How to Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday on Facebook

How to Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday on Facebook

“Hi, this is Betsy Pruitt with” “, and I ” “0:00:04.990,0:00:09.089”
“want to share a fun, new way to wish your friends and family”
“Happy Birthday on Facebook,” “0:00:09.089,0:00:13.699”
“So, when it’s your friend’s birthday, you go”
to type on her wall. “0:00:13.699,0:00:14.949”
“And, this is how it looks.” Pretty awesome. “0:00:14.949,0:00:18.099”
But what if you want to do something extra-special? “0:00:18.099,0:00:20.570”
This is what a Shareable Greeting by Belly Feathers looks like. “0:00:20.570,0:00:24.449”
A nice image of handmade card or “gift tag,” “0:00:24.449,0:00:28.539”
“a special greeting, and a message that” you get to write yourself “0:00:28.539,0:00:29.720”
How cool is that?! “0:00:29.720,0:00:32.140”
“So, let’s take a look at how you do it.” “0:00:32.140,0:00:36.500”
“So, you go to Facebook and search for ” Belly Feathers or “0:00:36.500,0:00:39.510” “0:00:39.510,0:00:41.590”
Then you get taken to this page. “0:00:41.590,0:00:46.530”
“On this large image that says Shareable Greetings,” just give it a click. “0:00:46.530,0:00:50.810”
Then this page gives you super simple instructions to follow. “0:00:50.810,0:00:55.480”
Just click on this link to get taken to an album of shareable greetings that “0:00:55.480,0:00:59.660”
“are all handmade by yours truly, Betsy” at Belly Feathers “0:00:59.660,0:01:03.800”
Just click on the image you want to use “0:01:03.800,0:01:06.150”
Then hit Share “0:01:06.150,0:01:10.720”
“From the share drop-down menu, you select” On a friend’s timeline “0:01:10.720,0:01:12.700”
type in your friend’s name “0:01:12.700,0:01:16.280”
then write the special birthday message that you want to appear “0:01:16.280,0:01:20.560”
and hit Share Photo. It’s that easy! “0:01:20.560,0:01:23.110”
“And, this is how it shows up on their timeline.” “0:01:23.110,0:01:24.659”
Pretty awesome! “0:01:24.659,0:01:28.740”
“So if you want to use Shareable Greetings,” just go to Belly Feathers on Facebook “0:01:28.740,0:01:29.900” “0:01:32.500,0:01:32.840”
Thanks so much!


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