How to Paint a Mountain, Bob Ross style, Oil

How to Paint a Mountain, Bob Ross style, Oil

Painting With Yovette, How to Paint Mountains, Oil Well Hello again, welcome to My Magic
Brushes. My name is Yovette and today we’re going to be painting a mountain
with a palette knife. So with that let’s get started. These are the supplies
and the colors that I’m going to be using today to do the mountain. I forgot to
mention that we’re going to be using a filbert brush also. I didn’t have that
down there. But anyway, to start out let’s mix just a little color. I want some some
blue, little brown, a little black, and we’re just mixing a color right here on
the palette. I want just a dark kind of a mountain color, maybe a little more blue.
Great. Okay, to start just pick a place anywhere on on your canvas, just a spot,
just anywhere, right there is good. And to start, just draw in a mountain, and try
not to do like teepees, like that, you know just they don’t look good. So let’s
go down here, here, okay? And a little more black, and we’re just gonna fill that in.
Oh, that’s pretty. I like that. Anyway just fill in
underneath your mountain that you drew in. This is oil, oil paint, isn’t that gorgeous?
Looks great already, we haven’t even done anything yet. Okay, once you have your
Mountain sketched in, take your one inch brush, and just pull down. What you are
doing here is, see how it’s misting out the bottom? That’s exactly what you want,
just to mist the bottom. I like it just the way it is. Okay, so
once you’re done with that, pick up your knife, now this is a Bob Ross, this is a
large pallet knife, I really like this knife. It just does a beautiful job. I
want to go into a little bit of brown, a little bit of white, and just mix those,
and see how I just, I marbled it. I did not mix it a whole, I didn’t scrape and
scrape. Just a little bit, and take it off, that’s a little roll of paint. You
put your point of the knife at the point of the mountain, and just ever so lightly
come down. Again, I’m reloaded, okay. And we’re just going to keep doing this, next
mountain, let’s get a little more paint here. Oh, that’s nice! let’s grab a little more, I’m
holding this knife so lightly that it is just like a feather. let’s do a little
jig jig here. Bring it down. Now with a small, this little small edge, get some
paint on there, we’ll do just this little mountain with this one. Perfect! Okay. Once
you have that done, go into some white with just a little bit of blue, pull it
out, get a little roll, you’re going to go right back over this mountain that you
just did, the first one. Only this time your touch is going to be just like a
feather, I mean just so so so so lightly, and see how that paint breaks? It’s
gorgeous! Just gorgeous. When I say light, I really mean a light touch. let’s go back over that, whoops, let’s hit
that one again there. let’s do this little jig jaggie one. Okay? And then with
the small edge of the knife, the short edge, do the same thing. We hit this
little peak here, a little more white. Great. Okay, once you have that done, let’s
go into, let’s say some blue, and just a little bit of black, and some white.
And you’re just gonna mix this just, bring it down, sort of marble it, oh, it’s
gonna it’s gonna be really pretty. Maybe a little black. Okay, grab a roll of
paint, start on the right side of the mountain, and see how I have my, right now
the point is down, when it was over here, my point was up, and I was dragging this
way, but on this side my point is down, I’m dragging this way.
So again, you touch very very very light, very light. I can see I got too much blue
on there, let’s just whiten that a bit. There much better. Again a little roll of pain, let’s go up
to here, drag right across that one. And again we’re going to get some more, and the small, the small knife, the small
part of the knife, to get into these little areas here, see, it doesn’t take
very much, and if you want you can put just like oh, little bit of blue
here and there, just like there’s little cliffs or
something. There. Once you’ve completed that, you take this one-inch brush again,
and lightly tap, and notice that I am tapping only at the bottom, only at the
base of the mountains. I’m not going up into the mountain
itself. Other side, see we’re just misting this basically. Beautiful. Okay, when you’ve done that,
then you just lightly lightly brush upward, just at the bottom, and it begins
to look all misty and fuzzy, and that’s what you want. Another thing I wanted to
show you is that sometimes you just hate something that you’ve done. Okay, so this
is a putty knife, you can get this at any hardware store. Now watch this closely.
Put your putty knife straight on the canvas, and put apply a little bit of
pressure, and watch this. Bingo! Your mountain is gone. Oh Dear!
Anyway then all you do is brush it out and guess what?
You can do that mountain all over again. This is how I learned, you know you just
practice over and over and over and over. You make a mistake? Just wipe it out and
start again, And that’s how I do a mountain with a palette knife. So I hope
you enjoyed my lesson today, and I hope you come back again. Thank you. Bye bye


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  • Xylophilia says:

    This is what is called a gorgeous mountain. Wish I could do such a mountain in acrylics, since I am an acrylic painter.

  • MrKrenath says:

    Superb demonstration for us left handers! Thank you so very much!

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    You are awesome! Please do more videos!….very inspiring and informative…Love your techniques! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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    Very nice Yovette ❤️❤️

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    Very nice!
    what brown color you have here? burnt sienna?

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    Wow. I am very impress with your paintings. I like your technique so Mush. And your details informations. Thank you for your generosity to share freely your beautiful talent. I decided to look only at your paintings, I am shock that there is only 396 members. I pass 4 hours a day and more , looking for a technique that I like, and I found it. Are you able to make a background of fare trees in a landscape. And also water, and a wood cabin please. Do you give courses on internet? Do you have a book with models of you paintings. Nicole from Québec.Canada.

  • thecatdancer1 says:

    Hi Yovette, great video. I have a question. I just started painting (thanks to Bob Ross) and it doesn't matter what I do but when I make snow on the mountain I have this big clobber of paint on the top of the mountain. I've tried and tried but always a clobber of paint on top. The paint does break so I'm doing something right. I'm just frustrated. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?? Since I'm still practicing I use canvas panels. Could that have something to do with it? Thank you so much for all your videos. I hope I'll be able to paint like you someday 🙂

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    You make it look soooooo easy. Great teaching. I may get the nerve to try this.

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    It just broke my heart to see that mountain getting wiped off ! 😀
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    Youvette bronson you r an inspiring painter .make more paintings like that. 🙂

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    Yovette, you made me want to try the palette knife, I’ve tried before but your tips are great. Joann

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    A slightly different method than I was taught and your way seems better for me. You Dear Lady, are a gifted artist and teacher.Thank you so much for sharing your talent !!

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    Bob Ross was a great artist and teacher. I'ts amazing how many people he has influenced with his style of painting. I am one of them. Keep painting you are great.

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    hi outstanding job!! As a fellow left hander great way in explaining the pallet knife! Have you ever dropped your knife when painting snow and highlights because you are holding it to light? I have a 100 times lol. Again, great job!

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    Wow…. this is amazing … actually i really loved the mountain before you wiped it …. and your made snow in just one stroke where as it takes me 3-4 …… this will really be helpful for beginners ….. as they keep spoiling and wasting… but with your technique they will hardly waste…. …..

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    Thank you for sharing, I am preparing to teach my grand daughters and would like to teach them landscapes as Bob Ross did, is there any paint brands that I could use for these techniques that is not solvent based? I use the Bob Ross paints but knowing the environmental issues that may arise in the future. Thanks You for your guidance.

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    Hi ive just joined your channel and like it very much. I was wondering though why you switched your hand upside down on the first shadow stroke? . I checked Bob Ross and he keeps the blade the same way round and sweeps away from his highlights with the shadow colour. Regards Steven from UK.

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