How Top Performers Get Motivated

How Top Performers Get Motivated

now when it comes to stars star customers star team members star partners star mentors the four people you're going to meet in business they're important there's something profound about them and it is in my estimation my view that they have an entirely different outlook on life they just have a different paradigm they look at things differently and the contrast that I will put up here is the difference between cause and effect and one of the things that separates stars from the rest of the world is that they see themselves at cause they see themselves as causes of things happening that's their paradigm I go into the world and I change things I make stuff happen I affect the world whereas most people people that you would call non stars and I'm trying not to be trying to stay away from being judgemental here I'm just trying to say it as it is as I've seen it they see themselves at effect they see themselves as victims things happen to them they don't feel like they have power they don't feel like they can make things happen they don't have the power to change their future and you can hear it in the way they talk you can hear it in the way they communicate with others you can see it in their body language cause perfect stars are at cause the two biggest mistakes that people make in psychology behavior motivation is number one thinking that everyone's the same number two thinking that everyone's different those are the two biggest mistakes then you all people are the same number two thinking all people are different well there are some similarities and there's some some differences and what I've discovered is that people are intrinsically motivated and they're extrinsic ly motivated and you can use carrots and sticks and inspiration and you can use any of them on anyone and you can figure out how to maybe make them work but when it comes to building a business that's going to run long-term it's probably better to find people that are already intrinsically motivated they already have the energy and the passion they already love doing the type of work in creating great results they're already in the mindset of I'm gonna develop myself and the best that I can possibly be they come pre-wired with intrinsic motivation and yes it's harder to find those kind of people it requires a little more work interviewing more folks building more relationships I'll teach you a way to do it in a little while here that will make it so that maybe it's even less work in the long run but to begin with you know it takes a little bit to find those people and understand what that means and then you have a different problem which is holding them back and that's a great problem to have

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  • papasitoman says:

    Another good book to read is Good to Great by Jim Collins. He spoke, about finding great people, at length.

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