How to spend LESS on art supplies | Jodie King Art

How to spend LESS on art supplies | Jodie King Art

Hi, there! It’s Jodie King here coming to you from
my studio and I wanted to talk to you about ways that we can save money
as an artist. If you’re like me, you walk into an art supply store
and you’re like, oh my gosh, so many beautiful, fabulous,
wonderful things that I want, even things that I like don’t even
use, but I have to have all of them. So I want to talk about ways that we can
save money. All right? Tip Number one. So if you’re like me and you
like to paint, I’m big on, on bigger canvases like this, then we all know you can’t have like
the little bitty brushes you’re going to have to move. You know, if
you’re going to paint bigger, you need the bigger things. And um, so the bigger brushes like this can be
super duper expensive if you buy them from an art supply store. I mean,
I’ve seen them for as much as like, I don’t know, 80 bucks
for a big old brush. So my tip is you get them from the
hardware store and you can get lots of different sizes. Um, obviously,
but if, um, if I were you, I would get the best brand you can from
the hardware store because otherwise if you could just kind of get the cheap
ones, um, they will kind of, um, that’ll shed on your work. And you know,
nobody wants that. I mean, you can, I guess if you have a lot of
different layers and things, you can incorporate that
into your, um, texture. But in general you want to buy kind
of the better quality anyway. Alright, so tip number two, um,
buy your canvases in bulk. So whenever you see that there’s
a sale or something like that, don’t do like, I do,
don’t get like, oh great, I’ll get a new canvas or I’ll get to,
don’t, don’t be like me. Don’t be like me. Buy like 10 if you can, or by 20,
but always buy your canvases in bulk. Um, number one, it keeps you from having to go to
the art supply store every time. And number two, you can save a,
just a boatload of money on it. Now tip number three, this
is one of my very favorites. So I used to paint on palette paper, um, because I painted large and
I had to make a lot of paint. So I would use cafeteria trays to do that. But then an artist friend of mine told
me about this fabulous product that you can also get at the art supply store
and it’s clear plastic sheeting. Um, and it comes in this huge role. It takes me forever to get through a role. And what you do is you just lay
it out on your table and you, when you lay it out, you can even
cover your whole table if you want, but when you lay it out, you know, lay
it in layers back and forth, you know, and then I’ll show you, you taped
down, oh, that’s my bike. Uh, tape down the edges like that, right? And then when you are finished with
that particular layer of paint, there’s as much space as you want, right?
You can just mix all in that space. And when you’re finished with that, then you just cut it and you reveal a
fresh new layer underneath it and Bam, you’re ready to go. It’s like the
easiest thing ever. I, I just love that. It’s a great idea. Now if you’re
painting small, you know, you can use, you know, smaller things,
but this is really, if you’re going to mix a lot of paint,
it’s just super, super handy. All right, let’s move onto our last tip. Tip number
four, that’s about paint. You know, obviously you can spin a
shit ton of money on paint, but um, and actually I do spend a ton
of money on paint frankly, but there is a way to minimize
it. My favorite paint and I, if you follow me on Instagram
or you follow me on anything, you know that Novo brand
paints or my favorite, yes, there are other um, ex more
expensive brands out there. Um, you know who you are and no, Nova
is not paying me to say this. I just love them. And the
reason that they are, um, that I love this is because
they sell direct to artists. So there’s no middle guy.
You do have to order online, but their paints are super color
saturated. They’re just really beautiful. They come in a lot of different colors,
just really, really great quality. And their prices are
about half of what, um, some of the other, you know, bigger
name brands are. Okay. There you go. Those are my four tips for
saving money. There are more, of course, and I’d love to
know what your tips are. Um, I don’t have all the answers. I’m gonna
learn from you, you learned from me. So if you’ll leave your tips in the
comments below, I’d really appreciate it. And if you want to get more Intel on
the artist’s life and things, you know, tips and tricks and things like that,
then subscribe to my newsletter, uh, in the link below and everybody have
a great day. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Marc Poulin says:

    Hi Jodie, great video. Love the painting in the background. I've never heard of Nova but I will check them out. I buy the palettes that the paint can be peeled off, and with the dry paint I use it in my paintings.

    May I suggest horizontal videos to see more of your pretty face? 😉

  • Wendy Hicks says:

    Great video! I’m going to look into NOVA paints👍🏻. I have limited space to paint, freezer paper works great for me. Love the painting in this video!

  • Susan Dill says:

    Other tips: Keep a small book that is divided by supply… acrylic paint(s) (then by brand), pastels (again, then by brand), etc. with swatches of color and the names, and keep that book IN YOUR BAG. This will eliminate buying duplicates (whether that is a double of the same exact brand/color, or an almost the same from another brand). The other is buy online, put what you (think you) need in the online basket, but DON'T BUY IT yet. Walk away. Come back later, and rethink it. Then buy online vs in the store. I will spend SO MUCH MORE in the store than I will online because… it's all so fun and pretty and you know, impulse and instant gratification.

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