How to React to Clients who Say “Your Price is Too High!” (Photography)

How to React to Clients who Say “Your Price is Too High!” (Photography)

– Okay. What’s up, guys? Welcome back to the channel. Mike Sasser, boudoir photographer here
in Los Angeles, California. And today we are going to be
talking about what to do when a potential client reaches out to you and asks for your services for cheaper. You know, when I was 10 years old I used to sell these spinning tops. You’d throw ’em on the ground. And I remember even then, for 10 bucks somebody asked me if they could have it for cheaper. To a ten year old! And I thought for sure that
was gonna be the end of it, when I was 10 years old. But, you know, in my boudoir business it still
happens from time to time. After someone inquires, I typically try and get them on the phone. So, I was chatting with
this potential client, and she mentioned that
the photo shoot was $500, but how much were the pictures? Because I sell the pictures separately. When I told her that the
album starts at around $1200, I’ll never forget what she said. She said, “Hold on. “The album is more
expensive than the shoot. “That sounds a little ridiculous, “and I don’t understand
how that even makes sense.” So, when I get a response like
this, which is not uncommon, I go into my typical script of what to say when somebody tells me I am too expensive. And I am going to share that
with you guys in just a moment. So, after I explained everything to her and got off the phone, she emailed me back about an hour later and said she was ready to book her shoot. She came in and had an
amazing boudoir experience. She ended up spending around triple what she was planning
to in the first place. And again, I’m gonna run you
through that typical script of what I say when somebody
says I’m too expensive. But first I wanna put together a little recreation of how this happens, and what I recommend you
definitely do not say. Or maybe you’ve said some of these things? I hope not. I just don’t get TikTok. (computer chimes) Oh, check this email here. New inquiry. Perfect. Let’s see. “Hello, I’m wondering how
much photo shoots are.” Excellent. The photo shoot is $495,
albums start at $1,100, and most people spend around $2,500. When can I put you in the calendar? All right, TikTok. (computer chimes)
Oh, they wrote back. Let’s see. Um, “That’s crazy expensive. “I’ve found more established photographers “in the area that cost half that. “Can you do cheaper?” Expensive? You know my camera costs
more than a tiny car? Not to mention hard drives, my computer to process the photos, I have to constantly get new
shirts for my YouTube channel, the hours I put into honing my craft, all so you can tell me
how I’m not worth it? Guess what? The price just doubled. (chuckles) So this might be what we
want to say sometimes, but it’s important to take a deep breath, do a little woosah, and have
a little chocolate to just, you know, calm down before you unload. Mm-hm, mm, mm-hm. They actually just opened up a
Trader Joe’s down the street. So, now I can get these dark chocolate peanut butter cups whenever I want. So good. A few things to remember. First, they’re emailing you back, they’re talking to you on the phone, because they want to hire
you as their photographer, just at the other photographers prices. Otherwise they would just go
hire that other photographer. So, you have a tiny bit of leverage here. Two, sometimes they
just aren’t your client. I mean, there will be
people that never value what you charge for photography. This happens to me all the time. In fact, I had a phone call today where somebody said I was too expensive. And that’s totally fine, because there are plenty of
people out there that will be so grateful to have
you as their photographer, and they’ll be excited to pay your prices. And the third thing to remember, and this is hugely important, is that people spend
money on what they value, not necessarily on just
how much money they have. You’ll see people in tiny tiny, cheap apartments driving
a luxury sports car. And you’ll see people who make half a million dollars
a year driving a Prius. And that’s because people are spending money on what they value. So, what then is the correct
response when somebody asks for your services for cheaper? This response is the
culmination of talking with a bunch of different
photographers to come up with this response that I
think works best for me. So, the client says, “I found
a photographer for cheaper, “can you do it for their price?” Or, “You’re too expensive.” And my response is, Yes there definitely are
cheaper photographers out there, and I’m sure you will be happy
enough hiring one of them. I work extremely hard
to make sure you have all of the information that you need. There is a lot that goes
into this experience, and I want you to have all
of your questions answered. I take a limited number
of shoots every month to make sure that every client
gets 100% of my attention. This way I can make sure you have an unbelievable experience, that you get your photos
back faster than anyone else, and at a much higher quality. And if those things
aren’t important to you, I totally understand. I’m sure you’ll be able to
find a cheaper photographer that you’ll be happy with, but my clients have
been so, so, so grateful for the experience that I’ve given them. As you can see in the
many many testimonials that have been left for me on Yelp, or Google, or on my website. I’d be happy to send over
a link to a few of those, along with some other things that may answer some more of your questions. And if you change your mind, we can take a look at some dates for your boudoir experience. Now, it’s very important
that you keep this very positive and not accusatory. You’re not telling them
that they’re wrong. You’re not telling them that they value photography incorrectly. You’re just saying that cheaper exists, and if they want cheaper
they can have cheaper, but if they want better, that’s you. So, the woman I said at the
beginning of this video, she called me back within about an hour saying that she was ready
to book her experience. We did it, she came in,
she had an amazing time. She spent a few thousand
dollars on her pictures. Some people don’t realize the value of something until they experience it. Now there are definitely times when it makes sense to shoot for
free, or to lower your prices. And I’m gonna talk about that
at the end of this video, but first I wanna really
break down that response, and explain why it works. So, people don’t wanna be cheap, but they don’t wanna overspend either. Saying that there are cheaper photographers out there implies that they won’t be satisfied with
those other options, and it’s doing it in a pretty nice way. Now, talking about the
benefits of your particular boudoir experience is going
to be way way more powerful than talking about the costs
of running your business. This boudoir experience is
about them, it’s not about you. And nobody cares how
much your camera costs. And don’t be mad at
these potential clients for not wanting to pay your prices, or not being able to afford you. I mean, I guarantee it is way more difficult for them to say, “I just can’t, you’re
too expensive for me. “I can’t afford you.” It’s way more difficult for them to say that then it is for you to say, I can’t lower my prices. Now, if you wanna be really forward. My friend and wedding
photographer, Austin Trenholm, when a client says, “Hey, can you do it for this
other photographers price?” He just tells ’em point blank, “It sounds like you would rather hire me, “otherwise you would have just
hired that other photographer “for cheaper and not called me back.” That’s bold, but it’s the truth. Now, let’s talk briefly about when it does make sense to lower your prices. And that’s anytime that it’s either a project that you really want to do, or it’s going to benefit you in a way outside of some monetary gain. So, back when I was shooting weddings, I got an offer to shoot this
amazing wedding in Spain. And I had not shot any
weddings in Europe yet. So, I was excited. The problem was, for the price
that I would normally charge, they could only spend
$1000 less than that. Plus, they were going to
cover the plane flight and three nights hotel stay. Do you think I did it? Of course I did it. I had a blast while I was over there, I could say I had shot a wedding in Spain, I had an amazing video for my portfolio, and it ended up being very
very worth it in the end. So, if the benefits in some way outweigh the cost and the money
you’re getting paid, my recommendation is that you do it. Because I have shot for
free countless times, I have shot at discounts countless times, and sometimes it pays off,
and sometimes it doesn’t. Somebody says they want
your services for cheaper. So you respond, “I’m sure there are other
cheaper photographers out there. “The value of the photograph isn’t just “on the paper that it’s printed on, “it’s in the quality of the photograph. “You’re paying for the
complete experience. “For the one-on-one with me, “for the information that I’m sharing, “for my professionalism. “And if you don’t see the value in that, “that is totally fine. “I’m sure you’ll be happy
with another photographer.” And honestly, if somebody
doesn’t value that, you probably don’t wanna book
them as a client anyways. I guarantee there’s someone around the corner who does value those things, and they will be so
excited to book with you, and spend whatever it is that you cost. If you like more exclusive
videos like this, designed specifically to help you out with your boudoir business, visit I have a full online
course with over 25 videos and PDF outlines to help you guys start earning money with
your boudoir business. You can join literally
thousands of other photographers who have decided to start
following their passion with boudoir photography by
clicking right over here. Make sure to subscribe. And if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask. And I will see you next week. (light music)


