How to Make an Adobe Photoshop Elements Art Drawing Pirate Ship Treasure Map Design

How to Make an Adobe Photoshop Elements Art Drawing Pirate Ship Treasure Map Design

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Photoshop Elements art photomerge we’ll be doing this pirate ship. Now if you enjoy this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, don’t forget to Subscribe as well, and to really learn how to use Photoshop Elements take a look at my complete training course and you’ll find a link for that right down there in the description. This pirate ship picture is made with several elements, of course there is the pirate ship where we do some filter work in here, these skull and crossbones right there, both of those two pieces are two separate pieces of artwork and you can download these there’s a link for the download in the description. Everything else in here is right from photoshop elements we have a couple of different background effects in here we have a masking effect a layer clipping mask and some additional artwork in here that’s right from inside of photoshop elements okay let’s go ahead and start this project let’s close this down and we’ll start off with a brand new file you know I use this app my normal default Photoshop Elements size 6 by 4 and choose ok I’ll just talk that in there there we go now the first thing we need is just to bring in a new background so go down here it says graphics and change this to backgrounds now there are a lot of backgrounds in here and a few maps and we’ll just scroll down for the one I use there’s a map of Africa here here’s a map of looks like Asia yep and we’ll scroll down a bit further and some places down here we have a map of Europe that’s that one so click on that and this will then bring this in as a new background now all this over here this actually technically is land is just kind of chopped off funny here for this map all of this part is correct that is what it looks like there is Italy and Greece over here but there would be land in here but that’s fine it looks real nice as a nice at ground was a lot of island kind of things in here for our project okay back to layers again the next thing we need is to bring in the pirate ship itself we’ll go up here to the file menu and come down to place this will bring it in so it fits properly onto the page now I assume at this point that you’ve already downloaded both of these images from the download site and again the link for that is in the description so here’s the pirate ship these are both pngs and they both have transparent backgrounds which saves us a lot of work to start off with click on place there’s the pirate ship I’m gonna put them right over about here it’s a pretty good spot maybe make them just a little bit larger kind of like that that’s pretty good just right over here somewhere okay there’s the basic power ship and choose okay we now need to make a copy of this so go up here to our layers and just drag this up onto the new layer button there we go and we’ll apply a filter onto this new layer so go up to the filter come down to the filter gallery right there notice that it has to simplify that layer because of course that was a smart layer and that’s fine now in here there are quite a few different options in here we have artistic brushstrokes distort sketch when you want down here is stylize on this and here’s a real kind of interesting glowing edge almost a a spooky ghost II kind of a look we’ll be fixing this though making some changes on this but check your right hand side yours has glowing edges edge width should be at 2 edge brightness should be at 6 and smoothness should be at 5 and then just choose ok now that’s not the look that we want there are a couple things to do to this the first one is to convert this to black and white so let’s go up to we’re to enhance and then come down to convert to black and white there it is it doesn’t matter which one you choose if it as higher contrast is going to help the look a little bit if I pull this over here just to the right so the image is here on the right hand sides can see it a bit better there’s infrared has pretty bright lines it’s kind of nice there’s newspaper it’s a different kind of a look on newspaper portraits landscape and vivid not quite as good so I think we’ll go with the infrared gives us a lot of detail down in here and then choose ok now let’s reverse this make a negative image out of it in this case actually a positive image go up to filter come down to adjustments and invert and there we go just kind of a line drawing effect on that okay it’s make another copy of the original bolt layer here to drag it up the new layer button that will come in between the original and this line drawing layer that’s fine you can hide the line drawing there just for a minute you’ll want to be on this middle layer now and we’ll also do a filter in here back up the filter come down to the second filter gallery not the top one that this one will just repeat the last thing we did what the second one down here are the three dots right there click on that one again as a smart layer will have to be simplified that’s fine and then let’s go up here to artistic coming down to a colored pencil because it kind of a a colored pencil drawn effect now in here the settings our pencil width should be at three stroke pressure at three and people brightness all the way to the right hand side up at fifty and choose okay there’s kind of just a a pencil drawing effect in there okay now let’s go back to our top layer will show the top layer and change the blend mode on this one to linear burn and that blends it into that second layer coming down to the second layer and then change the blend mode here down to multiply and that blends it into the bottom layer which gives it a kind of a artistic effect in here okay we now have our three layers now make sure you’re on the bottom