How to get sponsored by an art paint company and get other free stuff!

How to get sponsored by an art paint company and get other free stuff!

hey guys it's Casey Co Corbin I'm a dynamic fluid our coaching starting today's webinar perhaps the webinar that you have been waiting on this is number five but it is a we're gonna do number two tomorrow so we got one more to get out so number five is is when no one tells to you about how to get sponsored so you can get free paint in other supplies so I will talk to you about that if you haven't already there is a 12 page handout that's you know the not using large letters you may have noticed as you sign on here that I'm pretty conservative in nature and so that includes in the printing and so I don't use like big blocks of color that kind of thing so that when you're printing them you don't burn through an ink cartridge if you choose to print them so I am so checking my tech here and so I need you to do that for me too by commenting that you are here and we did figure out that you do need to opt in with stream yard and here's I'll show you this on this banner is if you go to stream yard comm backslash Facebook give them permission to show your name that's something that you do once and then and then what I understand from then and forevermore you are going to be able to be displayed with your name and your you know your profile picture yeah so it used to be that all that happen automatically with these kind of services and then you know the whole fiasco with Facebook and sharing information and you know all that became now okay oh now we gotta get permission to be able to do that so it's kind of useless hassle you know I think so if you'll do that that will enable me to be able to see whom so we can do at the time so if you need that just go to that link there alright my phone it digit you always ever do this my phone is delayed you know this not up and broadcasting for two minutes it's and I'm still not on there yet so let me try going to see you guys live another page that's not showing me there yet either all right so hopefully that will soon try refreshing that it doesn't pull away all the power needed but alright so I'm on quite a few minutes early so I usually go about five minutes earlier this time getting on about six minutes early so it wouldn't surprise me if nobody's on here yet alright okay I am alright good Jess there you are just you are you I really want you to win cuz you're like the most dependable you like the first on here you're on my announcement lives so that's great Lea I see you there all right and Dianne and windy alright so I see you guys there so if you can thanks for saying hello if you can tell me that you can hear me that would be great and then have you downloaded the handout yet because this is this is the one right here it is packed with information it is 12 pages long and so it's going to have a quite a bit of content there for you that I know you're going to want to look at you may or may not choose to print it but you'll definitely want to have it up like on the screen there and some things I'd really like for you and I'll repeat this here in a few minutes whenever after the start time is if you could tell me how do you best learn and not only just learned but implement insights like the kind of things that we've been sharing to you know during this webinar do you do that you know you put in a number one if it's that you study by yourself or two is if you can if you would with implement and do the things that we're talking about if you are more supported by other people and so if you'd learn and grow in a group that encourages you and can support you by holding you accountable to get all the steps done that you say that you're going to do it's going to tell you what to do but whatever you say that you're going to do according to your long-range strategy plan so that's a mouthful but um that's really in essence what a mastermind group does what accountability group does for us is a week and we can submit masterminds traditionally have something called 1040 10 plan where you this won't exactly be the structure that'll be offered in the the new membership group that that I'm offering the what is is like 10 minutes is like a positive check-in what's been going on right you know since we've seen each other in the last month and then 40 minutes typically we would hot seat somebody or low seat somebody and we would really just help them focus on them focus on their their direction now you know the ideal size for a mastermind group was like between three and six eight you know the most 12 and so it's a they're they're really most ideal situation is is that they you're meeting the same people week after week and so you're rotating right and so who's in that hot seat so you get your turn coming up and that's usually scheduled in advance and people have homework and stuff to have ready and then everybody gives them input on that alright and so I tend those myself so that's what a little bit about a mastermind just kind of for those of you that arrived early so I got start time just now so let's see who we got on here now so if you guys could be answering that question for me if you haven't pulled up the handout that would be really good to do today because it is it is packed all right so you're gonna want to be able to look at that and look back on that and have that as a resource for you alright great okay all right just as Casey you're excited about this topic all right great all right and Diane and there's Kathy all right and let's see it's kind of blurbed all in there to get out there so it says autumn is in here – all right very good and some other people so I'm multitasking I'm looking at my phone at this and then I'm also looking for comments here in the stream yard reason stream yard again because the super cool banners so if you have the banner thrown across right now the bottom there if you were either skipped or and offered an opportunity to be able to submit this then you can use that you can copy and paste that and go to that and my understanding is for you do that once and then you don't ever have to do that again so it's just one of those probably you know Facebook getting around the legality its liability kind of stuff you know they're so great alright hey Vanessa are you doing I can see your name on there happy Friday it is a happy Friday yes this has been a week I have really enjoyed this week but with surgery and all the prep work good stuff to be able to do these webinars daily it has been a week I've enjoyed everything is up in surgery I've enjoyed it thoroughly but um it has been I'm glad it's Friday alright but it's kind of not my Friday since tomorrow we will do we'll do a makeup