  • Michael Sasser says:

    I’ve had a number of people say to various degrees “I wouldn’t spend that much money with you, your pictures aren’t that good.” If this is your response, you aren’t understanding the photography business, let me explain.
    1. My goal is to book about 20% of the people who inquire with me. Being a LUXURY business means not everyone can afford you, or see your value. Could you imagine if Porsche tried to make a car that EVERYONE would buy?
    2. You are not my target market. Not all women are my target market, or all women with money, or all women in LA. My goal is for 50-60 women every year who value photography and are looking for an experience that will have an emotional impact on their life to hire me.
    So it doesn’t surprise me at all that you wouldn’t spend that much money with me. I suggest you really focus on what your IDEAL CLIENT values and put your time and energy there and don’t be afraid for people to say you’re too expensive! Thanks for watching!

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    Regarding the good or bad photos that I have been able to read here, it is defined by what your brain interprets. Although the valuations among people usually coincide quite a lot.

    Regarding the “good” photos, we define them when they transmit sensations and the brain is comfortable observing them. The brain is very sensitive to aesthetic composition along with colors and shadows. The alarms jump when there is something in the photo that alters that balance of aesthetic sense. The brain tries to decompose the image to find the geometric balance and unable to perform the task because the composition is wrong, the brain is stressed immediately rejecting the picture.

    The upward valuation of the photos according to the reason photographed is another big problem.

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