• Jakkapan Nasinkorn says:


  • Tou Yang says:

    When is the new year in Honghe (Dej Liam, China this year 2015?

  • Dais Chiangmal says:


  • xeeb yang says:

    hj zoo siab tau mloog nej haig lug os

  • Jeeker says:

    Nej no 30 rau lub hli twg thiab noj li cas hnub?

  • HmongGuitarPlayer says:

    That one woman carry a mean GUN!!!

  • vaj maim says:

    zoo heev hmoob chine

  • Neng Thao says:

    thov qhuas koj hos Kab Yeeb.  Koj yog ib tug hmoob paub lus suav zoo kawg

  • Pashia Thao says:

    Thaub yees vidio no xav hais lus suav kawg vim lawv yuav hais hmoob los nws yeej tsis pub lawb hais. Nws xav kom lawv paub tias nws txawj suav no tab sis yuam kev lawm ua li no tsis zoo rau hmoob.

  • Hlubtuagnthi Yang says:

    we need to let the past go, and start a new identity that will bring us Hmong people together to move a step forward.

    We must not let a dispute injuries a great relationship for the future of Hmong people around the world.

    zoosiab, ua tau pom yus tsav/haiv neeg hmoob li no… 

  • Akhai Ly says:

    neej hais lus peb tsis paub lawm es

  • QibSiab Zoo says:

    3Hmoob muaj coob nyob thoob ntiajteb los hais lus tsis sib nkagsiab sib tautaub zoo lawm, ntshe yuav ua rau yus tus keej muaj kev zoosiab los kuj tusiab thiab, 3Hmoob aw…

  • กากิร่า รามา says:

    Trust me, trust me, 2020 no more Hmong..Hmoob ces pawv tag, nim no cov Hmoob meskas xwb twb ua txuj tsi paub lus hmoob lawm es, noj dev tus qau tseem zoo tshaj os Hmoob.

  • Nancy Selene Serrano L. says:

    Hello HBCTV, I love your video, is very interesting to know more about this ancient culture. My name is Nancy, I'm working to promoting Chinese culture in Mexico and I wonder if I could afford, to use five seconds of your video. I appreciate the attention, I hope to help promote this diverse and beautiful culture with your help.

  • eYe says:

    Cov nkauj Hmoob Suav no they are very talented, muaj peev xwm.

  • Saichen Yang says:

    Learn new culture but keep your own culture, one is silver, the other is gold. Love our Hmong/Miao around the world.

  • Jin Chang says:

    I hope this new Chinese Government will give more freedom to all the people in China so everyone can be equally so the Hmong people won't be fucked by the Chinese like in the past. I had been in China so many times I told the Chinese people that I am Miao American then they told me that Miao people are so poor, why I had a US Passport then I old them that Miao in China are poor because the Chinese never like them that's why my ancestors left China to Laos then I left to the USA.

  • Gao Xiong says:

    To some of my Hmong Americans, not just the Hmong Americans.  I'm talking about who ever that is Hmong from another country that dislike your own Hmong.  You need to start respecting your Hmong people because we are all Hmong.  Just saying, I bet half of Hmong Americans probably don't even speak Hmong, understand Hmong, don't even know how to follow traditions, and so on.  C'mon! Be nice and respect Hmong people (the ones you would call FOB), especially the ones that makes movies. At least they have goals and ambitions for something they want.  Do me a favor, go back and get in touch with your Hmong side.  Do something productive, go research your Hmong people.  You be surprise! 

  • Zoovam Yang says:

    tsis muaj hmoob myanmar hahaha

  • TheMan Gunn says:

    Ahahaaa….this news anchor guy seemed to have a toupee hair piece on.

  • Saib Lom Zem LLC says:

    zoo saib heev 

  • sung cá says:

    niam laug nẹ li khaub ncawg zoo nkauj heev, é nẹ puag muaj muag nyob rau qhov twg ne?

  • vajhuam kevxav says:

    (tajlaj)  tsis yog lus hmoob kaj.!

  • Mai Vang says:

    Kabyeeb koj yog Hmong AMERCA los koj yog Hong Suav nas?

  • HMONGKING says:

    Han and Manchu,the reason that you guys never feel shame is because you guys aren't human. If you were a real human then you need to know that you took my land over 5 million years, and China is mine. So all Han and Manchu, if you clam you are a good culture then why do you call me Chinese? I'm a Maio/Hmong original in China, and you guys know that you guys are refugee that came to cheat my land for the past 5 million years. You still don't feel shame so your nation is uneducated, and you have to learn that our grandfather Chiyou is father of the Maios. You have to know Maio and Hmong is a good nation, and lied to the world that you don't know me. Grandson of Chiyou, HmongKing original in China.   

  • เสรีย์ สิทธิภาพ says:

    Tij laug Kab Yeeb hais lus suav keej kawg li os 

  • phouphar vongvixai says:

    tijlaugkabyeeb  koj hai tau lus suav zoo kawg os . kv yog ibtug xifwb qhiantawv suav nyobrau 老挝孔子学院kv zoo siab tias peb cov hmoob kuj muaj ntau tu ua txhe lawm tiag thiab os.

  • Tribes says:

    tus hluas nkauj nyob kim tsawb qianxinan tu phone yog li cas os

  • Zika Spree says:


  • bebe thao says:

    Would have been better if you had interviewed the guys too..this just made it look like you were introducing girls with a motive as opposed to what yor true aim was.. -_-

  • sở sầu says:

     xin chào. t la nguoi mông nhưng ko biết chữ mông.

  • yij ne says:


  • Dou Lee says:

    Really like how they still keep the Hmong design

  • HenryDavidT says:

    Very interesting, Kab Yeeb Vaj…

    The attractive young, Lauj woman's Hmong is at least as good as mine; and it is better than my younger siblings' Hmong, here in the USA. 

    And that's rather remarkable (for these Hmong, in China… and sort of a tragedy for us, here in the West), considering the fact that they have remained in China all these millenniums —- having existed in a culture and a language as big as the Chinese and Mandarin —- and we having just arrived in the USA the last 40 years…

    Even more odd still (and  tragic, yes), one of my little brothers, while speaking no Hmong, is rather fluent in Japanese, having lived and taught in Japan for over 6 years.

  • nco tag tiam says:

    Hmong chinese so cute

  • pastus lis says:

    txawm paub thiab tsis paub lus hmoob lawm los tsis ua lis cas cov phooj ywg tsuav koj nco tias koj yog hmoob thiab koj yuav yog tsis tau lwm haiv neeg. txawm tus ua txuj mus ua luag haiv neeg lawm los nco ntsoov luag yeej tsis lees tias koj yog luag haiv neeg ib zaug

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