day for the webinar that was on Saturday which I think it's kind of cool because there's always people that can't attend during the week because of work and so maybe some of the new people I will be able to join us tomorrow because it's Saturday and so we'll be able to see them then so that'll be cool that would be fun too alright okay Victoria all right Victoria Marie and Veronica Perkins okay I see they're very good but I can't see who you are on the stream yard and so if you can use that link it's not super important to do that it'll is be be help me especially with my name difficulties to be able to see who I'm talking to there all right well I got about three minutes after and so I'm gonna go ahead and get started and we're going to we're going to share our screen and so this is the handout that is available to you on the special group that you're watching this I posted it today so if you just scroll down a little bit or go to the file section all of the handouts for all five handouts including number two that I'll do tomorrow will be available in this group for one week and so they'll be here until midnight of Saturday the 11th and then everything goes away okay tomorrow at midnight a very special offer is going to go away and so I'll be telling you about that a little bit later in our presentation okay so today's topic is called what no one tells you about how to get sponsored so that you can get free paint and other supplies and the pretty sure that I've met everybody so far but this is Casey Cole Corbin I'm a coach of a counselor I'm an artist and I'm an art teacher and I coach people on how to do all of those things above very good and so the replay for these videos will be available for a short period of time we just talked about that but in please share this group we share this link that I'm showing you now the that's my 22 social app and it requires that people go in and give me an email address and then click a check a box so that I can private message them to and so that's I would appreciate you sharing that please don't share that directly to be to this group that we're on right now but the webinar through other groups that you can share freely in groups wherever is my what selling group and the teachers of flow group those things have been free and will continue to be and they have been for about a year and a half started them after I got fired and really needed to ramp up to be able to take this teaching a fluid art to provide for our full-time income so those groups have grown to have over 11,000 members in them so that's really amazing isn't it okay well here's what I'd like for you to comment now you can put in a number one or a number two in response to this question and that'll kind of help me know what direction to take this webinar okay one is um well the question is how would you best learn but but learning in a way that you implement the insights that we've been sharing this week okay probably talk about overwhelm here a little bit I have been getting our first handout with six pages it's grown to now twelve pages it is there is a lot of information on there and my intention is not to overwhelm you but actually to kind of point out that it's not really information that you lack it's really something I call sass structure accountability and support sass enables us to accomplish things when we have a sass team I call them structure accountability support team which is the mastermind group that we'll be doing in the next level of teachers they hold us accountable to be able to accomplish more than we could on our own and so number two if you won number one is I like to study by myself into everything alone all right now I hope you don't put them over there number two is is that option that you can put into the chat is to learn and grow in a group that encourages you help support you by holding you accountable to get the steps done that you said that you're going to do no one's going to tell you what to do but they're gonna whatever you say okay this is what I want to accomplish in the next 30 days and then people will hold you accountable as far as asking you hey did you get that done did you meet with that venue did you send out those letters did you do that stuff right you know the work and all that should be in your strategy plan that you and I meet together and do and so that's I'd love to get some number one the number two is great I'm glad to see that some number two's there in there otherwise all this information particularly the 12 page handout that we're doing today it can be extremely overwhelming alright here's what we'll be doing all week number one was how to stand out and seriously establish yourself as a selling artist number two that's going to be tomorrow will be the three tactics of how to make more than a thousand dollars teaching flow art in a half-day workshop and then three is what we did on Wednesday is smart strategies to develop pricing structures that reach new students and maximizes profits yesterday we did supercharge your social media efforts to book out your classes and now today will be what no one tells you about how to get sponsored so that you can get free paint and other supplies and it's like I said if you watch the little reminders hey we're going live in an hour on several the group's is that it's really amazing to me what I thought about it that I have not spent a dime on paint or pouring medium and many other things in over a year and I mean I paint all the time and of course I teach classes and which you know all my students are using these things up so I it is literally added thousands and thousands of dollars to my bottom line I remember one time I turned in a wanna considering what I thought was just an average size order I'm sponsored by DecoArt and it got rejected because the retail value of the order that I had placed exceeded $3,000 and I'm like wow I got to be bumping up pretty close to that month after month so you run the math on that and you know it has been worth thousands and thousands of dollars to me and so getting sponsored is a great thing and I think that you should definitely work on pursuing that now you may have heard about people that have become sponsored right you know and it's easy to see super cool people like Sandra let that has ordered 55 people 55 thousand followers on her YouTube channel and you know she has a gallery and she has a studio and she teaches people and she's she's she's a member of our teaching community too and so you think okay well Sandra let you know she is awesome you know she could get sponsored and she has sponsored like I am but but not me and I thought the same thing and I think this qualified myself and my thinking for quite a quite a long time before