How to remove the background from a Logo – Inkscape Tutorial

How to  remove the background from a Logo – Inkscape Tutorial

Hi Steven,great question
Can you remove the background from a logo In Inkscape?
The answer is…Yes! I am going to show you.
I am going to import the picture You sent me – your logo
Click on there, embed it, click OK It is quite small
So we will click on the magnifying glass To bring it up so we can see what we are doing
You need to select that And you can see you have done so
By the box around it You need to go up to Path
Down to Trace Bitmap And you get this box
This is what it is going to do You need to put in these figures
I worked it out to save you You need colours
10 scan, leave the smooth unticked But tick stack scans
And remove background Then click on OK
You will see it working very quickly Then click and move
You can see the background has gone That you can delete
I don’t want that anymore I am going to move this back here
I am going to save it as a png Because that will preserve the transparency
I am going to reduce the page as well This box around here
to 280
Go to File, Document Properties 280 by 280
And it is here somewhere Align your logo with the page
By selecting your logo Go up to align
Click on here and click Page Then click on center on vertical axis
Then center on horizontal That brings it into the page
Then go to File Export Bitmap
Decide where you want to put it Give it a title
Save it then export You will be able to put that logo
Into anything you want to


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