"I hate when people trace" – Artist Confessions

"I hate when people trace" - Artist Confessions

hey guys today we're gonna be going through more confessions on words love doing this and if you guys wanna sit in a confession you have to go click on a link to my apena and then click message on my profile to send it if you put it into my profile to like normal comment box it doesn't count you have to actually click message for it to go through but if you don't know confessions is where you send an opinion that you may be a little I don't know controversial in the art community and don't let anyone know what your user name is so you know no one will attack you after you say your opinions so that's pretty much what this is we're gonna go through some people's opinions and like I said these are other people's opinions they're not my opinion so don't get angry at me for it but also this drawing I'm drawing in the video here is actually going to be an adoptable up on my amino soon I wanted to make one that's actually an animal once because so many people been saying I never do animals and they are fans of animal characters so that's what I was going for I hope you guys like it okay so let's get into the confessions the first one here is my art confession is that I hate it when people trace gotcha characters I don't like it because they are not actually learning to draw they're learning to trace I have two opinions on this one I suppose like if someone was drawing or tracing gotcha characters just because they want to do it for fun and they aren't claiming it as their own I see it as just harmless fun and they aren't worried about learning something from it then go for it but if they're doing it and claiming it and saying it's their work even though they're just tracing I would see more of a problem because then they're just using someone else's creation which is gotcha and claiming it as their own so that's what I see but you guys please do comment let me know your opinions because I always love reading your comments next one here is art confession I commissioned a girl to draw my OC about a year ago she told me she would do I waited I know that means it was around the beginning of fall and I told her to take her time while she definitely took her time a few days passed I text her hey is my commission done yet no no her her no sorry I'm almost done just give me a few more days okay I don't hear nothing from her for two weeks I text her no response a month at goes by nothing eventually I tell her to drop the Commission and I'll find someone else Ella well I don't know if this is a confession or a rant um I don't agree with this at all because I know tons of artists that take months to finish their work so I think it's important to make sure when you're commissioning to know there how long they take I don't expect them to be done in two days when they could have a backup like a line of commissions that they're working on that could take them two months to get to you so you have to make sure you know that and I always tell people when they're commissioning me that there could be a long wait because it's true sometimes is like a long line and it takes a while to get to their Commission and I don't want them thinking oh I just like forgot about them because I've had to take wait like a month to finish someone's drawing before so don't expect drawings to be done in a day or two especially for your missions that's probably not going to happen not many people to do that maybe a few commissioners permission resolves it gets quite the word review few Commission's probably could but I don't think the majority cut okay let's go to the next one here my confession is that people accuse me of being a tracer because my style can jump around from time to time when I'm in the bubbly mood I draw more cartoon style if I'm not feeling the best I'll draw my real realistic style when and when I'm in the middle I draw on a mix of both people think I'm copying your tracing whenever I do this which makes me feel now it makes me feel that great does it make me feel that great oh my goodness I can't read today I'm sorry but yeah um let's see I don't know what I would say that this biggest thing is that when people cross me I'm accusing you tracing it's like that there isn't much you can do especially online I don't know how you're supposed to get by this I always just tell people if you don't believe me you don't believe me but then if it's a moderator you're thinking you're breaking a roll and stuff like that it's a little more tricky because some people require you to submit proof but if it's just like you're hanging out and random people are accusing you of theft honestly I would have report it to the moderators and tell them that they're bugging you or bullying you about it and then they can probably stop it but other than that I don't know how you stop it it happens so often let's go on the next one I feel super weird adding water marks or signatures to my art because I feel like by doing that I'm saying that my art is worth stealing I definitely don't think it is okay this one I relate to a lot I've you probably noticed I don't normally add my signature to any of my drawings unless it's a like an adoptable because I have to make sure it doesn't get taken away from the person who ends up buying it because that supposed to be their design so that's the only time I ever add watermarks but I probably should start adding a signature I've never have because I like the same I had the same reason this person as is I was always like well it's not really worth anything so why put a watermark and I've never really thought about it but I guess that's something as normal you I should start doing because lots of artists do it I don't know I don't know it's that's nice kind of relatable let's go to the next one I actually like people watching me as I draw oh gosh I know it's dresses it's somewhere this out but I can just turn to them and ask if they should change it something about the anatomy or general shape of something while still in the sketching phase of my drawing that's a good point and the best time is when they're trying to annoy me by watching me draw when I ask them something and they get so confused to run off it's fun I hate watch me draw I hate it so much it makes me so awkward but with Venice where you're in the sketching phase and someone's watching you sketch I guess they could give you some pointers but honestly it would be the worst in the sketching face to me colouring is something that is just like going from step one to the end of the drawing so it's not as awkward but sketching I do lots of erasing lots of drawing and erasing over and over again so it'd be really weird of having someone watch me I don't know I'd be nervous let's see here confession I hate whenever I get criticism on my art it's just wow it's perfect and amazing keep practicing and you'll get better or it's bad fix it when people give me this type of criticism I don't know how to improve and what's bad in my art I would like it if people or someone said maybe work on the face try and add more detail and make the skin color stay consistent throughout the face criticism like that helps me improve but I don't every get many comments on my art like that so this one is about of course well criticism and I feel like this one happens a lot people critique art and some people aren't very good at critiquing it usually turns it to dissing the art or not really critiquing it at all there's never really a good middle ground with it and I feel like it's hard to get that middle ground because sometimes I see people on the chat and they're critiquing work but they just sound mean they sound super mean with the way that I say things and then other people critiquing aren't and they aren't really critiquing it at all so it's like how do you get that middle ground I guess some people are just good at critiquing but I'm always scared to critique because I feel like it's not my place like I don't know I don't know why for me I feel bad for taking anything probably because I feel like it's their style they probably know what they're doing and I'm just I'm scared to do anything that's why every time people ask me for art tips I'm so nervous oh my goodness let's see next one I don't know if you meant an actual message over on your wall but my confession is I don't like when people use the word Commission for requests when you say it does anyone do commissions and then you ask the person who responds is it free then you didn't want a commission you wanted a request I think this is more of a pet peeve than anything I agree I agree to some extent because all the time I get emails people saying I want to get a commission I want to do a commission here I want the Commission I think they just think Commission means request so that's probably the biggest problem but I write them back and I'm like oh well my commission prices are this and they I explain to them that there's free requests and commissions I have to explain it a lot because a lot of times people write to saying they want to UM a commission but they wanted a free request so I don't know and we're pretty much done here I was going to do a couple more but I can't get through Mastan up and I hope you guys enjoy these videos please do let me know and I want to hear your guys opinions on all the confessions in the comments I'm always excited to see your guys's comments and again this will be adoptable up on Miami no soon so be sure to go join and check it out I first time drawing an animal character so I was really nerve-wracking but I hope you guys like it and again make sure to write me on a me know and you have to click message on my profile in order to actually get submitted to the confessions thank you guys so much for watching


