How to: Make An Art Manifesto

How to: Make An Art Manifesto

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Here’s your weekly dose of inspiration to
build a creative habit. One drawing at a time. Brought to you by Sketchbook Skool. Hey! Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Hopefully, you’ve been having a great first
week of the year. And also, I hope you’ve made some art. Even a quick little sketch counts, and WILL
contribute to your creative habit. Because even the smallest sketch is better
than the drawing you didn’t make at all. Maybe you’re all pumped, and you’ve dived
into the challenge of a drawing every day and so far, you’re doing great. And I sure hope you will keep going. And to remind yourself about your resolution
to spend time making art this year, write yourself a manifesto. Do it on a page somewhere in the middle of
your sketchbook, because this manifesto is a letter to your future self – to motivate
and encourage you when you reach the page in a few weeks time, as you are filling your
sketchbook. And if you’re still recovering from all
festivities, and haven’t gotten back into a creative habit just yet – pick any page
in your sketchbook, and write your manifesto. Remind yourself that drawing, painting, well…
making art, makes you happy. And that you want to feel happy everyday. And that’s why it’s worth spending time
doing what you love. You can write it down, and then hand letter
it to make it look pretty. Or just write it to yourself as a hand written
letter – whatever you feel comfortable with. You can include ideas you have, things you
learned from teachers or peers, experiences you had when making art, include compliments
people have made about your art, accomplishments you reached… Make it a friendly, positive and happy note. Whenever you need it, you can get back to
this page and it will inspire you again. You could also take a picture of it, print
it and hang it somewhere so you will often be reminded, and you see it whenever you need
a bit of encouragement and motivation. Maybe this manifesto is a very personal message
to yourself – then keep it to yourself. But maybe it can help others if you share
it. So if you want, please share it on any social
media channel, using the hashtag #DTTInAction so we can see what you made, and get inspired
by you! See you next week! Bye


  • Club del DIbujo says:

    #DTTInAction cool

  • JB4 Art says:

    Fun and Quick project – cheers, @UrbanArtistJB4

  • Sharon Rose says:

    How do I deal with being enthusiastic but awful at making art? Somebody told me that being uncomfortable with my art meant that I had taste, and to keep at it. But I get frustrated and sad when my work looks really goofy. How do I keep my spirits up?

  • Nikko Gutierrez says:

    Great smile thanks for the info

  • roy ajoeb says:

    Thank you for this inspirational video to improve my skills and another idea to keep on going!
    Have a nice day πŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ‘‹πŸΎ
    #mallorca_ajoeb #royajoeb

  • Akshay Ameria says:

    Very inspiring …

  • smita thakur says:


  • Larry Marshall says:

    Every time I watch a Draw Tip Tuesday I think of the rainy day when you came to Montreal and how great it was to meet you. This video was amazing to me as I watch all those fonts flow from your hand so easily. Text is a big problem for me, in all its forms πŸ™‚

  • Isabel Patchett says:

    Thank you Koosje for another great tip. I really love these Tuesday tips. This is a great idea for the start of a new year and a new sketchbook. I used to think that if I did not have at least an hour to spend on my art then it was not worth getting everything out but now that I am a full time carer and have been for two years now I find I am so happy just to have even 10 minutes to spend on my art and it keeps me motivated. I may not be able to paint what I want to do but I am certainly learning lots of new things in a short time and my drawing is getting better.

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