How To Crush Your Online Art Store! ( Etsy Storenvy Shopify etc.)

How To Crush Your Online Art Store!  ( Etsy Storenvy Shopify etc.)

lately I've been working really hard to spruce up my online store and I got it to the point where I'm pretty happy with it so I wanted to share with you some of the things that I've learned to maybe help you guys out because some of you guys not everyone but a few you guys could really use the help let's welcome back to the undergrad laboratory where we create robots alien zombies and other imminent threats humanity and sometimes we take those things and we make prints out of them make t-shirts out of them or whatever and then we throw them up on our online store and then you know people buy it like crazy it doesn't always work like actually and it's a little harder than just throwing them up on your online store there's a lot of things you need to take into consideration but that's ok because I'm gonna share with you some things that I've learned that can help you guys out so without any further ado let's get to it when setting up an online store presentation is everything you need to make a good impression you want your store to look good think of an online store the same way you would like a brick-and-mortar store have you ever gone to a grocery or a big-box store and you're going through the parking lot and the you see the sign up front it's kind of flickering or maybe some of the letters aren't lighting up or whatever and then you you walk up to the door and maybe it's not opening for you or you get in and it's kind of dirty the the you know the shelves aren't adequately stocked you know it's just not very clean you can't really find what you're looking for items are in the wrong place maybe you leave before you even get to the door or maybe you figured well I'm already here maybe I don't go look around get what I need and and leave chances are you're probably not gonna come back even if you go in there in the first place so you know an online store really isn't that different first and foremost you need to concentrate on your brand I'm showing some visuals of my Etsy store I've got a couple different stores my Etsy store it's got a nice big ban or everything which I really like but anyway so these are the things you need to think of you know how's your banner you got you got a nice profile pic have you filled out your about page your bio all that stuff you know what's your story for instance so with my you know I've got on my banner I've got the name on my shop search works art labs and then you know kind of the tagline the science of geek ology so you know tells you that kind of self beauty type science stuff and then mad science supply company that's what it is you know this is its that's the theme of this shop and you know down below you get Cirque's ecologists and mad science supply specialists that's in the type so that's searchable and everything I've got a profile pic of myself I've also got my logo on there so I'm trying to I'm really trying to take advantage of every opportunity that whatever platform I'm using gives me whether it's storing the or if you're Shopify or whatever whenever they allow you to do take advantage of that fill it out even like Etsy allows you to you know load pictures of your shop so you go in there you can see you know different pictures of my shop you know me working on you know my products just different things all this stuff helps and even they allow you to upload a video that kind of it's almost like a you know I've you ever seen like a Kickstarter video you talk about your project well this is just talking about my store and you know not everyone's gonna click on that you kind of have to go a little deep but like I said I really think it's important in the beginning just put in a little extra time because once that's done you've got it once just once it's done you know it's there you can go back and change it if you want but you have something there every where someone would look so it's you're just giving every single opportunity you can for somebody to to say oh man this is a cool store I like Yummie basically everything's there I really don't have any questions I can see what you're all about I know I know what I'm gonna come to expect with the store and hopefully the quality of projects or products rather than I'm getting in everything so really you know take advantage anything you possibly can that they allow you to do and will get them to do this more as we go with some of these other things but right now really the first thing you want to concentrate is that branding what are you about as a company just hey I'm so-and-so I sell art there's got to be more to it there's got to be a story there you know really you know this is this is super important so branding you know up your branding game second only to branding our photographs and some people you know they may even be more important actually but with an online store your customers don't really have the ability to you know pick up your items and flip them around and look at them and read what's on the back what's included all this kind of stuff so you need to you need to give a little extra in order for them to have as close to that experience as you possibly can most artist shops I see they basically just got scanned images of the prints or you know or a screen shot or whatever up there but I think you need to go a little further with that if you happen to be a big name artists you could probably you maybe you can get away with that I'm not so what I have to do is I really try to focus on staging my products and making them putting them in the best light as possible and I am NOT a photographer I am a novice but you know I know how to Google so you know I do as much research as I can and I try to do the best with what I've got and I work my way up to a certain level you can kind of see him do a little photoshop here and it took me a little while to get here I am still not a photographer but you know I've got Photoshop I can edit things and post and do that kind of stuff so I do what I can and I'll share with you some tips and things that I've learned and these are these are pretty basic but I think if you're a novice kind of like me these this will help you out so one thing you want to do is use simple backgrounds so a lot of people say just just straight white sometimes I try to view that sometimes I kind of steer away from that sometimes I'll use very basic non-conflicting you know textures and things like that in certain instances maybe you have a product that has a lot of white in it it's not going to look good against a white background so you do discretion but as a general rule you want to use lighter backgrounds something that's not going to track from your product or something that's gonna make that that pop up pop out rather in the beginning