Holbein 150 Artist's Coloured Pencils Review

Holbein 150 Artist's Coloured Pencils Review

hello and welcome to another collaring review from color with Claire today I'm going to be reviewing the 150 set of Holbein artists colored pencils now these have been seen a couple of times in the Facebook groups but not very often probably because they are extremely expensive pencils and I don't think people have had the chance to see how they perform or see what you're getting for your money before you lay out that expense so I've got the full set here today to show you all of those things and you can make your mind up on whether you would like them in your collection or not so 150 set is the biggest set that they do but they also come in sets of 12 24 36 etc so you could buy a smaller set and try them out before you lay out a huge cost on the entire set now they do come in this and plastic protective box so there is a lot of protection on these pencils as well as you would imagine and as we open the box you will see that there are a couple of booklets there which I'll show you in a moment and on the underside of the lid they have every single color named in both English and Japanese with their numbers as well and you can also see that there are a series of dots next to each pencil and that represents which sets they can be found in so for example if you use a lot of burnt umber perhaps on your skin tones you will you might run out of that quite quickly and want to replace it so happily you will see that they are available in the twelve sets so you won't have to buy larger sets to get those and more regularly used pencils now usually colorist buy open stock single individual pencils but unfortunately these pencils aren't available anywhere outside of Japan in open stock so what do we get in the box first of all these manuals which are written in Japanese but no bother because they're really self-explanatory here we have exactly the same chart that we've just seen and then this is a bit more of a comprehensive guide as to what the pencils look like and what you can do with them so you can see we've got color swatches here we've got how they look on different types of paper we've got different types of rendering you can do with them and there's just a few little illustrations of blends and things like up so that is the booklets now for the pencils so as you can see they have this protective sort of shock absorbent plastic layer and that covers each layer there's three in total so they're really really well protected as you would want from them coming abroad and here we go so here are the first layer of pencils we've got yellows oranges reds Purple's blues greens so as you can see when I take one of the pencils out the barrels are extremely similar to fabric estelle polychromos they have this gorgeous glossy coating on them round barrel the barrels also have a coated end as well so for example if you've got a prism of color you will know that the ends are just open so that if the core splits it could slide out which is not great quality to be honest but these absolutely gorgeous they are the same thickness as polychromos and they feel really really light in the hand as well and as you'll see each one is printed with the whole by name the color name of the pencil and the color number and you'll notice there are a series of little stars this one has got one but they range up to three stars I believe and that is the light fast rating of the pencil so basically if you don't know that's how long the color will stay really really vibrant so if you hang one of your pictures up in the sunlight if it's got a high light fast rating it will and it will keep those colors really vibrant and bold so what are these pencils made are they aisle or wax well the interesting thing about these pencils is that they are a combination of both so they have an oil and a wax base which makes them to color with them honestly it feels like a softer polychrome oh but they're nowhere near as crumbly or as buttery as the prisoner colors so they're softer than polychromos which is great because I find polychromos as amazing as they are to be quite hard and difficult to blend and they make my hand ache and these are just a brilliant go-between for the pencils because they're really really soft they blend beautifully but they're not so soft that they're just going to break or you have to keep sharpening them every five minutes so it's a brilliant sort of in-between of the polychromos and the prism of colors so as you can see here we've got our greens our earth tones some Browns skin tones and grays black white and some metallics so I'm going to speak for a second about the blacks and the whites because you'll notice there are two of each now this one is a normal black and this one next to it is a lamp black and I'll show you in a moment the color chart I've made and how they represent but this the normal black is a true dark black and this one is a little bit lighter now the whites we have a normal white and we have a soft white now I've been told that the soft white is actually better than the one in their current – luminance set which a lot of artists rave about it is so so soft it will show up on black papers normal you know colored papers it will perform amazingly as a blending and pencil over the top of your colored images and yeah it's just it's softer than the normal white so it just comes off really really easily it's really buttery but again not crumbly now these metallics here I'm not a great fan of metallic color pencils but I do like it when there is a range of more than just gold and silver and as you can see here we've got a silver and we've also got an antique silver which is a little bit more grayer and it has that look of you when you buy maybe a teapot from the shop and it sort of got that burnished look on it that's how I can describe it we've also got a bronze we've got a pale gold and a normal gold so two different golds and we've also got a copper so really nice selection there and with the two whites and the two different blacks it's just an it gives that little bit extra that I haven't found in any other colored pencil sets so that's one reason just one reason why you might want them now we get to the layer that everybody raves about who sees these pencils and this is the beautiful set of pastel tones so as you can see we've got every single color from yellow right through to Blues we've got a gorgeous selection of skin tones here a huge selection and we've got lavender jade green and then we've got six neon pencils just to note the neon