Guitarist Reacts to TWICE – Knock Knock MV // Musician Reaction

Guitarist Reacts to TWICE - Knock Knock MV // Musician Reaction


  • EllisLamarMusic says:

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  • 이모저모 says:

    Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense please!!!! It's legend one of Kpop!!

  • MarkQie 7 says:

    Pls react to UP10TION – white night & blue rose 🙏 I suggest these songs bcs I already love it when I listened it for the first time 💕

  • elle once says:

    That guy is the face of JYP entertainment, the founder, that's their boss 😂

  • RadBrad5 says:

    Imo knock knock is the most underrated Twice song and gets stuck in my head like no other twice song and thats saying something. Btw they were amazing in concert

  • John Harrington says:

    the guy at the door was JYP owner and founder of JYP Entertainment, he is also a great artist and he wrote and choreographed some of twices songs , please react to who's your momma by JYP here is the link you wont be disappointed

    and love your channel best reactor on youtube

  • Wiccan says:

    Tbh Knock Knock is kind of a weird song in a way… I think everyone likes it but it's not anyone's favorite? xD

  • Wiccan says:

    The story behind it is that the book was cursed and after they die on the cold they become ghosts who haunt the house as the characters of the book. TT came before this and ended with a "to be continued" so this is actually like a prequel lol.

  • noura khalid says:


  • Zephyr Umbrella says:

    J.Y. Park (keyboard guy) as well as being the founder of JYP entertainment has also had a really long music career. One of his newer songs Still Alive is a lot of fun and worth checking out.

  • narcissisticpanda says:

    Did you know that the guy at the door was Jyp the owner of the company that produces twice

  • raiki zeromind says:

    TT is part 1 for knock2 .

  • Joshua Buchanan says:

    It's funnier when you know that guy with the keyboard is the owner of their record label LOL~

  • Chansbbygirls says:

    ok but sksks i laughed so hard lmao. also get cool by stray kids is a rlly cool song!! lmao you should check it out, in your own time or like reacting to it idc but it’s super coolio 🤧🐀

  • Jinook Choi says:

    please react to cheese and wine by dpr live

  • 21dzz says:

    what makes it funnier is that they just slammed the door in their boss’ face

  • Syafiqizy says:

    React to taeyong – Long Flight

  • Jaust Mike says:

    This song has this nostalgic vibe. A lot of Twice song has that vibe but more so with this one. One of my favorite Twice song.

  • siti delima says:


  • Jet Piol says:

    yaaz more twice

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