good when you guys so today it's pretty early especially for a big vacation time but I am so excited I'm wearing my pink outfit literally so much pink because we are going to the best makeup artist and all of Dubai I've really been looking forward to this actually well I haven't been looking forward to it for a long time because I didn't know this is gonna happen so I couldn't look forward to it but yesterday what we found the hot was gonna happen nothing like I you just probably know that I went to the worst afraid at makeup artist in Dubai I'm not sure what videos coming first because like these videos are kind of all over the place but if that videos up I will link it for you guys but I'm very excited for this makeup artist I'm already gonna give it a ten out of ten because we're even getting picked up by a car and they asked if I want to get my hair done over there and I was like hell yeah I need my hair fix so my hair is looking not so good right now but it's gonna get fixed later yeah I'm excited cuz I feel like my hair is looking really really bad so hopefully I'll be completely transformed later with my little bow that I have you guys so you already saw her we are so excited where the food Oh beauty offices and CUDA it's gonna be doing my makeup I'm like she needs no reviews she's just our goddess hard Queen CUDA is amazing and it's just so awesome she built this whole entire empire and she started on Instagram I mean it's just so awesome and the power of female empowerment and I'm so so proud of her and I can't wait to meet her I've never met her you guys and I'm so excited I I try it should put on some concealer because I was looking really bad but we're just waiting here for the hair her team it's honestly amazing they were so thoughtful like I was saying ten out of ten they picked us up and Daisy Franklin this team asked me if I want to get my hair done I was like girl that's so thoughtful because yes I do so yeah yeah we have like the running development team person who actually makes this figure out exactly what cut although she gets a on your picture that would be 20 but then she said to try the other ones before and after oh say what concealer so yeah I'm Shane matchi he's our Creator here but the foundation was one of my babies that I worked with generally closely on so as you good oh my god from the pro the magic I know she does they're fixing my belt is my boy was a Couture before I'm so happy to meet you my god you're so beautiful you're not wearing any makeup right now you came into town and like literally my team has been dying to do something with you and it's so funny because I got a pink there like Mary Ellen I was assured that no no holy she's here we need to like don't was ability on you but I was like no I can't she doesn't have time for no well I'm gonna give you my number so at any time how much better are you knows people we were looking at your Instagram you're funny you went to like the bird and you went to like the fancy restaurant or me your life is so beautiful and so malaria every have you had makeup artist to your makeup ah so I went yesterday to the horse trader and makeup artist shutting up nobody know she was so good what in Dubai they like makeup yeah she makes me you're so sweet I couldn't want her to be bad I didn't know what you like I'm just doing whatever I'm gonna bring you how to make a prize about asking you what you want so I know you want to be snatched do you like to cake face it's like yeah sure a lot of makeup yeah yeah layers and the layer again Dubai he works with me it doesn't move okay yesterday I had this makeup on it and I literally not just make him I wash my face but I think but I literally had a massage and when I got from the massage we make it was perfect okay and I was like literally like like in the okay I got to the time yeah you're flying today right now I'm flying tomorrow morning do what do you do the last day we made an appointment to spa later you did so it's ok good oh my god you're really gonna do that I was so excited to your makeup because I think you're so beautiful I was talking mighty Nestor's like she's so pretty like so fun I look amazing right now I need to actually do that's like the annoying you actually do you look beautiful but you know I like love like the lesbian culture it's very similar to the Arabic culture yeah I think so all right Harry very similar it's so funny too because then I have a lot of Latino friends and it's just like we it's very similar the way we interact with our family under family stone your business and like you know you just can't escape them yeah and you're not going to they're not part of the know like they're there but I kind of like it wait how many siblings do you have I only have one sibling what is it girl boy yes it's my little sister what's the age difference nine years I know are you guys close yeah so close I'm excited because she's growing up and then we get closer oh I'm so obsessed with my daughter I'm so obsessed with her it's so unhealthy she knows I'm so obsessed with her I didn't want to have kids and then when I had kids yeah I was like no I have to it was just hard because you know when you're a blogger people don't know how hard it is you work for yourself yeah everything's perfect yeah yeah you when you're