Guitarist Reacts to ZICO – SoulMate // 지코 // 아이유 // Musician Reaction

Guitarist Reacts to ZICO - SoulMate // 지코  // 아이유 //  Musician Reaction

yeah dude soulmate by Zico and it looks like Zico and Hangul and his soulmate looks like a featuring ie you shame on me shame makes I supposed to get that reference you you do you drawn a blank this goes out to Ryan I don't you know what maybe I shouldn't say people's names I don't know if they want their names out there but I put up less than a few just a few hours after I was like hey if you want like your request fast-tracked hit the page Rihanna up boom my boys on it like that and maybe more importantly if you want clear audio for the music track it'll be linked below that you got to go to the patron on two bucks a month and it's called guilt not for you for me if I get you to give me two bucks I am the type of guy who actually feels guilty about debt and it's gonna make me do a whole bunch of other ridiculous things to try to like make it worth your 2 bucks which sounds weird but I'm really just that way that's enough of that let's go straight into it Zico I don't think I've been painting solo with Zico I think it was Zico and Dean with the Bermuda Triangle track maybe there's been two is eco Oh with a Sam Kim also awesome does that make up good stuff let's go okay so uh already the guilt has come in because I'm like am I supposed to do something different so let's back up and talk about that guitar for a second because it's this stayed going into the rap track so let's listen yeah wasn't not going back could I break my back so there's a cool echo on the guitar and the echo is actually shifting it's not straight up ping-pong G from right to left it's shifting through the stereo spectrum and we're going from a pretty stable chord to a dissonant chord and back that back and forth and usually musically one thing you could say we hear two chords they're going back and forth like that it implies it can imply stability / instability lack of movement like we're like we're staying in one place we haven't really gone anywhere we kind of take step forward we come back Oh Oh God that really caught me off guard man I've got a writedown bass guitar on there so the bass was actually playing two different there there are styles of playing a bass line like walking and there's other things you're doing and so the base is kind of like switching gears but in the middle of the phrases which means you normally expect an instrument to complete a set of phrases before it changes and they're going it's switching up midstream sounds delicious a little trumpet come in oh by the way the music here is not the same as it should be so when you hear me sing a note with this sorry so those [Laughter] this song is so good I actually just want to stop it every ten seconds and talk about what's going on and I don't know that I am allowed to do that it would kind of break the continuity up there's so much going on when they were in the elevator the style of the track changed and then whenever our heroine here heroine is in that female superhero whenever our heroine is singing it actually her voice is so high up compared to the dudes that dude singular that it actually changes the flavor of the track it makes it sound happier than it is it's almost it's like not sad when the guy singing it's more pondering and when she's singing it gives it this light heartedness more of a happy feeling I kindly go back a little bit we're just having floor trumpet a bump up up up it's like was it like seven notes phone phone six seven maybe okay I'm gonna give you the ultimate on this track to me one of my ultimate things is I am actually I want to do it right now but it's not gonna kill me to wait three minutes I'm going to send this to one of my buddies who I've been showing him some Sam Kim and some EXO and stuff and he's actually been diggin it which is weird he's like probably the only one of my friends I've recommended any k-pop stuff to that he's really giving it a chance and really enjoyed it and I think he's really gonna like this song I like it [Laughter] [Laughter] it's it's it's so weirdly cool because it's taking it's doing things it's it's mixing like decades of stuff so you know one of the things about you know jazz and and live music featuring the type of instrumentation that we have here with the acoustic bass and the guitar the keys you know the horns trumpet really is that those are all really live styles of music but one thing it took me one or two hearings to hear it I've heard the song twice but up we heard the same old trumpet part a couple times by the last time I was like oh it's the same clip of a trumpet so it's actually like a sample trumpet is it's doing the same thing but boom I'm singing the monkey but that's kinda what's doing and so it's like elements of jazz not elements it is a jazz track that has been composed in a modern way and and our vocalists rappers however you want to describe the singing it's it's weird because it's melodic like it's like an old jazz singer it would be like the like a 40s 50s jazz singer and a babe and then I don't even know how you want to talk about this footage the footage almost has like a 70s vibe so we've got like 40 style jazz singer 70 style footage and then we also have jazz elements that are well they're kind of just cornerstone jazz elements they really could be from you know 50 60 70 s and then the rap the vocal style is like definitely 90s 2000s or newer and they're all overlapping to make this mixture by the way this is what it's like when you are like when I'm was used to be in class doing music and the professor would be like okay so you listen to that thing from 1743 Ellis how do you feel about it I was like I was surprised it was awesome he goes okay if your description is it's awesome you fail because anyone can say it's awesome and you describe what's awesome about it you're like are succeeding and I feel kind of like that about this track I think the most important thing is that it's just refreshingly badass even this part I mean talked about it I haven't anything about it looks like we got the the way you late lace-up shoes shoestrings is lacing up the elevator oh and then the elevator itself says spin like indeed finished I know if na is trenches spin also French this is something else I am but this is kind of for this is kind of ridiculously awesome this whole thing it just is I don't know what else to say I'm weirded out I'm honestly weirded out by how quickly y'all were able to respond to me and then how quickly I was able to respond back did you were like do this looks like all right I'll do that and then it's badass it's just cool man ain't no other way to say it oh my birthday just into my birthday ended an hour and 13 minutes ago because it's 1:13 warning so thanks for making my birthday she Lawson also the people in my life made it go awesome but I don't just think I'm not sure yeah I don't know I don't want to downplay it or overplay it a bit like this is a big deal like this thing that we do is awesome and in fact like I could be out right now and you're like are you you get a good party it's like yeah not partying like a week or two with my buddies that there they come and listen to some music – if you love music it's like a fun thing to do I feel like I've draw out this ending a little too long y'all are something else y'all are awesome thanks thank you for just just being you he's kind of kicks ass I'm gonna move on to the next track which I don't even know what that is my hopes are high bye


