• Wild Portrait Artist says:

    super useful tutorial. I'm not so bad with larger birds but songbirds are nearly impossible for me! They're so quick! Thanks for these tips 😀

  • Mark Taylor says:

    Practical, straightforward and easy to follow, and as below really useful – thank you

  • Dawn Simonelli says:

    That was a really good video.  I am really finding it difficult to get the focus….been a bit hit and miss.  Great info thanks.

  • samantha gregorikosis says:

    What an absolute pleasure to listen to you. Clear, concise with great tips. I'm sold on your tutorials. THANK YOU.

  • Laurie E Wilson says:

    Thank you!! Great information!

  • Derek Gillan says:

    use auto ISO

  • Shani Cohen Photography says:

    What is the name of the tripod you are using?

  • EiricNJ says:

    How will it be possible to get a good flight shot of a bird in dusk or dawn with an aperture of f/9. Absolute bullocks

  • Roger M Hunt says:

    It's an ok video with some useful basic tips, but I don't agree that a gimball is 'a must' (as you say at the beginning) nor that Extenders are 'a no-no' because of autofocus issues (it depends on what camera you have and whether or not you're using native or non-native extenders). rogerhunt.photography

  • Kelly Pettit says:

    well done. Some great tips. Thank you.

  • micheal bolton says:

    thank you for very useful tips.
    Keeping both eyes open is difficult BUT really useful

  • micheal bolton says:

    i would like to add, Olympus EM1 with 1.4x teleconverter DOESNT interfere with AF speed.
    its truly amazing.

  • Harry Cook says:

    Very good instructions ,simple and plain speaking tuition, do you do any football photography videos

  • Siddharth Sriram says:

    Why should the focusing distance of lenses be limited for birds in flight photography?

  • Gipukan Yo says:

    Nicely framed 🙂 Wil try a smaller aperture next time to see https://www.flickr.com/photos/gipukan/4445687737/

  • yujin landscape photography. says:

    well done, great information. Thank!

  • Tony Turner says:

    Some very helpful tips, thank you, but would like to add that, in my opinion, back button focusing is a must for tracking birds in flight.

  • pete draper says:

    Good video – I have subscribed. I cannot agree with your assessment of teleconverters, though. I use a Nikkor TC14EIII with my Nikkor 300mm f4 PF VR on my D500, though I would not use one on my Nikkor 200 – 500mm. I also use an Olympus 1.4TC with my 300mm f4 on my Olympus EM1 mark II – and don't have a problem. Auto focus is still stunningly fast with both systems. I also always choose back button focus and auto ISO. I tend to use a faster base shutter speed of 1/2000th (where lighting permits) but, like you, use f8 where possible.

  • D4ddyprime says:

    @natureTTl does your Sigma Lens and Nikon camera allow you to use autofocusing on your outer AF points? Or are you using the center cross points specifically? Thanks!

  • Mark Harris says:

    A very very useful video, with plenty of great tips. I have to admit because I have some upper body difficulties this is far from my strong point and if I’m hand holding it has to be my 70-200 on my 7DII. Life it much easier if I use my gimbal head as I then can use my Sigma 150-600 Sport.

  • Maxi VL says:

    1000/s freese even a hummingbird , there's no reason to go 4000/s LOL

  • Riaan Albrecht says:

    Great info thanks

  • Steve Cain says:

    "4/1000ths of a second for quicker birds", that's 1/250ths – really? You might want to reconsider that.

  • Derek Gillan says:

    Use auto ISO

  • CWB Ray says:

    Hi, Some followup questions: (1) At 10 FPS does the mirror impact cause softness/shake in the image? (2) On a 20MP camera, How much should the bird fill up the viewfinder when you are trying to get a single bird's photo?

  • KeetsBeautifulFlukes says:

    Would this work if you have a regular lens like canon’s regular 75-300mm lens? I’ve tried doing this on whale watching trips and used my shutter Speed on 320 which is too slow oof

  • Guy Bradbury says:

    Very surprised to see you raising the center column so high while shooting with a heavy camera and lens setup. That is counter productive. Why not just use a monopod? Tripod stability comes from three legs, not a monopod on top of your tripod.

  • mchume65 says:

    Who makes the gimble that you are using?

  • Suman Sarkar says:

    hi sir any tips for canon 1200D entry level camera,any settings or mode recommend?

  • roy hall says:

    Hi very good video well done what shooting mode do you use

  • Natural World Chew says:

    Good work.

  • Butch Dye says:

    I totally disagree with you on teleconverters. Just because you can not gets results with one doesn’t mean i can’t. I have gotten great shots with a 1.4x converter on a 300mm prime. Bye, bye. You lost me after that comment.

  • Dan Phillips says:

    I use a tele converter and hand hold so your first 2 suggestions should be preferences not absolutes and some of my shoots are top class.
    It really is up to the person in my opinion.

  • Chris Payne says:

    bird photography in a city should be a no-go!!

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