I just kind of built up the courage to get on the courts website and fill out the helping artist program application and lo and behold I got sponsored now it really amazed me and I had to think that through and I talked you know with with the people there he knows far as how does this work you know exactly and there's really two key areas that you want to have ready before you apply and you or if you apply or you pursue other companies for sponsoring you want to know what they're looking for preferably before you'd give them a proposal or you fill out their application if they have that kind of formal process there's a a lot of places do sponsoring that do not have a formal process so I need to kind of expand your thinking a little bit beyond just the ones that are kind of obviously the ones that people talk about getting sponsored by alright another great benefit to me has been is that since it's free I ordered a lot of other super cool products that I would have never gotten before and so I got to play with them and I integrated them into my classes it's got to play with them too it made me a much better teacher cool stuff like interference metallic luster and animals and also stencils and textured mediums and even more and so those are the things that I would not have pursued if I hadn't been sponsored like that but the biggest thing of course is is that all that money that I saved in not buying paint and stuff meant more profit alright it's helpful to understand what the art companies are looking for and give it to them alright so there's two main categories that I have found one is it's that you can be strong in just one right and ignore the other or you can be strong in bellos okay so the first one is is that they want you to be what's called a social influencer and that means that you have a number of followers in several different social media outlets and I was really blessed and that told you yesterday about the crazy runaway viral video that I had on YouTube in response to that haven't been seen over two and a thousand times also I've got over 4,000 subscriptions because of that and that was just a fluke of the algorithm on Facebook and the algorithm on YouTube which are competitors does happen to link and cause an infinity loop and all of a sudden I got all these in some ways artificial views it's the best way that I've been able to understand what's happened it happened because I was just really curious so I looked into it but also you know like I said I've built up these other groups and so that's important you know they know that's a very social influencer it means that the things that you do other people follow and so I try to honor that too by taking pictures that also have a good product placement for DecoArt you know their labels are seen and it's there in the background of the foreground you know I am very I'm a naturally grateful person anyway and so I'm very grateful to them and I want them to be you know get more bang for the buck there with their advertising and you know spending their money on me and so I feel very blessed and so I want them to be blessed too so alright hey bath I see you there all right Jamie all right Hannah Andy okay and man you're there I hope you were able to stay with us and Cynthia okay all right great nice to see all those twos – all right hey Gina he snuck in all right and Joyce all right very very good all right so um social influencers is one of the criteria and so if you just take like what Sandra laugh has done for years or well it'll just barely plural here's you know doing a YouTube video a day that's a social influencer right but also if you're going to teach and you don't have to necessarily be a social influencer to have this but they they want you teaching unique students and so let's say that you kind of set up in a section of town and you get the same people coming to your class month after month after month honestly you know why should they continue to sponsor you they could sponsor you for one class everyone will have seen the products and then they've got their you know they got their marketing dollars you know out of you for that and so you you have to prove and more and more they're tightening up on that that you are having unique students and so the easiest way to do that is to travel and so in huge like I do when I go around to different towns and different stuff you know they're pretty much guaranteed that they're going to get different students each time so they want to know that we are reaching more people different people than just the same group month after month after month I always just go by the adage you know under-promise and over-deliver so I'm always doing things to be grateful to DecoArt like I mentioned hosting and sharing things there okay alright so here's the let's let's break that down okay so I've got a five-step process of getting sponsored we're always going to start you know I'm like been a counselor for 20 years and do like coaching it's always going to start off with mindset everything starts with a needed adjustment in our mindset think of it this way now okay this might be hard for some of you but you have something the company once that's access to your students this is not a charity alright so some of you may have like you know approached you maybe for your church or Cub Scouts or something like that and so you've got to try to go to companies to try to get them to give you stuff or money or whatever and so you tell a real sad story or how needy these children are whatever that is not going to help you in this case all right so this is business so I had the right mindset going in what do you have to bargain with okay so but the business then everything is going to be a bargain you know like give and take you have a target audience potential customers in your hand meaning that they're coming to your classes especially in the niche of flow art I'm having wandered around our stores recently both Michaels and Hobby Lobby here have different companies doing incap displays which are not very expensive for them a flow art right stuff that's already made up and ready so our stuff has gone mainstream yeah which is good for us the awareness and the fact that we can now teach people that are knowledgeable you know about flow of art and we can teach them how to use products that are a whole lot less expensive than those things that are on the end cap there but that's pretty cool that's neat you know we have not rode this this crest of this wave yet the trend is continuing to grow and the arena here a flow fluid art alright but you know they know that we're going to be teaching people who want to buy their products and so a real good opportunity for you is the next time you see some