  • Flying Pings says:

    Have a confession you'd like to share? 😀

    Send it to me on my Amino here: http://aminoapps.com/c/FlyingPingsART

  • Gacha Ly says:


    quietly goes on ibis paint and deletes edits-

  • Shiharu Kuru ChanZ says:

    Pls draw my Oc. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2437163003002794&substory_index=0&id=100001273530336

    Her name is Alexandrea, she's 9 years old, she has a bubbly personality and is a major trickster. She can do magic tricks that her dad taught her. And She's a Half fox and half deity. Her dad is a a human fox and her mom is a deity…I think thats it hahah.. P.s. luv u..

  • Infinite Pheone says:

    I actually do agree on the first one cause some people have so much more talent and yet they just trace. It's just such a waste of talent 😭.

  • quarrot ty says:

    Well i actualy i never trace cause i dont even know how hahasn

  • ღGacha Llamaღ says:

    They trace the gacha OC to edit it after bc that’s how you edit XD but if you are really good you don’t do that you can tell when they trace of not if it’s completely different than they drew it if it looks like how it did before but only a little different then they traced it they trace it before they edit it so it can look better

    ((Don’t hate me plz ;^;))

  • Ten nelle says:

    My confession is in here! That's so cool! Thanks!

  • XxFurry CharmxX says:

    Your. Art. Is. The. Best! You Need To Make An Anime Or At least A Tv Show!! I mean It. X3

  • Han Ngoc Bao Vo (Sushi) says:

    Gacha is not called "tracing" it's a app for people to make stories, and stuff.
    Gacha is also a small guild to help people to improve their drawings.
    Also we usually give extra specail credits for the creator of the game.
    😀 but I don't really sure how kids friendly is the gacha comunity

  • Kylie :p says:

    Tracing actually improved my drawing but I guess it's different for some people 😅

  • MewieBee says:

    The tracing one, my bf was accused to using/tracing a base and an admin was contacted (on fb) he showed the speed paint and showed it was his own work

  • alyssa campos says:

    3:40 maybe the person could record themselves drawing the pictures and post the videos?

  • Honey- Chan says:

    I disagree! Some gacha edits are really hard to make! Gacha’s for everyone, no matter what you are!

  • Reāper Chān says:

    I mostly trace gacha characters but I don't say it's mine! The last drawing video it was by scratch soooo yea I don't always trace.

  • M.K. Fox says:

    When it comes to tracing I actually find that it can be helpful to get the hang of proportions or certain curves. I personally trace/ base but don’t post and then draw another one after that isn’t traced. This always helps me.

  • StartArtSmart says:

    I trace…the hard way. Because I won't learn much tracing the easy way. — Plus, a lot of cool points were made, here! — "Great Content"

  • Layla Vargas says:

    I remember when me and my friend traced. We traced characters like Princess Peach. Now I don't trace and I'm kinda good now. My friend on the other side, still can't but she doesn't really get art.

  • Tanith Hwang says:

    I feel like editing gacha characters is fine, as long as they add their own touches, such as shines, shading, maybe re-drawing parts of the body, such as eyes, or adding things like jewelry, ears, accessories, etc, is fine.

