Help Musicians UK short film

Help Musicians UK short film

hi I'm Alan Waldman and I'm a sex openness help musicians UK help me in many ways get back to performing again after injuries to my arms I'm Ronnie Karl and I'm a singer help musicians UK certainly helped me get me back on my feet after a lean period and I'm sure they can help you too and I thank them for it help musicians UK help me develop my career by giving me an award to travel to Europe they also helped me last year to recover from cancer by giving me emotional and also some financial support we're United vibrations and help musicians UK have helped us with traveling abroad meeting new people were new countries being able to share our music far and wide outside the UK yeah Big Ups hi I'm Soraya I'm an opera singer help musicians UK helped me by awarding me money to study at the Royal College of Music I'm Loretta Loretta Boston I'm over 90 and I'm a singer pianist and help musicians UK has helped me quite a lot actually they've helped me find actually they've helped me with my piano tuning and even at Christmas I get Christmas cards and on my birthday I'd never forget a birthday and you get a birthday card it makes you feel it's somebody's there watching out for you

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  • Help Musicians UK says:

    Want to know more about what we do and how we can help you? Just watch our short film and hear how we have been backing musicians throughout their careers.

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