• Hermit Oldguy says:

    Thumbs down for the clickbait title – this was not something I "Gotta Watch".

  • Scott InPhilly says:

    We spent 2 trillion on Middle East wars. Imagine what the nation would be like if we spent 2 trillion on classical music.

  • Max Ramos says:

    You NEED a EUPHONIUM player, not a trombonist who uses it

  • Nathaniel Rivera Perez says:

    lol I don't know about y'll but I don't like how girls be playing instruments making all these weird faces lol…….I would've expected something beautiful XDDDDD

  • Hector Berlioz says:

    This orchestra isn't known as a world class orchestra at all. It is a reasonably middle class orchestra. Fabio Luisi isn't a world class conductor either. Imho he is a mediocre conductor who became coincidentially ,at random , principal conductor of the indeed world class Dresden Staatskapelle….

  • Philip Savins says:

    A truly great reaction from a magnificent orchestra. Judging though, by some of the comments, it hasn't pleased everybody – a few still enjoying a wallow in the deepest dungeons of negativity.

  • eyal lerner says:

    Luisi is originally from my town Genoa. An amazing person, comductor and musician. Good for you. All the best!

  • Helena says:

    the best part is everyone trying to figure out how to clap without dropping their instruments 1:20

  • Larry B says:

    Wonderful video! The new conductor Fabio Luisi – former principal guest conductor of the NY Met, conspicuous for his skill in starkly varied repertory: during his acclaimed tenure there he won the 2013 Grammy for Best Opera Recording, for the company’s Der Ring Des Nibelungen. Part of NY Times review: "Fabio Luisi, the Met’s principal guest conductor, led an exciting, insightful and assured performance. Mr. Luisi earned the deep respect of the Met players last spring when he stepped in for James Levine on short notice and conducted crackling accounts of Puccini’s “Tosca” and burnished, beautiful performances of Berg’s “Lulu.”

  • dsdfsdf dsfsdfds says:

    why their sound is so amateurish?????   it's like students' orchestra…

  • Bruce McCaskey says:

    Enjoy it while you may… music is forbidden in some places in Denmark now, and that will only grow *unless Holger Danske awakens*.

  • André Lousada, Conductor says:

    That was really amazing!!!!! Who was the GMD before?

  • Steven Moore says:

    Has an Italian name but looks Austrian.

  • John L says:

    I don't get it… is the orchestra getting punked?

  • Andy Pratt says:

    What a twerp.

  • jkl542 says:

    The look of anticipation on the faces of the musicians of the DNSO is priceless. By now Fabio Luisi is a well knonw conductor. The DNSO di in fact pull off a wondeful coup. Nice. I have listened to works of the DNSO since Luisi took-up the baton and they are indeed delightful to listen to.

  • PandaPapa146 says:


  • Leibo07 says:

    Orchestra musicians, strings in part., are the worst specimen of mankind, next to say Hells Angels.

  • Leo Smart says:

    Since the DNSO is not yet a world class orchestra (sorry guys) and since its members discovered that management pulled off the coup of the decade by signing a rising star among classical conductors (who previously led the renowned Dresden Staatskapelle and was a highly popular replacement at the Metropolitan Opera for the legendary but ailing James Levine), it is no wonder they reacted with such glee. Now, if I were a conspiratorial type, I might wonder if the particular glee displayed by the orchestra's female members was due to the fact that Maestro Luisi has a known perfumery hobby and is said to have produced a line of perfumes, so they were all imagining how many free perfumes they would get for great performances (just kidding). In any case, I hope he turns you into a truly first rate orchestra.

    BTW, sorry, but that building is a disaster. Sometimes, modern architects try to be so radically modern that they produce something radical but ugly. But in this case, they produced a building that looks like it houses a medical laboratoy rather than a symphony hall.

  • Joaquim Méndez says:

    Beethoven sounds so good!

  • Omar Alfonso says:

    Maestro Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos RIP

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