How to be a Photographer on a BUDGET (Beginner Ways to Save)

How to be a Photographer on a BUDGET (Beginner Ways to Save)

– So when we all started
out in photography, we were young, we were
naive, we were inexperienced. We were just trying to
take some great photos with maybe one lens and
maybe one entry-level DSLR. I’ve been there, it’s hard. Today I’m gonna share some
tips on how I was able to actually do some work
as a beginner photographer and on a budget. So, I actually have someone with me today who started on the same camera that I did. – The Canon T3i. – Yeah. Seeing as we just recorded two podcasts. Back to back.
– Amazing, so much talking. – So much talking. I thought we would do
our first tip right here. With these mics. If you don’t have certain gear, or you don’t have a lot of gear, just borrow it from your friends. And I’m talking while the
mic isn’t even near my mouth. I had a Canon T3i for so long. So long that a friend of
mine had a 5D Mark III and I would do anything she asked just so I can use that on different jobs. – I used my dad’s Canon T3i. So luckily, usually
the dad’s feel the duty to really have those nice family portraits during family gatherings. He never used it. So I just hijacked it. I didn’t save up for
my own personal camera until I was 19, 20 years old.
– Wow. – And that was the Canon 70D
with that Dual Pixel autofocus. I was like what? – So moral of the story kids, steal your dad’s camera.
– Yes. – Or borrow some from your friends. – Yeah, burrow. – Burrow. – Burrow. – Burrow in and take
things from your friends. (both laugh) – You do not need a lot of gear in order to get your first jobs. I started with Canon 70D with a 40 millimeter pancaked lens and that’s what I shot
my first travel film on. And my first wedding. And there were no gimbals
when I was first starting. And they’re really expensive. So, the biggest hack
is actually what Chris is doing right now. If there’s no slack in your strap you’re gonna have a really steady shot. – A couple other things you
can do with only one lens is you can make any
lens a wide angle lens. So, all you have to do is take
a few photos panorama style or vertical and you can make a wide photo. Also, you can try something
like lens whacking for you video people. All you have to do is take
your lens off your camera body and let in a few light leaks
for a really cool film effect. Hey Sara. – Hey! – Can I borrow your bike? – Of course.
– Cool. Here I go. (howls) Look for free presets and free templates to help out your photography
game and your business. So for example, I offer some free presets that you can get your hands on linked in the description box below. And a free budget template. So, when you’re budgeting
out your first job ever you can get that free template. Oh, Sara. – Oh hi. Raw images are a great way to
practice your editing skills. If you don’t have a fancy camera, go on the internet, ask a
friend, ask for raw images. Because I started video editing before I even grabbed a camera. So, editing is half the picture. And also there’s a tone of
free resources out there. You can download Lightroom Mobile on your cellular device for free. And you do really handy stuff. Like masking and healing
spot brush things. It’s great. Words. – If you don’t have your
own lighting you can one, go outside and use natural light which looks beautiful all
the time or I guarantee you have lamps inside your house like Pixar over here. This one, although you
can’t take off the shade, probably there are lamps in your house where you can do that. You can make yourself a
really moody portrait. Especially if you make it black and white. Also, I love lamp. – I love lamp. – If you don’t have tons of
money to buy tons of gear which I certainly didn’t when I started, you can actually DIY make
some of your own gear. Like a skateboard dolly
or even a reflector by using a big piece of
Bristol board, for example. I’ve also linked a few
other DIYs you can do in the description box below. (upbeat music) – What was my point? (laughs) Buy used gear. Do not be afraid of Craigslist. Especially if you’re also selling gear. Craigslist doesn’t have
that crazy eBay fee. When it comes to buying used lenses, Canon has so many lenses to choose from and they’ve been around for a while. So, they’re gonna be cheaper. We’re all Sony shooters here, but I really think Canon is a great place to start with your first DSLR and your first few nice used lenses. (upbeat music) – Now I gotta come all the way
back in and get the camera. But really guys, at the end of the day all of the most important things that you need as a photographer are free. Like your knowledge of lighting, your storytelling, composition, framing. Those are all things that you can practice on your own with little to no gear. – And if a family member
maybe has an old film camera it’s going to teach you
how to be intentional with your photography. You only have like 36 exposures. So, you gotta get creative and make sure those pictures are worth it. So, you’re not gonna
have that mentality of, ah, I’ll fix the crop in post. You have to get it right in camera. So, I’m a big fan of film
photography for that reason. – Yeah. You gotta really focus on that one shot. With that said, thank you so much Sara. – Of course, thank you for having me. This was so much fun.
– Yeah! I’m so excited about this. So please, if you for some
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– – Thank you guys so much for watching. If you like this video
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