How To Find The Best Images For Your WordPress Website – Free Resources

How To Find The Best Images For Your WordPress Website – Free Resources

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from were I make videos about WordPress for non-techies and share some resources
for you in order to get excellent images for your website now when ever you build a website
what really makes it stand out and look good is quality images you have to have a resource
for quality images now there’s several ways to get images there’s freeways and there’s
dangerous ways in their speedways and I’m a go over all those in this video so first
of all here’s the most dangerous way to get images for your website and that’s just to
do a Google image search so I usually do this in a safe way whenever I want a logo for company
I’ll do that but there are certain image owners that will sue you to a Bolivian if you use
their images and a good example of that is Getty Getty owns images in the on a lot images
and if they find you using an image on your web on your website good luck for you because
you are going to get a big fat bill that you’re going to have to pay or you’re going to have
to find some legal means to fight and I don’t want that for you so this is the way Google
images it works so I just type man and I do that and then I click on images right here
it’s going to show me a bunch of pictures of man that you might want for your website
or women or something like that or scenery or anything along those lines this is Google
images sometimes it’s okay to use it like I said I use it if I want a find a logo for
a company that I might be doing something for this is the way I do it but you really
have to be day it’s dangerous you’re really playing with fire and if you’re building websites
for your clients the last thing you want is to take one of these images that someone owns
put it on your clients website and then they get sued it happens folks now there several
free resources that are actually fantastic here’s one of them right here it’s
I’ve use this many times and when you scroll down you could see the quality of the photos
here now the way they get their images there’s contributors that upload their images to this
site and you don’t have to give any attribution or anything like that and typically the images
that you find on pixels are very high quality now that I think the way they make money is
on some of the images maybe all of them so safe I clicked on this and I wanted to download
it you’ve got an advertisement here and then right here it says sponsored photos and this
is going to be photos that are on paid sites like shutter stock which is very expensive
these images are very expensive but here this one’s going to be free and there are similar
photo soap I can see how they make money right you are looking for the perfect photo you
don’t see it one that’s free and then you come over here and you see one that’s paid
and then maybe you just come out of pocket for that image I love pixels I’ve used it
a lot and one of the bigger or larger free image websites is pixel Bay I tend to not
like their images some people really do I really don’t but you can come here to pixels
and some of the images are going to be the singer to find the same images on both sides
and with these I think some of them you might need to give an attribution you’re gonna see
when you click into an image right here on the right so it’s is free for commercial use
and no attribution required silicon images I like to go for I don’t want to have an image
where I had to in order to legally use it on my website I have to give a link to some
website or someplace or something like that I usually avoid those types of images and
then there’s this new way of finding images and it’s called the Libra stock and there’s
I think another like this what this does is it kind of searches all of the free image
websites and pulls all the results in one place so if I was to type hunt two puppies
about then cute puppies like this and it starts showing me 135 results for you puppies these
images are to be in lots of different free image websites so you might want to just come
here instead of going to Peck’s essay here’s one from pixel Bay instead of just going directly
to those websites you could just come here it’s like Google for these free image sites
and when you click on one of them it’s going to take you over I think this site is ad supported
as well so right here this is can it take me to pick some base when I click on its it
actually takes me back to pics abate where I can go ahead and download that image so
this is actually a good option as well now there’s also paid options in here’s one that
I’ve used and I like a lot however they recently increase the cost of the service so I don’t
necessarily know if you would need it but it’s called stock and limited and this is
a website where you just pay a fee and you can download as many images as you want and
you can use them in any way that you want and they have some really high quality images
here now they recently increased the cost they used to give you a lifetime membership
for $89 now it’s more expensive and they also added audio and things like that they have
an audio plan they’re not showing it right here but they do have an audio plan but right
here is you see it’s $139 for three years which is so little pricing that’s all and
here’s the audio plan sorry or you can get access to their audio and it says free account
they’ve never tried their free account you can also try that soap anyways these are just
some things that you can do to get quality images for your website can add links to all
of these sites that I’ve talked about down below in the pinned comment section of this
video feel free to go down there and check out any of these websites and if there are
any websites that I have not mentioned that are really high-quality feel free to leave
links to those down below in the comment section as well because you made it to the end of
the video I have a free gift for you but before I talk about that I want to ask you to do
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