How to Draw Wood NYMPH- Art Illustration Drawing

How to Draw Wood NYMPH- Art Illustration Drawing

Hello everybody this is Yasmeen from Today I’m working on a wood nymph. This was a special request by one of my subscribers. There were some requirements for this illustration. The main requirement was that I draw an wood nymph
that was starting to become fused with her environment. Another requirement was that she may have the ability
to control and elements within her environment. The first thing that I began referencing for this piece was wood
barks and other interpretations of the wood nymph mythology. I also referenced my dictionary on mythology so that I
would be familiar with that type of creature. This type of creature is normally associated with a
more specific element or part of an environment. Even though I wanted this character to be fused with this environment
I still wanted her to be unique and separate from it. There’s certain portions of her which are fused or textured and
drawn in a very similar manner to her environment. There’s still some aspects within this illustration that makes her unique. I took a lot of the elements which were provided to me
for this drawing and used these to create this illustration. I was barely able to salvage a large portion
of this video due to file corruption issues. The editing portion in the center of this video won’t
be the best so I do apologize for this. I won’t be able to interactively view that portion of the video
I’m going to simply go over some of my drawing processes. When I’m working with an image that is so technical,
I do start creating quite a few layers. I do try to keep my layers within a limited range so
that I have more flexibility in the editing process afterwards. Just the grey-scale portion if this drawing had about 3 to 4 layers. Since there was a couple of elements that I was trying to
figure out how those portions would work and the perspective. So although the foot was technically difficult I didn’t
need to put that on a different layer. elements which I did have to include on a different
layer, were aspects of her face and head anatomy. I did want her to have a almost alien and
unique type of element to her facial structure. She still did need to look somewhat human, but there was elements
I had to separate so I could edit and move them. The eyes of the character were an area that I
had to separate from the rest of the body. The characters’ hair was another portion that I had to separate from the
rest of the body in order to give me some added flexibility. For the characters hair, I have been using a specialized brush that
I’ve using recently to help speed up my drawing process. Having a specialized brush isn’t a necessity since there’s quite a bit of
editing that I must do to make the hair more realistic. You can achieve the same results by minimizing the size
of the soft brush until it is barely visible. Now for drawing the bark on the character. What I noticed when I was looking at my reference, it’s necessary
to include tonal variation in the shadow areas as well. Bark is structured in such a fashion that it breaks, separates and cracks. There’s a lot of areas that I had to add cracks and
make sure that there was enough contrast between those cracks. Something else that allowed me to render out the
bark was to include several sharp edges. I created edges which almost seemed like scales but that
were deformed and layered on top of each other. This allowed me to get the unique texture that I wanted for this character. I also wanted to include branches sticking out in certain areas
to help add some additional details to the character. I still need to tie in these elements with
the bark like texture that I already had. I slowly decreased the bark like pattern as I went
from the skirt area to the hip area. By doing this I was able to get a nice flow and
structurally this created almost a 3D map on the character. This is typically the type of shape and flow
that you would see on a 3D model. By adding that bark texture I was able to get that
very unique hip structure and blend in various elements. In this drawing the focus wasn’t just on the character. The character was part of another element and that
element was an extension of the character. This meant that I had to to apply the same amount of detail
in the character as with the surrounding elements of the layout. The same techniques that I used for drawing the skirt had to be applied
the tree since it was supposed to be part of the character. Once I had all of the character and tree elements fully fleshed
out, I began working on the background elements for this piece. I was experimenting with a slightly different approach for the background. Normally what I do is I soften out the background with an
overlay and I do this for a couple of reasons. It generally a lot faster and a lot
simpler to do it in this fashion. In this case I wanted to add a specific
painting technique to achieve this effect instead. In this case I was slowly decrease the opacity of my
brush as I was moving away from the character. I was also erasing anything that seemed like it
was too much detail for that distance. This allowed me to achieve a pretty nice effect for the background elements. This gave the background a very unique feel in comparison to