on vacation you still are working yeah I've shot like 20 videos but in Dubai you have to I mean cuz everything's still awesome here but isn't it crazy like you don't get a turn off like people yeah the rest of me how much pressure it is don't they yeah I feel like nobody goes but I'm also like you don't really get to complain it's enjoyable this is nothing oh it was just like step number two whatever but you out of 53 steps no way back in the day yeah you guys have been through myspace Facebook that's like when we were starting to make it Brent everyone who like was became so mean to us everyone and all people that brand just like stop talking to us stop setting his products like almost like it was weird like I felt like kind of like ostracized oh no and I was afraid it was gonna happen cuz I want to start a brand but I was so scared of that mm-hm so um so for neo that's kind of funny like when we when we did the palace I feel like I really do think you should be product I really do I'll give you your intern what you do okay no but you don't know what you could create really like people can have a piece of you move again they get a piece of you and they want it like I need to do those accent lashes cuz honestly I feel like nobody does those bitter corners no I feel like a lot people do them right cuz I'm so small I'm like I want drama but for my droopy eyes just that oh my god I have no primer um I don't usually use primer you won't be can you that's amazing no make that pigment oh you like it wait so let me tell you so usually for products inspiration yeah like usually trying to figure out like it usually it's like so we repoed for inspiration yeah I like usually create like these birds like like visual like mood boards uh-huh and for this one it was like super inspired by like neon last year I saw neon coming in last year mm-hmm and I was like oh this is so dope like feel like so smart it was like but fashion yeah you know like we need to get inspired by fashion mm-hmm it was like like packaging first which we never do you like it I love it I think having a feel thank you because you know honestly we're trying to be like you know Brandi ball – that's what I'm saying like you never know if you become you never know partner you really don't we're using the pink neon palette this is the pink this is the orange so we're using that you wanted the pink right yeah I said right cuz you're ready yeah I like I like well the orange has like this yellow which I'm just so dope it's ready wait Julie best I love that you include like these kind of sheer ones because I always like layer them on I told Freddie I feel like Spanish is such a sexist language well thank you one of my friends he's he's actually from Spain so I don't if it's a dim accent yeah this is Jess he's like Jess I guess he said oh I love it I think I'm like that I wasn't yes he was like Jess yeah Jess my leg when he says I'm gonna suggest like that is so sexy if we lifted your brows – that would also lift the corners have you ever fotox fear I Botox my brows over here so you do it over here and I like lifts your brows all right here we try something what if I lift your brow a little bit with concealer I was like dude Domino I feel that this feels like tight right almost like hairspray yeah he was inspired by Harris oh really yeah I feel really good this is for sure like it was better than that I mean I don't want to know like okay she reshaped my brow I can't get it bring it yeah and we're gonna do that good can I you're like a true story guys well your ring Fletcher's too tall there's a bond true story there were like a foggy on it always yeah thank you all right guys so we are back me and my bow look at this makeup I honestly love it so so much I'm speechless I think she did such an incredible job because she listened to everything I was saying she was like okay your eyes droop so I'm gonna fix this I'm gonna fix that everything I asked support she did I mean I know it's kind of weird to be like oh who does a makeup artist cuz she's like so much more than that she's a course a beauty blogger but she's also this amazing boss I mean she has over 300 people working at her company and who the beauty the makeup itself it's so so so good but she's just incredible you guys her personality's amazing I feel like we're along so well we just be my best friend already I love her seriously love her it was so cool I'm so happy that experience happened cause it seriously Laplace she is amazing I mean I'm just like speechless and I love the makeup so much of this seriously I feel professionally speaking this the best makeup I've ever caught and done it actually I feel like suits my face it's like what I asked for it's fun I think it looks incredible I love it I thought it's so much if I could have we don't do my makeup every day I would but yeah this is what it looks like thank you so much you guys for joining us I love this video so much give it a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it also don't forget to subscribe to the channel on tap on the notification though I post new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday so definitely subscribe so you don't miss out in the video also does but yeah I love you guys so much


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