easily be a B-side for Zimzalabim.

    I am sleep deprived. Thanks for reacting!

    Edit: the color of that tee is awesome. But because I'm sleepy, I heard it was a chicken sh*tting lasers instead of shooting them. Still impressive.

  • Gustyna Leny says:

    Please react full album reve festival day 1… Redvelvet the best kpop ..their hv best song and best music 😍.. i love Redvelvet 😍😙..thnks for reaction 😙

  • Rawan Alfatih says:

    React to automatic

  • yuyu yoona says:

    please listen automatic,be natural & one of these night by red velvet.. that is velvet side u gonna love it

  • ratchet velvet says:

    Please react to Kingdom come by red velvet!

  • Sara D says:

    Happiness is actually Red Velvet's debut song!

  • Rumor says:

    Please react to gfriend sunrise

  • Lyf for music says:

    FunFact: This song charts every January 1 in South Korean charts(I've seen it in '18 and '19) …bcoz apparently people believe that it grants them Happiness all year long 🙂

  • mella min says:

    Next,please red velvet-automatic💜

  • Lyf for music says:

    Happiness is like a cult hit for RV !!!… It's a very vocal heavy song bcoz SM wanted to establish them as a Vocal and Perf. group!
    Many people didn't digest it when it was released in 2014 (that's what i heard bcoz of the song structure and SM's issues), but as years went by now it's one of the favourites of ReVeluvs, especially bcoz of Wendy's Iconic 'Shine on Me' !!

  • mella min says:

    Yeay red velvet💜

  • Devaki Bhagwat says:

    Lol you should listen to the official instrumental. The song sounds so different, hahaha

  • 파리나_나좌Rin_N says:

    Please react to 2NE1 – Come Back Home

  • TT Nguyen says:

    Please react to Kingdome come by Red Velvet

  • jjjb01 says:

    Thanks~ This is their debut song~ The lyric is simple but pretty meaningful.
    You should react to more SM girl group: Girls Generation, f(x) and Red Velvet

  • ksoo trash says:

    The intro lol funny Ellis as usual 🤣

  • Filipe Pires says:

    Yes, i see rv i click

  • The_Real MKC says:

    Please react to Rosé from Blackpink playing her instruments

  • Marti Yansa says:

    React to sunny side up by red velvet

  • estrella figueroa godoy says:

    I really love Happiness 😍💕

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