• tommy cane115 says:

    why does it change the size. I tried to put a flyer in single image and it cuts the image so that its only part of the image. so even if its 300×300 or 500×500 or "large" only part of the image shows and not the whole image i uploaded

  • Asen Stoyanchev says:

    Hello, man! Thanks for the great tutorial. I am having an issue with Visual Composer and no one can help me with it. When in mobile mode, the text of my articles wraps up on the one side of the image in one ugly column which makes it difficult to read. I contacted my theme developer and he said that the best option is to add text and images in different columns in one row. I cannot understand how exactly Am I supposed to accomplish that so that my images are nested in my text? What kind of structure should I implement in terms of row and columns? I want to achieve a behavior similar to this https://www.funnyactionmovies.com/revenge-of-the-ninja-with-sho-kosugi-revisiting-the-cult-classic/ Many thanks!

  • Asen Stoyanchev says:

    the sound is awful…

  • Indu Vishwakarma says:

    Hey, is it not available for free??

  • Baudouin de Bazelaire says:

    how do you put text block on top of the image ?

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