products that particularly your made for flow art is take your camera into the store with you take a picture of the label and go home and contact them and say I teach flow art and I would like for you to sponsor me right they might be so nude that they have any considered doing a program that's like established that like deca Mart does four into helping an artist program right they got all that stripping line they know what their systems are they know how to you know they're you get a lockstep process of going through that but maybe they don't so you give them a proposal so here's what I want you know you should me X amount of product and I'm going to get you X amount of students exposed to your product on a monthly annual basis all right so don't be afraid if they don't have a system in place you can help them crease that you can offer them a solution right they have a problem they need to reach more people that are interested in their product you have the solution okay all right and just make it worth their while to ship you those products all right so these five steps will help you get sponsors win them over and build a long-lasting relationship you're going to find a current theme and all five of these webinars is Casey is into connections it's not what to what you know it's who you know is you got to connect with people and then nurture that relationship and keep that going with that your customers if you're selling art to or in this case sponsors that you want to sponsor you so the first thing to do is do a brainstorming exercise of just creating a list of ideal sponsors so sponsors want to reach out to people who can become loyal customers to do that they need you to partner with them with products and services that your attendees will want and let me tell you I've found this to be true after my classes you know I invite my students to join my facebook page with a Facebook group for my students and they are frequently posting later that day the very same spread of products that they used with me today deco arts products so it works for them this is smart of them to do it this way they are buying what they learned on and you can do that too good so I also want you to think beyond the paint canvasses alternative to canvases easels aprons and other art art supplies they can also you can also get a sponsor to be able to help you with that so hearing your handout it's just an opportunity to be able to start off the list think outside the paint box like venues all right organizations in places that once your student to come to their facility and be a part of what they do churches garden clubs other organizations art stores like Hobby Lobby they want you to get your client avatar which is also their client avatar or their ideal client or customer to come to their facility and so they can that most the time I'm playing my art centers 30% you know they're keeping 30% for doing a lot of work I don't mind doing that accessing their lists like we talked about on day one however you know there the case could also be made for why they need to let you do your stuff for free you know or other locations or clubs or places that have you know churches for example and stuff should not charge you because once they come in the door they have a tendency to come back through that door alright so there's more opportunity to brainstorm for different ways of sponsoring then maybe you've considered before before you approach companies to sponsor your event contact them to see who makes that sponsoring decision alright it might be the PR manager dedicated sponsorship manager or the owner of the company save this information for later but don't really reach out to them quite yet you got a little bit more work to do before you do your pitch now that you've built your lists and organize your prospects into a spreadsheet include the following columns to help you to track the sponsor outreach efforts ok so you might wanna build a little spreadsheet or just do it on paper is the company the decision maker the contact that you have made so far meaning that you might have booked and that can count you know phone calls emails other types of connections the proposals or applications that you may have submitted and also your follow-up meeting and what was the outcome of that step number two is is how to craft a sponsorship proposal alright companies want to a return on their investment when crafting your sponsorship proposal come prepared with data all right now they how do they know that they want to sponsor you your student data is what is your opportunity to be sponsored alright so you got to know who your client avatar is who you mostly reach how can you find that out what's easy on your ticket or your registration you know your attendance records to be able to show who these people are you you don't share specific information with them you share aggregate information as far as like age gender income you know the time what they typically do that type of stuff right they want to know that they're reaching people that can afford it buy their products it's another reason why you don't approach them for kids if you work with kids you're gonna get absolutely no my sister-in-law autumn Orosco is on here maybe she can attest to that she's tried to find she she teaches only children and she can't get sponsored by a company because one is children will make the decision their parents do and so they want to reach out to adults only I have not found any organization that sponsors even in the seconds program they will not give you paint for children because they feel like there's a liability for them too so there's two reasons to not try to approach them with you telling them that you're working with children don't do it okay you don't get anywhere all right your demographics your sponsor wants to know about the audience's age gender location but you can go even deeper with their education level the job titles the income to show their purchasing power now most companies do not once you use now we just talked about that with children and if you're demonstrating products so that people can see them they want you to be demonstrating them to people that have the ability to be able to make the decision to buy so also non attendee demographics that means gathering information about the vendor the media of your event that it's going out to other people other than just the ones that it attend right so there might be closer to a 95 to 5% ratio the people that you're reaching with your marketing versus the 5% that actually show up to your classes all right well that marketing still has value particularly if you include the company's information in your marketing so is your veneer vini prestigious will it draw high end