• srm8ib4 says:

    it takes oil paints 6 months to a year to dry….

  • Nikoliaz says:

    @srm8ib4 Where'd you hear that from? My paintings only take a week or two to dry.

  • KatieMO says:

    god dang it, JUST PAINT!!

  • canigetaUhhHUhhUHuUhh says:


  • aliskey62389 says:

    Good video but I would expecially never reccomend someone to learn how to oil paint via video. That is a skill that needs to be taught in person by a master.

  • RikunFrances says:

    Ah, uh, Cadmium is highly poisonous. I don't recommend sticking your hand in that palette…too late. ):

  • Sengmi Rema says:

    is that writing bengli?? omg!

  • Nigel Kronkberry says:

    Vegetable oil? Sweet! If could -.-

  • Dar kalim says:

    i love painting it's so relaxing

  • farley pants says:

    D= omg, that's WAY too much trouble!

    *gets out her box of water colors and, oh gosh, A GLASS OF WATER*

  • hanfan26 says:

    All that stuff is too complicated! I'm just gonna paint with a regular brush on paper. I can't afford all that other junk. =/

  • loki-in-the-dark says:

    'use gesso and Gently caress with sand paper'

  • 18p324 says:

    is it just me or did the canvas size change?

  • 721studios says:

    add "For Dummies" to the title. This video is pointless to anyone.

  • hooboo77 says:

    good lord. Take this down

  • ancientgearmaster1 says:

    I don't do most of the shit mentioned in this video and I manage

  • bryce o says:

    This is horrible does not explain the technique at all. Layering and which colors come first, blocking in values to start and so on is not even mentioned. This is as good as a list of materials

  • Jefferson Cortez says:

    But,how does a Linseed Oil works?


    well what do you expect from howcast? nothing

  • Igor kachkov says:

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  • Borys Alhazov says:

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  • Vasya Bisalov says:

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  • RolindaDaNinja says:

    This is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be

  • Artsy Em says:

    That explains why it's talking my painting forever to dry😂😓

  • David M. says:

    FYI to anyone bothered by the drying time. Try to either mix your oil paints with a galkyd medium or try using acrylic paints. Acrylic dries much faster, and galkyd medium will make your oil paints dry a bit faster.

  • Arianna Silva says:

    Geez, I was just looking for a beginner lesson. All I got is oil paint tubes from Christmas and a multimedia sketch book.

  • Serena Hussain says:

    I have boldmere beginners oil paint tubes. On the box no where does it give instructions on thinning or anything or whether to use water. Does this mean I can just use water?

  • Fabrizio says:

    Isn't turpentine sort of the same as "mineral spirits" or paint thinner?

  • KAZAMAZA13 says:

    where can i find the music that was used in this video?

  • Shanti Dev says:

    Are these materials really necessary? Why so complicated?

  • Luan Carvalho says:

    even gesso????

  • Loranisa Balorio says:

    THANK YOU! I've been searching the internet for soooo long on basics

  • Colin Busby says:

    I just wanna know if you can paint over other painte cuz when i do that it mixes and sucks

  • Nela Neca says:

    Can we use any oil?

  • Designs By Sher says:

    And I would never use my fingers to wipe the palette!! That was crazy

  • aminaaa says:

    Nvm ill just use acrylic

  • Wardha Aa says:

    Hi this video is very informative thank you. Kindly can u tell me what happens if I don't use gesso and start the painting directly ?

  • Karina Muniz says:

    What happens if you don't use gesso or don't use anything before painting?

  • Cat McNichol says:

    Hey people. Oils is not a quick fix. You have to learn how to use it. You want quick, use acrylics. You want luster, glow, thoughtfulness, challenge, use oils. You're welcome.

  • Esme Lesmey says:

    30 seconds into the video BYEEE

  • Tech & Film says:


  • K. Thomas says:

    i was told instead of Gesso, I could use Acrylic paint instead.. Paint the canvas with white acrylic paint instead of Gesso & sanding… is this true?? I'm going to try it

  • Daniel RKO says:

    you only need linseed oil mineral spirits and 5 colors titanium white cadmium red cadmium yellow ultramarine blue and raw umber make your medium with 1/2 linseed oil and 1/2 mineral spirits

  • Paul McCall says:

    The title should have been, how to ruin a canvas.

  • . says:

    Damn I didn't know oil paint was so complicated,
    I don't own a canvas or all these supplies,
    I got a 24 pack of oil paints from Wal-Mart,
    And I got a huge canson xl sketchbook,
    I'm only a begginer ;-;

  • I Hart says:

    Ooh I think that’s Bangla writing

  • samarth here says:

    That’s not how you explain painting. You are discouraging people from taking it

  • Yusra Azeem says:

    It is not as complicated as shown in this video…anyone who is interested in simpler version of oil painting basic video should watch "oil painting starter kit" by "simple art tips" (channel)…BTW english is not my mother tongue so i am sorry for mistakes

  • KittyHerder says:

    Do NOT stick your fingers in the paint like that guy did when cleaning the palette. The stuff is toxic. Use rags, etc. Even gloves if you have to. Cadmiums are especially bad. Take some time to look up what's in those paints and use them safely. Also ventilate the room when you use turpentine.

  • Michael Dubé says:

    omg I just wanted to know how to use oil paints. lol now my plans to start painting are over. maybe I'll take up crayons instead.

  • Fatima Ali says:

    I actually found this very useful, knew i need all that stuff but not how to use them actually! I hope I actually start though ☻😂

  • Eu Nice says:

    Can I just use oil paint, water and brushes without does idk what? That is all I ask

  • Ludwin V Art says:

    Use paint thinner in the underpainting, sable brushes are expensive, use synthetics instead, use aluminium foil instead as a palette

  • Baba Ganush Junior says:

    Seems harder than getting a PhD

  • pougle says:

    awh I can't be bob ross anymore

  • pougle says:

    Do we really need to do all this!

  • Shaf Hussain says:

    Man i am struggling to mix greens for landscape paintings..any tips anyone?

  • Måns Palmberg says:

    This is way to specific.. you can use it however you want. I just use my brushes, oil paints and a little linseed oil. Works perfectly fine. It all comes down what kind of end result you want. In this video they are clearly refering to some older technices. Try it!. Its just paint!
    (Edit) I mean just try it with paint and brushes like you would so with acrylics. If you want to make the oil paint more loose then use Linseed oil like you would do with water and acrylics.

  • resdalhogal3 says:

    It really doesn’t have to be that complicated. I know from experience

  • Ash A says:

    What’s gesso and turpentine

  • Don Berry says:

    I thought this was a great idea of oil paint. well worth a second watching.

  • Misael Ortega says:

    You just really need oils paints, brushes and a canvas but the rest makes it easier to paint with although it does sound complicated. For example the gesso will make the canvas smoother by filling up the pores in the canvas and the sand paper Also works but don't do it in your home rather do it outside.

  • Vrushali Bhore says:

    This video is very useful for me……..it could tell every use of what things I don't know….😊😊 thnx a lot for uploading this video 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Albert Francis says:

    This video teaches you how to paint like Willem de Kooning 😀

  • Kanra Smith says:

    I have some dollar tree brushes and a price of cardboard, will that do?

  • yoonmin is real no changing ma mind says:

    This is fricking not-

  • keethu kasw says:

    I got answers, n cleared ma doubtzz from this video….thank you❤

  • Maryum Kashif says:

    Can we use oil paints on the wall

  • MORE〈3 says:


  • Amir hussain ki awaaz says:

    Very good paint

  • Drawing class with kalyan says:

    So helpful for beginners

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