pencils are the only pencils in this pack that don't have a light fast rating but that's fine so gorgeous I mean what can you say about the range of colors on offer the only bad thing or not bad thing but critical thing I can say about the pencils is that they don't really have meant much in the way of dark Browns and this is basically it so then yeah three sort of dark well to dark Browns really and then a sepia but yeah they could do with a bit more Browns but you know Browns are easy to mix so that's not too bad so what else can I say about these pencils they sharpen really really well they do not break at all in my experience if you have a t-girl sharpener I'm trying to find my note and I can't find it here is so if you have one of these sharpeners if you don't have one get one if you do have one brilliant because they are super super good at retaining as much colored pencil as possible because nobody likes to keep sharpening and sharpening and your pencils reducing and reducing and all you can think about is how much money you spent on them so you can just set this to one or two for example on the one here I'll just take a pencil to show you it makes a really really sharp point but a very small one so you not wasting the wood there and that is great for these pencils that cost a lot of money and you know there's been no breakage is yet I've sharpened quite a few of them I've used quite I've used all of them to swatch and there's been no breakages so very very strong cause I think they're 3.8 millimeters what else arrays ability so they do array is quite well and not as well as polychromos but better than Prisma colors and do they look on the swatch I'll show you now so here are they all swatch top and how they look and as you can see gorgeous vivid color and I've not been pressing particularly hard or adding too much pressure and the pigment it just flies off the koi doesn't need any pressure whatsoever they're really soft but not too soft and they have these gorgeous tones and as you can see we've got the two whites you probably can't see on this but here is the soft white and I've kept it away from the edge of the border on purpose so that you could see the difference but it really is a beautiful creamy opaque white then we've got the two blacks the true black and the lump black we've got the silver the antique silver the pale gold the gold the bronze the gold the pale gold and the copper and of course we've got those neons as well so absolutely beautiful pigments there with no effort whatsoever and here is a page that I have could exclusively with the Holbein pencils so obviously there's a white pen in there as well for the details but everything else is Holbein so as you can see beautiful blends and with that with them being on the harder side rather than me using Prisma colors which is what I use the most and being used to that sort of soft buttery I thought they were going to be really difficult to blend like polychromos but honestly they're not they're just a brilliant and sort of amalgamation of both Prisma colors and polychromos you know so and as you can see here they've blended absolutely beautifully have blended it out into white they work really well with colorless blender pencils like the prismacolor one which is what I use on the edges here and as you can see I've drawn in a couple of circles and filled them in as gems just to show you exactly how beautifully they blend so I used three pencils each on each of these gems so three tones from dark to light and a black to border them as well and you know they're so seamless you can't you just can't see where one ends and another one begins because that is how well they blend so there you go you can see how beautiful they are now where can you get them from and how much are they so I bought these from an eBay seller called wabi-sabi Japan Australia hopefully said that right and this is the cheapest place that I could actually find them on the internet that would ship to the UK or the ship anywhere but I'm in the UK so now they cost 256 pounds at the moment for this 150 set which is a huge layout I totally totally agree and understand there and but you can actually buy them for quite a bit more that's one of the cheapest sellers I found and also the seller herself her name's Midori Keller and I've been speaking with her through emails she's absolutely lovely and so so helpful because I was really wary about ordering pencils from Japan and she's been so helpful every step of the way selling me the tracking number and you know just keeping me up to date with everything now she has asked me to include her contact email in the details of this video so you can contact her if you have any questions and she can just put your mind at rest and answer any questions you've got and so I'll put her email in the description and another thing to mention which is really important is the v80 and depending on which country you live in there are customs charges that usually arise when buying things internationally and these pencils are no different so really really important for you to check your customs charges and tax charges because you don't want to be faced with any other bill when they arrive in the country so do check that out before you buy them now I think that that is everything I can tell you about these pencils I've shown you them in use what they look like I've talked about sharpening and erasing and blending so the only thing I would say is that there's not really a lot of Browns but that's not that's not a huge deal to be honest because everything else is just spot-on yeah so I'll leave the description for you to go and have a look leave the link in the description you can buy them from ebay 100 Japan and Amazon there's all kinds of places you can buy them from but as I say the cheapest and the most reliable place that I found is the wabi-sabi Japan Australia shop on eBay so I really hope that you've enjoyed looking at these beautiful beautiful pencils and you'll be seeing a lot more of them on my channel as I color with them because they're definitely my favourites now if you have any questions about anything you can always leave a comment please make sure you subscribe to my channel because that really really helps me and yeah I'll see you soon on collar with Claire


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    I love your reviews! I'm still a newby with coloured pencils but am gaining confidence. Your tutorials are super helpful and your product reviews are my go-to before I buy any new sets! 🙂

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