what you may have seen in my previous pieces. I able to view my video interactively since it’s passed the problematic area. I’m going to go back to talking you guys through my drawing process. I’ve started working on the horn like portion of the head right now. I’m applying the same techniques which I used for
the skirt of the character into the horns. I’ve created a basic white outline to figure out
the path that those branches will follow. From that point I began adding some darker shadows to make
sure that it looked that they had a cracked surface. Everything has to tie into the fact that she’s a part of
the tree, if it doesn’t look like if fits together I’ve just started working on the tree as you can see. When I first started working on the tree, I was
mainly focused on the black and white silouette. I made sure to plot out that white outline
to give me something to start with. From that point I began lowering the size of
my brush so I could get harsher lines. And to help me build up that texture
that I had been talking about previously. I really wanted that bark texture to really show up behind that character. She’s part of this element and it’s a significant aspect in this
drawing which means that I do have to concentrate on this. I have to spend some extra time to treat this tree like
it’s its own element and that it’s incorporated with this character. Another focus was to ensure that I had enough lighting and
making sure to bump up the contrast really helped. I have a different lights source than what I normally use. It’s
on the other side of the character and further back. She’s also hidden from mos to of the light. Even though she’s hidden I still have to include enough reflected light off of
the bark in order to make her stand out from the tree. It’s something that is very difficult because you
don’t want it to be too exaggerated. Although I’ve figured out the general aspects of the rock,
I do have to figure out the proper shadows. The shadows haven’t been elaborated on enough as of yet. I generally create a new layer below the character
and plot out the shadow in that manner. It’s a lot easier to work on and
I’m able to achieve more realistic results. I’m just working on the shadows, making sure that the rocks really pop. I’m making sure that the leg really looks
like it’s grounded into the soil. She’s almost like a tree because she’s becoming fused with it. So like a tree, her feet would probably be grounded as much
into the soil as a the tree that she’s part of. I’m just adding that element which helps showcase her
ability to control over other trees and foliage. I wanted to give this smaller tree it’s own
characteristic to make it look like it’s alive. I decided to have the character almost telling the branch “Come here towards me” And have the branch go “Oh what is this”. As if
the branch was a character that was experiencing an emotion. It was something that I really wanted to portray in this
drawing and I did work really hard to achieve that. I’ve just begun adding some the extra details in the
knee to make sure that it all fits. Because this character is tree nymph and she needs to relate
to her environment, I used mainly browns and greens. Those are normally the types of colors that you
would see in those types of elements. Although I added the blue in the sky and put some of those colors
into the character I did minimize this to prevent from overdoing it. The main colors are part of the element that she’s
associated with and this really need to show. The highlights are related to some of the base colors I’ve already chosen. Although it was a brownish yellow that I was using, I
lightened this color significantly to get some of those highlights. I did the reverse to get the darker shadows for this character. In order to make sure that the branch leaves looked like they
were curving I spent a little more time on that part. I have to say that I really enjoyed this piece and
I’ll probably try to do something similar in the future. Thank you very much for watching this video and
I hope to see you guys soon. Thank you and take care.


  • uldron says:

    I really enjoy this image but I find the pose a bit uncomfortable. The top of the pose gorgeous but hte legs seems to be torqued too much. She looks like she is going to break. Though the shading is amazing, I would love to be able to shade like this.

  • Yasmeen Yarkspiri says:

    This was another special request that was made by one of my subscribers.  Next weeks piece will be an assassin panda with a hoodie. 
    #numph   #illustration   #drawing   #concept   #art   #digital   #design  

  • spiike vx says:

    I loved it!I find the pose fitting because as in nature there are awkward twists and turns.Vegetation trying to grab ahold of the sunlight and use its warmth to grow.It is beautiful Yas.

  • bliffton1 says:

    I like your work with the wood, it comes across very well! I hate drawing trees…

  • paradeofzombies says:

    Could you do a tutorial type thing on how you go from black and white to colour in a painting? 😀
    Love your work

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