consumers right examples are art centers art museums or even retreat locations good all right social media action track where when and how often your workshop and classes are mentioned on websites blogs social network or news sites additionally does your product or your company name name get theirs their product or company name gets seen in your marketing so that's something you could do just in the way that you product placement in your pictures or it could also be that you change the name of your event to include it now every year for the last ten years I participated my wife and I have participated in something called spring into the Arts it's an art competition here in Vanessa Georgia put on Mike Turner Center for the Arts and once I won the first place in sculpture of all things I was absolutely amazed right they give thousands of dollars of awards every year for this thing and one time I ran the math I was like the number of people here the number and number of entries right it would only came up to about $11,000 and even if I just went you know hat more than half of that went to prizes and something like how in the world I need a food cost I used to be a caterer definitely exceeded you know better than five or six thousand dollars and so I didn't understand how are they doing this so they're just doing this out of the kindness of their heart you know what is the deal here well I've befriended the executive director and she told me that this is last year that they this year they got fifty five thousand dollars in sponsorship okay that means to our eyes need to become open to the real opportunity or sponsorship here okay I'm not doing all this yet all right but I'm starting to see it I'm starting to work on it all right you see the gold silver bronze companies they get their company name on vinyl letters on the wall that are taken down in a couple months and also their name in the brochure and that's what they get for their $55,000 why because the elite of this area are coming to that event they are getting their name in front of just the right people and they're willing to pay big dollars for that they're not being generous no this is our charitable no this is business all right and they're doing well by sponsoring that way how can you get on the other end of that receiving that sponsorship deal right so baby you're now starting to see the real power in planning the sponsorship game right so could you consider being sponsored not just byproducts or even the venue but instead money listen you do a lot of marketing you could include the company name and their products this is not only advertisements for them but it's also highly targeted laser focus marketing to their ideal customer if you prove that you are reaching their ideal customer that can be worth a lot alright step number three is connect with event sponsors alright you've done the background work to find them and now it's your opportunity to approach each company for sponsors response worship as you begin to reach out follow these steps number one draft a elevator pitch all right you've heard of that before your elevator speech write two or three lines about yourself and what you do the idea there is if somebody asked you what you do in the elevator and you only have a minute to share can you tell them you know in a very concise way you know what you do and so you tell them you know about your classes or your workshops that you're organizing the value to the potential sponsor and also a request for a short meeting either in person or more likely on the phone or email practice delivering this pitch so if you find yourself in the presence of a prospect or on the phone you can say something like I help people to reduce negative stress through creative expression using the fascinating art trend of fluid art and workshops classes and corporate training so that's mine right now I just at a corporate training last week using some fluid art to so connect with prospects as you approach potential customers your goal is to get to the very next step or I want you to view switch all right think about it from their point of view their job at each stage along the way is to screen you out keep that in mind they're looking for some reason to screen you out your job then in each stage of the way each step of the way is to not get screened out but to just make it to the very next step just focus on that connecting with sponsors by attending events interacting on social media reaching out on LinkedIn compete completing applications or sending email if they have a foremost punch the program and an online application then it's so easy all right great do it but maybe it's too easy maybe everybody's doing it maybe you also need to consider reaching out to companies that don't make it that easy maybe even companies that have not even considered sponsoring before and begin talking with them begin that connection begin that relationship nurture that relationship show them that you could be very valuable to as part of their marketing good follow-up kindly hey decision makers they're really really busy so if they say it haven't said no right you haven't heard back from them yet show respect for the time and keeping it brief into the point reiterate your value statement ask them if you could meet call email or if an application can be considered I got to tell you I put out my application and I did the application that I didn't hear from them from weeks and weeks and weeks I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and kind of said well I didn't think they were going to prove me anyway and then lo and behold much longer than I thought it should take I got an email saying you are approved and I said what all right so ask potential sponsors about how they measure success and then cherry-pick the information that's important to them most likely take notes about what they they went to you to customize in your proposals so if they're looking for this and this then don't include that in that all right so customized cherry-pick what you have to offer as far as what they are looking for I found as we already talked about that most either focus on either or both social media presence or who your average students are let's talk a little bit more about that okay one is being a social-media influencer it'll be on their application it'll ask you how many followers you have how often you post you know and if you don't have any you don't have much you know this doesn't necessarily disqualify you but it will really limit you from the certain types of sponsorship and so you might want to consider starting to build your tribe starting to build your email list starting to build your get the participation in your groups and on your pages those kind