you don't have to invest in it like a fancy lighting setup and everything or even a fancy fancy camera I mean you can use your you can use your phone and with some decent lighting just natural light you don't want direct sunlight you kind of or you know I've kind of gotten the overcast day that works really good or if you just buy a window if you can kind of set up my window where there's some natural light coming in if you don't have that opportunity to do that you can use you know use whatever light fixtures you have but you want to switch out to daylight lights not soft white soft white usually it's it's a soft white but it's kind of usually they have a little bit of a yellow tip whereas the daylight it's a little bluish it's a little more natural and they're a little hard to find you just got to look for them most stores do carrying daylight lights and basically because I do a lot of YouTube stuff I went through and most of the lights in my house I've switched out to daylight because it just shows without better on camera but when I first started off I was just using like a gooseneck lamp that you can get at Target and you kind of want to diffuse the light which you can do as simply they have diffusers and things like that I mean I use some brown lights now but when I first started off I just got like white you know semi-transparent white trash bags plastic trash bags and I just put them over now depending on the light if it's something that doesn't heat up like a fluorescent light you'll be okay just you know make sure you take it off when you're done and and it's not setting directly on the light either they do have like things you know fixtures around the light bulb so it's not really touching but you know that's what I use to begin with and I use that for my YouTube and everything and and eventually I kind of upgraded a little bit but yeah and or you can you know if you've got smaller items or whatever if you want to take some really cool shots you can build like a light box I've never used this but I've seen you know I've seen videos how to build one you just take a regular cardboard box you take the top and then the front off of it put white poster board on each side and then wear the back and the bottom of the box go you just kind of want to angle it just nice and smooth so there's sort of a curvature to it kind of like if you guys never seen like a psych wall when you're when you're filming you know movie sets and things I don't you ever seen that but anyway just it's basically just a little diorama and you set your light above that and you can take some really nice shots even with your iPhone so it's it's a little bit of experimenting but I think you can get some good shots if you do some research and everything kind of like what I did now maybe you don't want to go into all the effort that it takes to set up sort of a little photo shoot like this and most artists online you're selling prints and things like that so you may not need to there's some other ways you can do that but the most important thing you want to you want to think about when you're presenting your products is how will these be used in the real world how were your customers use them so if you know if you're if you've got if you're selling knives can zoom nice or whatever instead of is showing the knife you want to actually show maybe a picture of it cutting through scallions or something like that just to show how it works and when you apply this to are do they're selling prints why not show how they would look frame than on the wall and everything because otherwise it just looks like it's you know a screenshot of your artwork but you can show would your artwork how your artwork would look like to the customers what they can do with it and it just makes it look a little more physical and and I really think it's effective and one of the things you can do you don't have to go and frame all your prints and take pictures of them you can use you know mock-ups and these are available I've got a shutterstock account so I use shutterstock you can see me kind of taking my one of my posters here my Mecca versus kind you print and kind of fitting it in this mock-up which I've just kind of clipped out the area in the photograph and you know I do this with a lot of different things I've got a bunch of them to select from side I use Shutterstock but you can use you know create market cells mock-ups or you know you can find so you can find some pretty decent ones online just do a search for free mock-ups and yeah there's all you know whether it's you whether you're putting your arm work on t-shirts or hats or mugs there's this these mock-ups are out there so you can kind of superimpose your artwork over it and you know it really gives a nice effect you know the other thing you want to do is don't just put up one photo if whatever platform you're using allows you to put up say five photos put up five photos I think five is a good number I think now NC allows you to do more I haven't gone back and doing more doing more but here you know you can kind of see whether you're shooting from a different angle you can take different shots you know close-up shots of your artwork show it in different frames however you can whatever you can do the more pictures and it also works and we'll get into SEO but it also works with this you know because the more photos you have that's another opportunity someone has to see your art when searching so something to think about alright we mentioned SEO so let's talk about SEO SEO of course is search engine optimization and basically you know that's the tags and descriptions and keywords etc that that allows your stuff to be found by search engines you can see here this is my game changer bowtie product this is now this is Etsy different stores work differently you just kind of plug your keywords into your description so again change your bowtie Dungeons & Dragons DMDC fantasy RPG d20 dice nerdy gifts bowties gifts for role players or role-playing gamers all that kind of stuff so I just throw that in there and of course you also can add your keywords in here and take advantage of all your key word slots Etsy allows you to use 13 keywords so use all 13 store I also use starting me I don't think they give you as many but I'm gonna take advantage of every opportunity I can so if you're having trouble coming up with what keywords to use just do a general search on again generally what your what your product is about on Google or what everything and it'll start to fill in ideas of what's the most searched items are that they're kind of have to do with your product you can do the same thing and Etsy you can start searching an Etsy if you have like a dinosaur bowtie you type in dinosaur bowtie or if you just type in dinosaur it'll you know fill in or bowtie it'll start filling in things like that and you