layer here the bottom ship layer and then add a layer mask to that layer there’s our layer mask now white shows everything that’s white everything is showing and we’re going to be hiding the two-thirds of the ship on this layer so grab the paintbrush make sure your foreground color is black my brushes head it’s soft and it’s a pretty large brush 250 pixels and I’m just gonna paint in here and paint out the back two-thirds of the ship leave a bit of the front in here and I’ll leave those fronts sails and a little bit that sail right there and then is paint everything else out just like that there we go so we have the full coloration up here and then we have the kind of colored pencil effect back in here let’s now move up one layer this is the colored pencil layer put a layer mask on this layer and they’ll paint out about the back half just like that just kind of paint that out a little bit of the top sail up in there so what we get is full color at the front kind of colored pencil in the middle and then just line drawing at the back end look at this kind of fades together that’s because the soft large brush okay that takes care the basic pirate ship that’s all taken care is all done okay next thing is to come in and put a flag up here do our flag so I’m going to zoom in and the zoom tool and just zoom in like that nice and tight on the flag there we go a little larger that’s a good size go to the top up here top layer make a new layer above that layer and then grabbing the polygonal lasso tool also already here in the middle I’m just going to make a line in here lasso right inside of that black outline of this flag up here and then it’s straight down like that and straight across the bottom there we go and come up and around and right back to the beginning point let’s notice fill this in with black blocks already in the foreground that’s flying grab the paint bucket and click fill there we go we can then deselect that okay we now need to put our skull and crossbones on this I’m going to zoom back out to fit screen there it is and then file come down to place and this time place it in the skull and crossbones and choose place and it comes in to fit the whole page just like that that’s why I zoomed out then click on the green checkmark we now need to resize this control T brings up your control handles again and this just pull this down like that get it down pretty close doesn’t need to be exact yet just kind of close like that and we’ll zoom in there we go now take this layer here this is the skull and crossbones layer and invert the layer go to filter right here come down to adjustments invert now again this a smart layer you’ll have to be simplified this find us choose okay and it becomes white you can then put it over the top of your flag control T keyboard shortcut again and it can now resize it exactly to fit on the flag and there we go now being in pure white it’s too bright for the page it looks kind of funny if it’s pure white so you need to tone this down just a little bit and we’ll do that with an adjustment layer above this layer so go up to layer come down to new adjustment layer and what you want is hue/saturation where it says use previous layer to create clipping mask make sure that is checked and choose okay now all we need to do is click on colorize first hue should go to zero saturation should go to 25 and then is where your lightness down just a little bit you see there I change its color in there just a little bit down about minus six or me minus seven just not too much just a little bit that’s kind of an off-white instead of a white if I show unhide it alot right here by showing hide that you can see there is just go some pure-white do just a little bit off-white and it’s just enough to help place it into the picture and she was okay alright let’s go ahead now and go back to fit screen so there is the basic pirate ship now if you want at this point you can reposition a little bit to do that you want to have all of these layers selected so just hold the shift key down can under your bottom pirate layer they’re all selected except for the background I’m gonna move the whole thing around until you find a nice spot for I think right over in here is pretty good maybe it just about like like that there you go okay kind of a personal preference on that one alright now let’s begin bringing in our graphics in here so go back to your top layer just click on the top layer everything else will deselect come down to graphics and change this over to graphics so it’s graphics and graphics and here we go now in here some place is a compass rose I went to the bottom just then let’s just scroll up from the bottom until you find the compass rose you just keep on going there it is right there click on that to bring it in yeah it goes right in the middle of the page then here’s the middle of the page right there and just put that up here upper left-hand corner someplace kind of like that that’s okay this doesn’t really need to be resize at all let’s go back to layers let’s now blend this in with the background we’ll use a blend mode and for this one come down to linear burn just makes it a bit darker like that and better color match and then I don’t want it quite this solid so go towards those opacity and bring this way down it just kind of pushes it way back into the image anywhere run your upper teens low 20s in there somewhere it’s fine 20% looks pretty good so there it is it just kind of places it on to the page that way almost like a watermark so it’s pretty subtle we’re now going to be putting in a shape underneath of this and use that as a clipping mask and put the map inside of a clipping mask give us a rough edge to do that though we’ll have to convert the background layer easy way is just to double click on that it’ll say new layer here and layer 0 choose ok it’s now just a regular layer it’s no longer a background layer we