of things all right and then the other category is unique qualified students remember see this across the forehead what's in it for me written across their forehead right as you're talking with them they're going to be constantly looking for you know has I'm answering this question and how I'm handling you know this conversation I've got to prove that it's worth it to them to sponsor me again not charity business if you're teaching the same group of ladies month after month and why would the comp company sponsor you more than once all right so one time one time and your students have been exposed to their products in a favorable light and that's it you must demonstrate that you are serving a unique audience by traveling or reaching of the people groups and be able to prove that if they're just coming to your same studio this then group that's a little harder to prove okay so traveling is a little bit easier for particularly if you are startup and you don't have your own space alright step number four design your event and attract sponsors once a sponsor is interested it's time to apply or craft a sponsorship package that reflects both the sponsor and your events brand then we're talking about branding a little bit here what is your brandy alright who are you your company – dynamic fluid art and so you know mine's a little bit more than just the art it's also an experience because of my doing counseling and teaching meditation and that type of stuff you know is that I include those so mine's a little bit more of an experience just than learning the art process what's your that's my brand what's your brand and how could you customize your brand or customize your event to be something that they are looking for what you know to meet their objectives how they with the goals that they're the company is trying to achieve right and then they could end up paying you know for that get them excited create maybe a one-of-a-kind event with a experiential marketing campaign for example some of me you're familiar with Windsor Newton these products and so let's say that we're trying to approach them as being a sponsor at the Windsor and Newton dynamic fluid art workshop in Napa Valley wineries host areas with hardwood floors chandeliers in white leather couches in which their patrons can sit back and sip lines while experiencing the flow art sensation you can see there's a group that that would appeal to all right finally step number five is built a long-term relationship to keep your sponsors so one is is that you got so if you get accepted you got to keep that relationship going I do Barry I continually post about DecoArt I include them I tag them a very easy way to do that as a tag them in your social media and they are appreciative of that all right that will get you a favor with them let's say you're rejected okay it's like nope well we're not going to accept you but how do you respond here's a suggestion for you you respond something like this I'm growing fast in fact in fact I'm in a paid membership program to accelerate my growth so Wow I might not meet your criteria just yet I'm on track to in the future let me make sure that I understand your objectives so I know what to focus on you want my classes to be of blank minimum size you want me to have a minimum social media presence by having fill-in-the-blank subscribers on YouTube Facebook pages and groups Instagram and other social media maybe they want you know or do you want to validate you know the quality of my work as an artist you know how do you like that validated you once the awards contests win competitions being juried and you want to call it maybe you want to validate the quality of my teaching how do you want that to be validated by student survey results the artists enter educational director making a recommendation letter etc this is part of the vetting process remember view switch with them see things from their point of view every stage along the way they're trying to screen you out and so you want to know why you just got screened out if you got rejected right so you know what to work on people are people and they usually generally kind and so you usually can approach them and say hey you know I'm not gonna give up you know I'm gonna come back to you next year I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row you know tell me where did I not meet your criteria this time please write satisfy the needs of your sponsor they will keep coming back to build exciting experiences that attendees love use this to strengthen your relationship with the sponsors once a proposal has been accepted or your application has been accepted you know interest by program make a checklist go through everything that's on their website and so that you can keep the promises that you made all right they all have different criteria it's a little too hard to keep that in mind just make an easy checklist so that when you're at your event you're teaching you can look at your checklist and go oh okay check check check check OOP I forgot to take pictures today I am with DecoArt they want to submitting pictures of students using their products and so they can verify that that's completely fair keep your sponsors informed and involved leading up to this event tagging in social media is really easy and it's an extremely trackable way to for them to track than you for you to track stay flexible if a small adjustment see the plans can Bennett benefit your sponsor or without a cost to you then just make it with a smile right recently a deck or semi load stack of survey forms to be completed by my students that wasn't something that was part of our arrangement in the last year but no problem to me pass them out fill these out to please right be generous and appreciative when preparing for a class using their products before my class I pause and I take pictures with good product placement and I post them everywhere including tagging DecoArt in all right share your data about the results of your sponsoring event your impressions gain do your brand mentions your sales your leads generated although DecoArt now has a Student Survey I've always had one and so when my students complete my comments on the products that I have passed out or the information I pass that along to the company I always passed along to DecoArt even negative comments about their product and they have told me that they have passed that along to their product development department and those of you know DecoArt has been developing products specifically for before in industry and so especially in the beginning we had some suggestions me and my students had some suggestions for them and they said they passed that along good all right I said it before your student data is your