• reyner ackerman says:

    I want that guitar. If only you can send it to me as a gift. Im from Malaysia.

  • Anoneeemus1 says:

    Notice at 3:30 the best pic i have ever seen showing the severity of Pauls left front tooth tilted severely to the right side.This marks a major physical difference between Paul and his replacement Faul.Faul has had work done but cannot replicate this severity.there are many other physical differences


    That song is awesome as shit man I loved it

  • O'DOHERTY says:

    great song at the end, loved it

  • Charles Oneil says:

    Very good song you wrote sir!

  • Joey Kindred says:

    I love your song on here! Very McCartney-ish, which is a HUGE compliment.

  • Sladek says:

    Ummmmm…it's "Paperback Writer"—not "Paperback Rider."

  • Kim Sieben says:

    nice song !…….lots of catchy hooks!……..Beatlesque

  • John Hammett says:

    Hey man…. nice song!!
    And this is coming from a man who loves MetallicA

  • NIGHT FALL! says:

    Oh my your song is amazing

  • Syfoll says:

    Paul may be closely associated with the hofner bass, but he mostly played the Rickenbacker after 1965.

  • Autry Welch says:

    Great song at the end!

  • The Jason Knight Fiasco Band says:

    I think Rain has a better bass line. Out of control. I've attempted to master it note for note but after 63648593737595 times, no cigar. Lost cause.

  • 1nelsondj says:

    The b-side 'Rain' is better, an observation on people that will complain whether it's raining or sunny outside. Trippy too. And for the record John was the batter lyricist, Paul was better at coming up with memorable melodies. I always look forward to hearing John's songs the most on Beatles albums, never dull.

  • Bastiaan says:

    Till never really sounds medievak themed to me or Something, its great!

  • Simply_Beatles says:

    I know you're a Youtuber, but have you ever thought about being a musician?

  • ipsurvivor says:

    HollyHobs – My take on this… Hard to explain but I see this like something of a “Infinity Mirror” where one looks into a mirror in front of them with a mirror behind them…
    First McCartney is “framed” by his need to write a song with contemporary details… A female relative Had encouraged him to write songs about mundane topics… Ordinary life…
    Second the paperback writer in his story is framed by McCartney’s (And possibly Lennon’s for whatever he may have added) imagination… Then the various characters are framed inside the mind or imagination of the paperback writer who also gambles with their fate with his pleas for publication which could change or eliminate them.
    Frère Jacques is probably an accident of sorts but interestingly “brother John” was something of a dreamy slacker who slept through his night watch and neglected to ring the bell for his confreres to wake up and sing or say the “matins” or morning prayers.
    The characters in the story are also unfulfilled slackers or losers, frustrated with their mundane lives and their prospects as is their author, the paperback writer of McCartney’s story which is something of a shorthand novel…
    Also I almost forgot another level or “frame” of the mirror… The paperback writer has a character in his book who also wants to be a paperback writer…

  • Ron Holt says:

    Yea Beatles .. you should sing two vocals

  • Chris Gosbee says:

    Love your song man! Your voice reminds me of the singer in the band Flyte

  • Sam I am says:

    Damn your song was good…. I’m a bit blown away honestly.

  • yameruss says:

    Enjoyed the Paperback Writer analysis. Your song (more McCartney than Lennon) was delightful. Keep going !

  • Rowdy Bodine says:

    Is that a dead baby seal you have hanging on the wall? For shame! How come you generation is so lame?
    Hofner over Rickenbacker? Here's a thimble, put your thoughts in it.

  • Joe Williams says:

    That song at the end was amazing

  • a user says:

    George Martin once said John wanted write music like Paul could and Paul wanted to write lyrics like John could.

  • steve7onfire says:


  • MrDrewseph says:

    Cool song, man

  • pianodan10 says:

    As someone who started writing music on the wave of love for the Beatles, I love what you’re doing. Please keep writing.

  • kinggaming 11 says:

    Dude that was SICK. your pretty good

  • mitchell goldman says:

    The song by the guy at the end was very good.

  • Danny Rmos says:

    What guitar is that?

  • itaintmebabe714 says:

    1:24 looks like Paul is missing a tooth

  • DRG What's the truth? says:

    Nice song. Sounds like early Beatles…somewhere before Revolver

  • Donald S Campbell and Rosemarie Campbell says:

    Wow this was such a great video I love your guitar playing and the song too!

  • Paul D Clifford says:

    You write a good song, but why the British accent? You sound like Herman’s hermits

  • Cicero Araujo says:

    Until never is an very pleasant song. I can see all the beatles in it

  • carlos says:

    bass sounds WAYYY BETTER in rain tho Paul goes OFF

  • Mickeyislowd says:

    I love this song. If anyone likes this style of songwriting they should check out Blackmores Nights with Candice Night and Richie Blackmore on guitar. A friend of mine gave me the box set he had of a concert they did in Germany i think. I thought I wouldn't like it but i was wrong. I have watched it a hundred times and still love to hear it again because the songs are so beautifully done like 'Under a Violet Moon' and 'Once In A million Yrs' and I just love the old English style of music all played and sung to perfection. This song is very much in the same style so well done for this one:))

  • Ken Stewart says:

    Kudos for your performance of 'Til Never! Great song and impressive playing and changes. You've got a great sense of melody. Well done!

  • Jason Schultz says:

    Good luck and continued success with your music endeavors!

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