Gwangju int’l art fair providing individual space for artists to show their work

Gwangju int’l art fair providing individual space for artists to show their work

The 2019 Gwangju international art fair is
now underway. Galleries usually take part in this type of
event,… but Gwangju’s art fair is distinctive in its policy of providing booths for individual
artists. Our Kan Hyeong-woo reports. Back for its 10th edition,… the Gwangju
International Art Fair or ‘art:gwangju:19’ is doing things a little bit differently. “Unlike most art fairs, the Gwangju International
Art Fair gives artists their own individual spaces to display their works. Some 80 artists are showing off their artwork
at the fair.” The art fair is giving local artists their
own space because some artists who don’t belong to a gallery often have less opportunities
to exhibit their works. “So far, critics have been saying that we
have very high quality works. And the art fair is not only to show the latest
trends but also to provide chances for consumers to buy the artwork. We hope this event can grow bigger and bigger
so that later on, it is highly anticipated.” As well as the independent artist booths,…
91 galleries including international ones from 13 countries like the U.S., Germany,
Japan, and Peru are exhibiting their work to the visitors. “I want to learn how audience can respond
to my installation based on all the different social media culture that’s happening in Korea. So even for me, this is a learning process.” Taking place at the Kim Dae-jung Convention
Center in the southwestern city of Gwangju,… the art fair will run through Sunday. The one-day admission fee is five-thousand
won or about 4 U.S. dollars per person. Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News, Gwangju.

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  • Denver says:

    Great! Loved seeing some of these artworks. Events like these are important – to allow artists an outlet to express themselves, and for society. It's nice to see how other people interpret our world. 💜

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