• FocusMrbjarke says:

    website doesn't work ):

  • Astromentals says:

    Great website!!!

  • Ryan Wilson says:

    is this no longer available?? Was interested in purchasing the book..

  • B_Cunha0723 says:

    Did something happen to the website? It says I can't find the server for it

  • Naomi Nguyen says:

    Holy shot. This trailer was made in that one trailer app I use in Middle School for a shitty project. Ahhh…. Good times.

  • Steve Geo says:

    As a new composer, what's the best choice of software to use?

  • Michael Lauer says:

    Which DAW are you demonstrating in the videos? I reckon the principles can be applied to any software. I'm using Logic.

  • Black_Leopard says:

    I want to create such epic too, what program should I download? Or should I have special instruments and systems?

  • madridrock150 says:

    This looks like a great opportunity for an aspiring film & game music composer like me! I can't seem to access the link though. The page tells me that the website is temporarily unavailable.

  • 알꿍이알꿍 says:

    you can be the great musician, you have a genius, I cheer you.

  • Joey Sung says:

    Hey Arn, I'm new to your music. although I've never studied composition, it was interesting to read some of your articles. I guess it introduced me to an art that I wasn't exposed to before (composing, I mean).
    just know that you have a new sub and someone who listens to your stuff!

  • The Slanted Room / Music says:

    I can vouch for this! I've read all arns articles and they truly are a great help! Arn is a great teacher!

  • CapnSavvy says:

    How wonderful! An artist who seeks to helps others in the community learn to better their skill. It takes a special kind of artist to share his secrets to success! I don't think I have what it takes to compose but I really love this idea and will share it. 🙂

  • Marijn te Slaa says:

    This is really great!

  • Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream says:

    Awesome trailer my friend ! I love the music too 🙂

  • Shanika Freeman says:

    This is such a wonderful opportunity.
    Thank you, so much, for sharing with all of us.
    I am a composer myself, and am studying Theory in college, yet I sometimes feel like Theory can stifle my creativity at times (I am self taught and like to play "by emotions",I like to say), so your courses on your site will be a good help, I know.

    Thank you, again. 🙂

  • Anderson Badari says:

    this is just unbelievable!
    This is a great opportunity for everyone! 
    In a five minute looking into your website, I learned a lot ! Of course you are a great composer and teacher, and I will follow your lessons and advices. 

  • EternityRoze262 says:

    Whoa, so a whole website with composition tips and such from you~ This is really helpful and a great idea! Thank you for sharing with us (: I'll be sure to refer to it~

  • netwitch56 says:

    Oh, this is great, Arn, that you share your composingsecrets with the others. If I were a musician or composer I'd love it.
    Good luck to you and your colleagues/friends – have a creative summer!

    And I am looking forward to amazing music that will grow out of this…

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