sponsoring opportunity keep that in mind you need you need to have an awareness and you need to know what your client avatar is and sharing that with different companies you know because there's there's some companies that want certain people right reached and there's some that do that don't right you know what they want to avoid certain demographics and so you just being open and honest with them so this is who I attract or this is who I'm going after right can create a really good opportunity for you do you ever wonder while when you're taking a professional survey I know you feel about hundreds of them in your lifetime right why they ask for demographic information they wanted at your age income occupation gender etc they need that information to target their marketing efforts so include that in your survey or at least be able to describe your client avatar with a thoughtful research and coordination that those are just the key to be able to get event sponsors and to be able to keep them coming back for more okay those are the five steps just two days ago I opened up the car tour day to open up the door to this opportunity that I made the real big announcement right and some spare reminds you you guys is that today and then I'm talk to you about a really cool special opportunity in just a few minutes about how you can be a part of the teachers group for the rest your life and they were paid I'm okay so I've opened the cart and so we've had some people enroll already and that's great that's exciting and that the whole thing the doors going to be open and then it's going to close next Saturday all right and so next Saturday on the 11th at midnight boom if you have not got into this program you are too late and the doors will be closed now this Saturday tomorrow in might midnight there's going to be another opportunity is going to close and so I want you guys to jump on there real quick if you're considering joining the accelerator program you need to move all right we have eight slots left and so they're getting eaten up quick this free community this free group and the community group that you're already a member of will remain the same so most of you guys are part of the free group and the key or some of you guys are part of the community group and that's not going to change all right but this third level is going to help you go further farther faster and building your business the monthly membership fee I will do two very things one is you got a little skin in the game and people invest in what they invest in all right and then to the income for me will allow me to dedicate more time and energy and resources and helping you and now this time with an individual attention so so far I have not been that's not been part of the package of the other offering and I've been doing strategy sessions and individual coaching sessions but not really as a part of the community group so this is in some ways combining those two things together so let's talk about the accelerated program what do you get it for $197 a month with a six month commitment you get we're gonna start off with a strategy session all right so those of you that have enrolled and I see some of you were on here right now contact me let's set up something for next week would be ideal and we'll do we'll meet and complete the strategy session and do that a really dynamic planning session that is a valued at $300 then every month thereafter we're going to be doing a monthly individual individual coaching session with me and so that's organized time of personal accountability it gives really needed structure to your process while supporting you to methodically get from where you are to where you want to be and I charge my clients $175 a session all the time every week all right we're there in person or online monthly mastermind groups this will be the new component that will be offered is within this context and this is gonna be it's a dynamic interactive small group held on line again I know that several of you guys that will be listening to this or Australia and England and other parts of the world it's okay I'm up till two o'clock in the morning anyway so we can and I want to have several of these offered monthly we'll do it all around the time zone so we can make sure that we get you serviced they're here I promise you're gonna be the key a year from now when you look back you're gonna get man that mastermind group was the best thing that has gotten me to where I want to be and in the private community and so you'll be admitted to the teachers of global community group and we've got going on since February one of the best things that I've heard from people on that group saying is that they don't feel alone anymore there's a communal aspect of it there's a mutuality in that we you know are not just doing this by ourselves and so you have a community of like-minded people that offer understanding and advice and and again you know we do not have to reinvent the wheel we Springs as creatives so let's not do that we can we can learn from each other the easy way instead of the smart way not the hard way and then the monthly coaching calls which are themed webinars they many many different topics frequently there's several reorganizing some things on there today there is several look over the shoulder type screen shares just how to use social media apps other technologies and then there's a big old Q&A session offered in that coaching call monthly all right you will have immediate access to the education vault what's called learning units on this group the first one starts with lifestyle and begin with the end in mind the real fun one is the many art spin art lessons affairs online teaching is going to be a focus that we focus on in the next two months a lot and then a hobby lobby's free classroom lots of content in there marketing how to get students to your classes another units on productivity how to get it all done there's a section just for free lesson plans and themes that we share in there so that's great particularly when you're planning your stuff particularly around the holidays or any holiday and then how to get sponsored and like we've been talking about today but going a little bit further and then also a party plan model is kind of fun Vanessa although new to the group she's brought that to us that she's doing us he's got some experience and pampered chef say hi I'm Vanessa Day everybody and then she's helping us to see a different paradigm with taking our classes into a party plan very much like pamper Jeff in order or Debra we're or Avon that kind of thing and so that's that's really fascinating to think about I love that as creatives we don't just have to be creative in the art but also the way that we