can now make a new layer there to just pull it underneath that layer 0 there’s a new layer come down to graphics and let’s change graphics over to shapes and about a third of the way down so here’s the top about a third of the way down we have all these big shapes in here when you want is this one – it’s right there there it is crop shape 18 that’s when you want click on that now you won’t see that because the map is in front of it so come down the layers and there is the shape you now hide the map for a minute there’s a shape in behind right here use the ctrl T keyboard shortcut to bring up our control handles and then drag this shape out using these handles until it fits the page and flip to the bottom there we go they want to be pretty close to the edge but not quite and that looks pretty nice the thing looks good so it’s do little ways in from the edge clear around top and bottom maybe just a little bit at the top there well just a little bit of the outside showing on this thing and I think that’s fine let me put the left side clear off because it’s flat over here so I’ll just kind of chopped off right there because that chopped off I’m going to move this clear out to the outer edge on that one size that makes sense everything else isn’t chopped off and can be just insiders a little bit so there it is choose ok green checkmark we can show the map again now click on the map layer right-click and choose create clipping mask what that does is it takes the map shape and puts it inside of this shape that we just created now this leaves us with all this transparency in the background I need to fill that in with something I’m gonna do that by adding in a new background layer so go back to graphics let’s change this now up to backgrounds there we go now if you scroll down I’ll go up to the top up here there’s the top if you scroll down yeah and you’ll see a bunch of stripes in here pretty soon it’s down a little ways we’ll see a bunch of stripes and keep on scrolling and a little bit further there we go this whole big section of stripes in here it’s pretty easy to spot that there’s some some bursts above that there’s South America so we’re on the right spot now and the one you want is up a bit further and it’s right here it’s called scratch brown just above this silver silk so a scratch brown that’s when you’re looking for click on that this will then place that in as a new background now notice we lost our clipping mask so I’ll go back to layers again that’s just kind of how Photoshop Elements works when the background came in and released that clipping mask so easy to fix click on this layer again here right click on the name and create clipping mask again and there we go so there is our pirate ship and there is our map now at this point you can resize things or position things or you know move things around I think the power strip right now is coming in and matching this side in here just a bit too closely so I think I’ll make the size of the mask down here a little bit larger so once again the ctrl T keyboard shortcut brings our control handles up let’s just pull this over a bit like that so I want to have the back of the ship on that map coloration and that looks pretty good in there maybe down just a little bit so it’s not too close to that bottom edge okay that looks better choose okay another thing I don’t like now is that this bit in here of the map is lining up with the back of that ship that kind of a visual lineup right there let’s just fix that it’s that’s the ship layers that’s this one hold the control key down that one that one those are our three ship layers those are the two layers for the flag and that’s the adjustment layer for the flag okay they’re all selected I’m just gonna move the ship up and maybe back gustl up like us for just a little bit that’s pretty good I just want to get away from that edge right there so it’s not really lined up with that edge so somewhere around in here should be okay so you don’t get any those real strange alignments happening which makes it look like it’s something different so there it is there’s a good position on that we have our map in place we have our new background coloration there’s kind of this map thing sitting on front so far so good now let’s put some gold Brad’s look like thumbtacks holding this map against whatever this thing is in the background so it’s back to our graphics again and let’s change this back to graphics let that load in or at the bottom again so I’ll scroll up until I see the gold Brad there it is right there so click on that no double click there’s the gold Brett now it’s too big obviously so ctrl T you have a corner and bring that down so it’s a good size in here then you can choose where you want to place this that makes sense maybe right up here looks pretty good let’s go back to our layers again that’s up here the large gold red make a duplicate of that layer drag it for the new layer button and then just pull that down I’ll put one down here make sure you’re on the map and not on the outside like that you won’t look up like the the Brad’s are holding the map on the wall here okay let’s go ahead and duplicate that again pull that over here somewhere again it’s what’s on the map yeah more duplicate on that in the pool that went up towards the top there we go so those are holding the map in place on the wall with our picture the last thing we need to do a couple things actually we need to first put some thickness in here on our map so let’s add just a little drop shadow on to the map in here to give us a little of a 3d effect so come down to the shape layer the drop shadow will actually be on the shape because of course that’s what is creating our outside map shape go up to layer come down to layer style and style settings change the lighting angle to 130 upper left-hand corner kind of and then check drop shadow right there now you need to bring the opacity