  • EllisLamarMusic says:

    Better Music Quality at:

  • Nathalie A says:

    It´s always funny seing Crush in the mv lol

  • MursaliM Ibn Samal says:

    Hi. Please do reaction to UHSN – POPsicle

  • Put N says:

    Zico is mad talented. You might want to listen to his other soft track : She's A Baby, or more hip hop Zico: Anti.
    IU is probably the most famous young female soloist in Korea, Palette is a must listen!
    The blue haired annoying guy on the elevator scene? Lol. It's Crush. He's also in Bermuda Triangle. Zico also featured in Crush's song: Cereal.
    Love your reactions and happy belated birthday!

  • AEM says:

    I recommend IU – twenty three and IU – Palette
    she wrote and produced both of the songs and palette is something like a continuation of twenty three! the lyrics kinda explain it
    also some of her older songs are "you&i" and "the red shoes"

  • SCA MAP AC says:

    Mixing decades of American music genres is probably one of the best things of kpop. They don't have the same history and strictness with genres that America has, so the fluidity in style mixing is very different from what you get in America, where things tend to be a little more rigid.

    Watch more IU! She's unquestionably THE most popular singer (or artist in general) in Korea in general right now, she dominates the charts even more so than pretty much ANYBODY else, and that includes BTS, EXO, etc etc. Has a huge variety of music, spanning a TON of different genres. If you want to hear more guitar-based songs by her, stuff like "Through The Night", "Sleepless Rainy Night" "Last Night Story" (which is actually a cover of a older korean hit) and "Friday" are some good singles to take a look at. Her other singles tend to be more Keyboard or Orchestral focused, such as "Good Day" "Palette" and "BbiBbi" but they are still VERY good songs worth a listen to.

    It's always a pleasure to hear you comment on guitar-focused songs, and honestly, pausing every 10 seconds is fine if you break down all the little details in the chord progressions and the playing. Better to put your thoughts out there than not, especially since it's rare to hear musicians going into in-depth breakdowns of songs.

