how to get patrons on patreon ask okay this is going to be the shortest video I've ever made yes you need to ask people to become your patrons on patreon it's the only way my name is Carol I'm a singer-songwriter I have a very successful patreon page right now where I'm making earning 2,500 dollars per month on patreon and I've gone through all the phases of patreon but yes you have to ask your followers to become patrons now I know that's a really hard thing for some people to do and some people like don't want to do crowdfunding or a Kickstarter or things like that but in the end you have to ask people to support your art and your music how do you make yourself comfortable with that by providing so much value upfront before you may ask the question you give them tons of music tons of videos tons of pictures vlogs blogs stories behind the scenes once you've given them so much content that you're like man I've been working so hard for you you don't feel bad asking anymore I mean really it's a small token of appreciation if someone donates $1 per month for all the work that you've already done but if you don't do that work you have a hard time asking the question because deep down inside your thinking yourself I really don't deserve this this reward I don't deserve to have patrons I haven't been working hard enough so there's some serious psychology going on if you have trouble asking people to support your passion and the thing that you care the most about what other questions should you be more comfortable asking then will you support the thing that I love and live and die for and breathe for everyday will you donate $1 and I will give you all this other stuff to show you that I appreciate it so ask the question that's how you get more patrons on patreon you just ask them now the method is important I like to ask people one-on-one directly so how do you do that email marketing in-person private messages direct messages Facebook posts in first person direct to them at always talking to one person sometimes group announcements are great but you get results when you go one-on-one and you get more comfortable doing it the longer you've been doing it they almost expect it from you so if they here's the biggest Redeemer be great at what you do if you're a great musician if you're make great art if you make great paintings you should have no problem asking for help because the biggest Redeemer is that you're good at what you do so ask the question hey will you become my patron by the way will you become my patron I am I have a special group for you it's called the musicians club and any musicians artists or entrepreneurs should join it it's the $5 reward on my patreon page and we'd love to see you I'll add you to our closed Facebook group for musicians and marketers and you'll be in see I just – it's that easy ok thanks for watching this video I hope you get more patrons let me know if you do ok my bite


  • Wings of Pegasus says:

    Cool video, I'm a wannabe musician I think I ask a lot but maybe not enough for my Patreon page! I have 18 patrons at the moment, the page is I'd love to be able to fully fund my music with patreon one day, and I'll do anything to get there. If you have a chance to check it out that would be awesome and any advice is much appreciated. Here is one of my videos

  • V Reacts says:

    you have some really useful advice here. Thanks for the help!

  • Kev Rowe says:

    Hi guys! Ask me a question or leave a comment here. I'll reply promptly and really appreciate it.

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