up a bit maybe up to about 60 I’ll just type in 60 here bring the size all the way down to zero and then bring your distance that you can see right there if I pull it out you can see there’s the drop shadow down there going just a little bit of drop shot at peeking out underneath the edge there you go just a little bit like that I’ll set this at 7 and then to soften that edge up just a little bit let’s set these size at 3 just barely softens up that edge so I can bring your opacity up to 60 your distance down to 7 and your size at 3 and it goes just a little bit of an edge in here now if I show and hide this there’s our preview there’s out and there’s with it’s a very very subtle effect but it really helps to sell the concept that this thing is stuck onto the wall and she’s okay okay we now need to put in our dashed line and our X up here now it’s difficult to make real nice smooth curvy lines inside of Photoshop Elements there isn’t a good pen tool for doing tricks like that so there’s a workaround that we’ll do on that one make sure you’re on the map layer here which will be underneath your ship layers on the map layer and then come down to graphics right down there there we are now change graphics down to shapes up here and here’s our shapes now if we scroll down it’s quite a ways down I’ll just grab the slider bar here and pull way down keep on going keep on going and then way down here there we go we have these two kind of squiggly shape seen in a called river you know what the first one this is a river one just click on that and there’s that river one shape and here is our nice curve there it is we’ll use that piece okay so go back to our layers again and this just zoom in just a little bit on this there we go now I only want just the first piece in here we need to get rid of the rest of the stuff and to do that we’ll have to first convert the layer over here from a shape layer into a regular layer so right click on the name and come up here and choose simplify layer there we go now grab the polygonal lasso tool and click up here someplace then just go straight down over that first line into that empty space and then is make a selection here inside the empty area and then out and around all the parts you don’t want and back to the beginning again then just hit the Delete key and all that goes away and let’s go ahead and deselect so there’s our basic line now wanted a bit longer than this so we’re going to double this line up and we can do that by making a duplicate of the shape is drag it up here to our new layer button there’s a duplicate let’s flip this one go up to image come down to rotate and then flip layer vertical there we go and we can now bring this down just kind of line it up right there at that points they kind of are touching right there and if you can’t quite get it right let’s just zoom in a little bit it’s kind of hard to do it and you’re not that far okay and then just pull it in so it lines up nicely like that and then select both of those layers hold the ctrl key down click on the second shape so these two layers are selected right click and then merge layers let’s go ahead now and go back to fit screen and there’s our line now hold the ctrl T key down keep our shortcut there it is you can now rotate this around a little bit it’s kind of off at an angle and we can then bring it up and around these land shapes and it just goes and hides in behind the part ship right down there and that’s just fine so there we go there’s our basic path now we want to have this as a dashed line and not a solid line thinking that’s easy to do because it’s just a standard graphic now we’ll describe the eraser tool over here that’s a pretty good size looks like mine is just about 16 pixels which is just about the same width as the line you can see it right there in this cup here and just kind of chop through the line like that these don’t need to be perfect it actually looks better if they’re not perfect if they’re just a little bit off gives it more of a hand-drawn effect that way which helps the quality so there we go there’s that basic dashed line we now need our X up in here that was real easy just go over here to the text tool I have mine set at Arial bold and it’s an 18-point letting doesn’t matter it’s in black just go up here someplace click in there and do a capital X there’s the capital X that’s your x marks the spot right there and it’s kind of put it at the end of your line okay there we go there is our basic dashed line now I still need to colorize this so it blends into the map better and that’s pretty easy to do also let’s come down here to the shape layer this is our line right here and go up to layer come down to a new adjustment layer and hue/saturation where it says use previous layer to create clipping mask make sure that is checked choose okay colorize that now these settings in here is going to be 34 for the hue 36 for the saturation and 45 for the lightness Nick you’ve just come a nice light brown color in there that goes well the other colors in the image do the exact same thing for the X let’s go up here to the text layer same thing layer new adjustment layer hue/saturation make sure you check that checkbox choose okay and colorize forgot that first okay do that again 34 36 and now the 45 and there’s our color and then she’s okay and there it is there is our pirate map artwork now if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and of course share does click on share and share through social media don’t forget to subscribe also click that bill icon so you get notifications of any new videos and going up you can support this channel through patreon there’s a link for that on the channel page and also don’t forget to take a look at my complete training course for photoshop elements it’s the best way to learn how to use this program [Music] you you


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