do our business – a great bonus is is that the teachers a flow business franchise in a box and so you basically if I was going to franchise my business which I consider doing a year ago all the forms and processes and procedures and literally all you got to do is just do a finer in place you know in your word document and bam you're done right print it you're good it's all included in there and so that is the link right there that says the www dot 22s on to get enrolled and so had someone and Rogin less than an hour ago so I jump on in there and just to make sure here's the special special thing that we're gonna do just until midnight tomorrow that this is a no-brainer decision I want to offering you a special bonus for anybody before tomorrow at midnight is that you'll get a lifetime membership to the community which that prices will be $39 a month it's not right now but it will be $39 a month and everybody that enrolls in the accelerator membership until midnight somewhere all will be in the community group for free forever and so those of you that have already enrolled that includes you bet so don't don't send me pictures if you give me I'd Lee looks like you're in you got it for free all right and that's the really big announcement so we just immediately had people start snatching up these opportunities get yours quickly and you do for me that's wrong then you get whatever that would be worth right $39 a month forever all right I will see you tomorrow for the what's supposed to be the second one which is the three tactics of how to make more than a thousand dollars teaching your flow art and a half-day workshop I'm gonna look at questions here in just a second before we do let me go over your action steps with you is one is studying complete today's handout and we got to counter that overwhelming because I know twelve pages that's a lot all right but the way we do that is you know it's like the old expression you know can you eat an elephant you know yes one bite at a time if you have enough freezer space right one bite at a time all right and how do we keep on chomping and well accountability structure and support helps us with that and so we counted that overwhelmed by doing one thing at a time while being supported in process read the emails that I send you and share so that others can join us is not too late they can even get caught up to have all the way until next Saturday the 11th to watch the replays and then click this link that we just talked about to join the accelerator membership program all right so right before we do the Q&A let me go over to pick the winner sorry about this boop boop boop all right so this is my cool software I'm gonna choose the winner for today and it's man hey all right man you're on here that's great that's that's two days in a row that the person happened to be here that's so congratulations man put in there whoo you won and then an and I'd like for you to private message me I think we've already private message to me before but just send me your the address that you want the free art supplies that you just won sent to okay all right so now I'm going to look at one of those keep looking at man that's fun I'm gonna look for any questions that we're here all right whoo lots of participation I have to take my glasses off all right so nye answers thank you all right great congratulations to you hey sunny enjoy all right Neil this is always working like three jobs god bless her all right my wife's on here we're lucky there Mary Corbin's watch and look at that everybody say hey to my wife Mary and she pretty yeah she's schoolteacher so I don't know how she's doing that all right Joyce says hobby lobby's where she teaches and she noticed that their sales have increased since we began teaching whoo-hoo all right sorry so that's the that's the win-win scenario yeah yeah I have the added bonus that my son manages it works at Hobby Lobby full-time and he manages the crafts section there and so before I teach he'd make sure I go and inspect the DecoArt aisle with them and I say order more boring medium order more of this that and the other thing so that's kind of like a built-in bonus yeah Jess Connect connect connect yes absolutely yeah that's the and then ask when you teach do you mix your paints ahead of time or teach them to mix their own pain it depends if I do I had two two styles of classes one is a fun class and no mixing the other one is a learning workshop and so they don't mix the majority of the paint that they use they just learn how to mix so they can lead there with the opportunity to be able to do this now on their own the fun classes are usually shorter they're rather narrow and a half apiece they're project-oriented they're more like a paint and set kind of thing everything's pre-mixed yeah and which one leads to the other and back and forth and so I've had them go both directions on that one start in one and go to the other right so they did a really cool pour you know in a fun class then you know they're gonna they're gonna be coming back to a you know half-day workshop great question good oh you so nan you were knocked out already okay what's going on there all right okay Joyce asked on Casey do you have to report the value and sponsorship product on your business income no well I certainly don't it's not income like it's a income to you it's a something that your business does so that's very different than let's say that you won the lottery and the lottery or you want a car you know the car dealership that's personally if that goes to you then that is the taxable you know on income but this is going to your business so it's different let me put on my disclosure that I am NOT a lawyer and nor do I know or understand to pretend to you all of the different legalities is everywhere in the world so I'm telling you from my perspective based on my experience not trying to get legal advice there's my disclaimer all right that is a good question though all right and so Gina says can't wait to watch the replays yeah so hurry you got a week and then they evaporate all right don't see any more questions on here and so I'm going to go ahead and sign off because we have been going for a solid 50 minutes you guys have any additional questions feel free to add them into the chat line and congratulations man again our winner and so send me that private message and really great to see you guys I'll see you for the last one tomorrow remember hit that link go join our the new membership community it's going to be a blast and it's going to be really accelerate your business opportunity okay so this is Casey go corbin with dynamic fluid art coaching have a great day see you tomorrow 3


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