can use that you can also use Google ad or or just do a search on keyword searches on Google and you'll find under other ways that you can come up with with keywords and and and tags and things like that also try to use longtail keywords instead of just single words type in phrases because that's how people search things so instead of just putting a keyword like gifts or geeks or whatever put gifts for geeks because again that's that's how people search for things usually for somebody's not just gonna type in gifts or geek or whatever so that really does help now I want to move on to writing new descriptions but this also has to do with keywords because you want to work your keywords into your descriptions so they're searchable and you don't want to just throw them in there you want it to sound naturally so here's sort of the description for my game-changer bowtie you are bound to score major charisma points with this epic role-playing theme the bowtie pattern if you're going to take over the world you should look good doing it and that's why certain orgs art labs has introduced this diabolically debonair line of bowties specifically designed for the aspiring evil genius now I'm really trying to capture a feeling what this is about and so just this is a bowtie it's got 20 sided dice on it you know you I mean think of it think of all the ads you see you're you're trying to really get people to buy this thing so you want to be creative about it and if writing creative ad copy isn't your thing you know maybe you find somebody who's good at that and the good thing about us as artists is we've got a we've got a skill that's a value to other people so you know maybe do a trade out to somebody who's really good at writing copy I've done this in the past so I think I'm fairly decent at it but again you want to work in keywords so I kind of go on and this is more general as far as what some of the descriptions but circle works art labs offers a nerdy sci-fi goodness for aspiring Evil Geniuses Mad Science alike get your geek on with the best and handmade art prints books trading card games buttons bow ties apparel blah blah blah and I just kind of go on from there but you see how I'm dropping things in here and I go on to whether you're a cosplayer engineer program or computer specialist and I just list these things of people that are into this type of artwork that I'm selling or the kind of works have so it's right all in there in the description so a tap you know and acts as as you know keyword search as well as enticing people to really want this product because you know it sounds cool when writing your descriptions you want to think about your customer what are they looking for in the product what do they want to know put yourself in the mind of your customer how is this product use who is it for what makes it unique and you want to answer questions like what size of your prints what kind of media how is it what is it print it on is a glossy is it flat anything like that whether you have a return policy you want to put as much information as possible any description and that will also help so your customers are constantly emailing you asking you things like that so put as much info in as you can because you want since you can't pick up that product you want to know as much as you can about it there's a couple of other things I wanted to touch on before we wrap up and one is you probably want a decent amount of products on there if you've got 15 products or maybe twenty-five if you can because you don't want your store to look bare like it's weird when you go to a online store and there's only like one or two things it's just like if you go into a brick-and-mortar again and there's like nothing on the shelf the other thing is pricing you don't want to price your items too low and you got to take into account the shipping and all that take into account the time you spend on your product and you don't you don't want your product to look cheap so you know when in doubt just go a little higher you want to stay competitive but you don't want to cheapen your artwork so I always like to stay sort of in the mid-range compared to other similar products that I I see online the other thing that's a really good tip and something I want to leave you with is instead of pricing your item it's a $25 price it at 24 95 or $24.99 and I know it's only a couple cents and it seems weird but psychologically it really works and I don't see a lot of people doing this but it does really help and if there's any doubt just go to any grocery store or any store in general and you will see that I mean they don't they don't price things they price things a couple cents less you see that 24 it's not quite as much as 25 even though you you know that you know it's just it's almost 25 but it really it's psychological but it works so that's something that I do with all my products and something I recommend you guys do as well so those are some of my tips really I mean I could go on for hours talking about this but I don't want this to be a super long video so if you got questions if there's something I left out or I was unclear about you know let me know in the comment section and I will try to answer that obviously if you clicked on this video you kind of taken the first step into looking into what you can do to improve your online store but other than what I'm telling you there's tons other resources and that's how I found all this stuff out I just I just looked online and and picked out the best information I could and tested it out and everything myself and so I'm gonna present that to you and hopefully you can you can work with that and make make something of it so good luck with your online store alright so those are some of my tips and things that I've learned that can help you to create a top-notch online store so I'm hoping you guys take some of this advice and kind of run with it apply it to what you're dealing with your online store if you already have one or to create one yourself and if you're thinking about it or if you already have one let me know in the comments section I know sometimes if you put links in there they go to the trash section or whatever but I'm trying to go in there and see about that or just put it without a hyperlink to it and I will cut and paste it or whatever and check it out because I'm curious to see what you guys have and if there's any way I can help you guys out let me know and other than that I will see you guys later hey everyone thanks for joining me here in the art lab there's a lot other great content on the channel so click that subscribe button and you won't miss a thing iron evil genius visit circles calm for all your mad science supply needs and if you want to contact me hit me up in the comments section or follow me on social media I'm looking forward to it I'll see you then