  • Shawna Brooks says:

    Never heard this before but I love it. IU is wonderful and I had no idea she had a track with Zico. This was chill and soothing; going on my playlist for sure. Which friend is it who's loving this? We need some more Friends React soon.

  • lowkey AMZ says:

    Crush had to have lost a bet or something cause their is no way he would voluntarily appear in zicos video wearing those fairy wings lol

  • rex says:

    Felt like the reaction you had when you discovered AKMU, whom I have grown to love thanks to your reaction. I think aside from all the popular and widely requested groups/solo projects, there are several underrated artists in K-pop alone. Thanks to the odd requests from your viewers and thanks to your choosing to check them out, we get to discover more. I hope you keep picking those random and rare requests you might get about someone you (and we) haven't heard before. Let's keep discovering and sharing great music and great artists. Have a good day, Ellis!

  • Maddie says:

    If you want to listen to more 'dated' sounds. You should listen to IU's Modern Times album; especially the b-sides. It has elements of bossa nova, jazz, swing, folk, latin, etc. — basically a representation of the title of the album. Also, Chat-shire is an amazing EP with her original composition, lyrics + it's co-produced by her too!

  • Fati FATEMEH says:

    Please react to day6 congratulations

  • Paradoks 401 says:

    Dude you Will be interesting about Gloria Jessica – sky full of star, please reaction… Please please please.. you Will be like it.. i promise

  • Alina Dobrincu says:

    Hi, Ellis! I love to be here! Much healt for Chu cat.

  • Eriko English says:

    IU is most famous singer songwriter in Korea. All generations love her.

  • Fati FATEMEH says:

    Please react to chancellor feat taeyeon angel
    It's a guitar song

  • Donna Poock says:

    Happy belated birthday.You should have told us before it happened.Bad Ellis🎂🍹

  • Ahood Saleh says:

    React to Bol4-Some,travel and Bom I think you like them

  • Donna Poock says:

    Thanks Ellis,love me a softer Zico.Thanks for making my so called day off better.Now can you do the laundry and vacum please?Hi to kpop🐯 where ever she may be,hope she's ok.🤗💜

  • EXO_Suho We are one says:

    Please react To EXO’s Baby Don’t Cry live in Seoul and She’s Dreaming

  • Влад Сидорчук says:

    Ellis, thanks for th reaction ^^ You already reacted to IU's (girl) BBI BBI
    Can I ask you to react to IU? She well known singer and lyricist ^^
    Here some songs for you
    Sleepless rainy night ( )

    Through the Night ( )

    Palette ( )
    ft. GD from Big Bang

    Twenty-three ( )
    The red shoes ( )
    Friday ( )

  • • jess • says:

    When will the next blackpink diaries reaction be out ?? 🙂

  • Veronica tae says:

    IU (아이유) it's an amazing singer and songwriter I suggest you to check her out, my favourite album by her is Palette

    Also you reacted to her most recent song already which is BBIBBI

  • Love SuJu says:

    Check out IU -BbiBb. She's hella famous in Korea

  • M J says:

    Plz react to the song Cereal by Crush ft Zico. Crush was the guy in the elevator with blue hair.

  • Fonz M8 says:

    You should check out more iu breh

  • Crazyping 12 says:

    i can't believe you forgot IU i just watched ur other video of her and you LOVED IT and i was like why did u not react to her more if u Loved it and then i saw this video LMAO but YOU DIDNT REMEMBER HER LOL

  • oh oh says:

    Just realized you never reacted to IU. She is the biggest female artist in the business plz check all of her songs:)

  • myday day6 says:

    Day6 – Time of our life

  • Roses are ChaeyongS says:

    I love this song and mv and the style
    I liked these clothes on zico

  • Roses are ChaeyongS says:

    Yeah its I U its to mean i & u
    She is so popular in korea
    I don't know if u react to her begore but like why not
    Her voice is sooooo angelic

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