Hesby St School on Art Linkletter

Hesby St School on Art Linkletter

my eldest hair turns beautifully Kjetil shines like silk with vo5 cream it's yours from alberto-culver are these two girls and two boys drove in from the hezbi Street School in Encino California in our big limousine today with a ship bird wasn't it exciting have him come up to the school and pick you out and you're coming down here and did you see all over CBS today did they take care of – yes and now what are you gonna do after the broadcast is over do you know you're going to go to lunch in a big Hollywood restaurant order anything you want Marcy what do you want to eat a cheeseburger that's Marci Howard who incidentally I understand from the teacher who listens to them talk while they're on their way here each day and gives me a few little ideas I hear my senior going to announce your engagement you're gonna marry Gary Shirota Gary are you the man uh where's the entrance he's so excited he says where's the entrance you really don't want to marry ah all right did you now what are you gonna do Marcy you've been turned down I don't know you got anything any spares and reserves yeah this is Nutella huh I want to ask all you kids what the teacher told you to be thinking about and that is as we start the new year how would you like to change school Marcy I would like to bring go to school in the class why co-edit learn do you have any special horse that you're thinking of yes what horse my pony what's his name fettuccine Thank You Cheney that sounds like mozzie Marcelino you have a horse and you'd like to bring into school well I think that's very sweet Gary Shirota how would you change school in the new year I'll put an ice skating rink we're in the middle of the playground well now that's an odd request for a Southern California boy we don't have icy snow around here why do I'd go out and take a Pam you can start shoveling snow surgery in other words you'd like to bring ice and snow to Southern California of an ice skating rink you know ice rink I skate now that I can learn yeah all right Charlie Martin how would you change school well have you for a teacher and meaning hit why would you like to have me as a teacher because you're so nice and he gives prizes every day there'd be no homework just pride yeah Carol a battle how would you change school green what can you kitty van no anyway you'd bring Disneyland to your school or make your school go there school you're a redhead aren't you yes with Franco yeah and what do you want to be when you grow up why can I get to write a play all the time free and you get it one girl here came to the program said she could marry somebody rich like her sister and I said would your sister Mary she says a bartender tell me hey no waving kids I just want to talk the year for a minute Marty you have any brothers and sisters brothers you have any pets yes what dog what's kind of a dog is it Pike German Kevin small wolf all wolf and part German Shepherd does it have a pedigree yes how do you know Cynthia has a portal and Samantha's in heat and it comes to visit these our ESCO skies I mean Navy or Marine or Coast Guard why do you want to be any other hey cake you can you compare shoe and you can choose guns yeah Charlie what do you want to be I'd have said Titan why in the land you want to be in a lab all the time well kids now that you've had your visit here and you're going to lunch with us and you're going to get some presents I want the school to know that they're going to get a 1967 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia plus a 15 volume set of child craft books that's their present for having sent you down now the girls get a serpent of play-doh product in the modeling compound and the boys get the marks big alarm fire truck with the electric higher rise and working water pump and they each get fish bait by ideal that's the game where the fishermen can become the bait which i think is a wonderful idea and you what ladies I got it all ready the new show-and-tell photo viewer by General Electric shows pictures in time to music here's a word about the pied product Jane I'm Jane what are you doing but I give me my first table


  • shawnda mccormick says:

    "I GOT IT ALREADY!" Proof that kids have always been brats….. not just the millennials! Seriously tho, I have to admit, I clearly recall, myself as a child, opening my mouth a bit too soon and sounding like a majorly ungrateful jackass. And naturally, ALL OVER A TOY!

  • Melanie Gonzalez says:

    Encino ….MJ"s hood lol

  • Kelly Bluebook says:

    Art linkletter was my grandfather’s good friend

  • Kelly Bluebook says:

    Marcie is cute

  • Kelly Bluebook says:

    Loved this

  • Mister Grandpa's Bakery says:

    The little girl with the red hair looks like the actress Betsy Blair as a little girl. LOL

  • altfactor says:

    I'm surprised that this was a black-and-white kinescope since House Party" went color in September of 1965, the first CBS daytime show to do so on an every-day basis.

  • Sokkies says:

    Which one is your mother, Marcy or Carol? Some of the answers from the kids on all of the various episodes seem too quick and witty so I wondering if maybe your mom said they were encouraged to say certain things?

  • Mike Appleman says:

    I was on the show in 1969 from Woodland Hills Elementary school. Would love to get a copy of that tape.

  • flamexvalentine says:

    @OGRE8188 this is actually my moms tape, i put it up so she could share it with her friends. her copy is on vhs. she managed to get a copy of the taping and i think after meeting my dad several years later, he transferred it from the vinyl to the vhs.

  • Gary Kevorkian says:

    How did you get the tape??? I was on in 1965 (from Valley View Elementary) and remember the limo ride and the lunch with Art. I have the 10" vinyl record they gave us of the show, but would love have video as well.

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