Home Construction:Duplex House Design घर का प्लान and Vastu Features

Home Construction:Duplex House Design घर का प्लान  and Vastu Features

Home Construction duplex house design and vastu features this is 900 sq feet or 100 gaj plot duplex this is construct under 900 square feet area this is main entry If I show you it from outside this is kitchen window and this side is living room window main gate here four feet in width from main gate to this corner This distance is of 5 feets this distance is of 2 feets I will tell you ……about the purpose of it so this was the main entry right now the place where I stand this is living room right now this is under preparation this side you can see for space element as per vastu stairs are in west direction to keep balance of the energy this is south west corner this was the west here total 16 steps are taken in stairs and 17th step is on floor as per information generally we take 16 steps in stairs after adding one step of floor total becomes 17 that use in odd number the stairs are taken in this way one can carry the items easily rise towards clockwise this space will be use for store or to keep heavy items this bathroom dimension is 6×5 square feets this is for living room for the ventilation you can see on its other side there is one more bathroom and there is one more cement net this is used to eject hot air and for proper ventilation this is just on the way of stairs


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