  • Amethyst93 says:

    "If you're gonna take over the world, you should look good doing it" hahah I love that

  • Donny Domingo says:

    Awesome video – really – after kinda break even success with a couple of on-line efforts, and total failure with another, I am once again going to try to market and hopefully, monetize my creative output. I'm planning on setting up a shopify store for my designs/artwork. I've been checking out other people on youtube but many don't really seem to be about their art, and this channel really connects with me. This is the first video of yours I've watched and already you helped me with an issue I've been wrestling with, that is; 'How much content is sufficient to start with?' And I think you make some very valid points about the perception it creates. So I'm thinking probably better to wait until I can create more content as opposed to jumping right in with say 5 t-shirt designs.

  • momentinpassing says:

    People lack confidence in assessing value with complete independence and tend to get bumped by what they think others believe. So create the sense that others are buying your stuff. If you sell original art, leave its photo up with a "sold out" label for a while. I'd also list a few "out of stock" items. In this way you can communicate that things are moving because people like them and are buying them. If there is no sense of urgency, people might move along and forget about it until they've already spent their money at Amazon on something that there were "only 3 left!" of.

    P.S. I don't really know what I'm talking about. It's just a hunch. I was looking at an artist's site and about 40% of his original work was "sold out" and I found myself hunting for what I liked best out of what was left and looking for prints of that which wasn't.

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    Thank you so much for the tips! I plan on starting a store and you are a great teacher! Best of luck with your store, I love your videos!

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    Here's my store,, I plan on adding original artwork but registering my business for tax purposes is tripping me up.
    Having trouble understanding and finding things like, "corporation's file number" , "partnership ssn" and "NAICS Code" for the sales/tax permit application.
    Looking for a good "how-to" resource but info seems to be spread out. The few guides I did find are greek to me.
    Have you ever come across a "beginners" guide for this type of stuff?

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    Got some new supplies in quite recently so I'm back to working on some new stickers, though. Finally got some masking fluid so I've actually been excited to try and push what I'm comfortable doing (since inks can get to be a big mess really quickly when you work your colours a lot). Probably going to toss some simpler stuff I have on hand into the next batch I order, too, though I kind of want to do some more detailed stuff that you wouldn't find in just anyone's shop, ya know?

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    Thanks for this video Scott. I've been looking into opening an online store, only reason I haven't is because I only have a few items to sell at this time and like you said I don't want my store to look empty and bare. Once again you have given some great advise and I will be using them when I do open up a store.


    You really need to open your own retail shop Scott! …excellent presentation and execution. It's obvious the amount of pride you take in your own work.

    I'm working towards getting to that level one day. …little by little.

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