  • CallaLily says:

    I trace my picture and then figure how to draw it myself

  • Blacky Pyun Pyun says:

    I respect that persons opinion but,
    Us Gacha tubers do NOT “trace” the Gacha characters. What we do is called editing. We edit the characters we make using the app and then edit character in Ibis paint, sketch,etc. Sometimes we even redraw them into our style. I find it offensive that people think we “trace” Gacha. We also almost always say,”My GACHA Oc” meaning our original character using Gacha to help with the design.
    Do not take this as rude but I’m just giving my opinion on that statement. I am being a bit harsh just because I felt a little offended. Please respect others opinions.

  • Puff Bunny says:

    I want to say for the one with criticism and getting it I would say I am working on this and would love to criticizism. But if you say this and you still get these comments they are and with no explanation then ignore it they are doing that in purpose to just be mean not really give any worth to while or helping and if they are nice just say thanks an kindly explain you appreciate but this isn’t a criticism this is just a compliment which is very dangerous if you are looking to improve and only hearing you are good can lead to bad habits depending on what you want out of your art. But I may be wrong when ever I give criticism I always state a positive thing in the persons art then a growth area that they need to work on based on the type of criticism they may want. For example: I want criticism on how I make proportions and how to make them more realistic: I would state a good thing they are doing but tell them to work on poses and give a website that has models or even suggest looking up human muscle structures or bone structures to help them study and improve. Oof I done over did it again

  • Genaria Draws says:

    My friends always try to tell me to do commissions, but I’m not that good at art and no one would buy anything anyways. If someone did buy something from me, I would totally mess it up lol

  • 회색••Tevitha says:

    Lol I’m like the 5% who will talk about Gacha here
    I’m part of the community, and personality I don’t think anyone calls gacha edits their drawings lol.

    Also- I learned how to draw by building up my drawing skills for three years lol.
    (I’m an immature 11 year old, L0l

  • Nalis Kun says:

    So it always take a while to get to a person's commission


  • South Side Serpents says:

    I had to send you mine on Instagram cause my account is private 🙁 I'm sorry that I had to send it to you. I hope you can still edit it but if not that's totally fine with me

  • Athika Savanna says:

    Omg I thought I was the only one who had different art styles from time to time

  • Glitter Force Doki Doki ! GFDD says:

    I hate when people trace it gets me so mad cuz most people pertend that they drew it when they traced it I remember when my sister traced oh the membery's bad membery's

  • Acadia Lynch-Raymond says:

    I think Gacha Edits are fine, but when you claim Gacha, it's just weird

  • Sad Madison says:

    For me it’s not tracing it’s mostly edits or for memes

  • Daniel Smart says:

    I'm early!
    I think?

  • Lucky Gacha Productions says:

    My opinion on gacha "tracing": sure, it is tracing,but it still is difficult, and it has helped me improve my art since I started edit making, and almost l everyone who makes edits of gacha games does say "this is a gacha edit, I didn't draw it fully." But I can say, gacha edits, at least my style of them, can be very hard, time consuming, an take a lot of effort, so I do think its completely OK, just as long as you credit the gacha games, and a lot of gacha editors do art too! So I guess we're "kinda tracers but we credit and it takes actually effort usually" ;-;

  • Alina Animated says:

    About the Gacha thing, I have friends in the community and they actually don’t call them drawings! Most of the people will call them edits and credit the creator of the Gacha app they used for the edit!

  • Awin Gryphon says:

    For the first one, with tracing- my thoughts on it is i believe its okay to trace IF: you're trying out new anatomy and using a ref, loosly using a base, or(the one I'll prob get the most hate for) is if you're just starting out.
    Lemme explain the last one- so when i was in 6th grade, i could barely draw stick figures. During my free time at school, i would take tracing paper and trace my Black Butler manga. I would trace out the characters or panels i really liked. Then, one day, i wanted to try and free hand it. I drew a bad Grell, but I was really proud of myself. Since then, i moved away from tracing, at first only tracing the occasional pose I wanted, but then create my own character. Now adays, my style has evolved quite a lot and you can just barley tell it was inspired by manga.
    Of course this isn't always the way to start, and i suposed it worked better for me as i grew up in a day and age where my older brother barely even had a compiter himself. I was never posting those pieces online. But now, younger generations of artists are able to start and post their early works for the world to see and "cringe" at.

  • Zephyrblaze says:

    i do agree with wat u saidon the second confession about the the artist taking way too long but heres a counter argument. or at the very least this is wat i do. the artist tells the commisioner how long it usually takes in advance. and if they need more time somewhere down the line cuz something got in the way, they tell them. To me a week is pushing it just a bit but a month, that is way too long. but again thats just my 2 cents

  • QuokkaMo says:

    I can only find the “chat” button. No “message” button. Send help

  • Haaniya Ali says:

    i have to admit.. i used to tarce..


  • Smol Talent says:

    For me when it comes to “tracing gacha” most youtubers who do gacha trace and shade with highlights to edit and create videos out of it also they kinda can claim the character they create but if it’s in the preset (already made characters like Luni, the creator) then they’re stealing a character. Gacha’s purpose is creating your own characters and making stories out of it therefore the characters being traced are that person’s character. That’s my opinion on it tho.

  • The Ghostly Gibbux says:

    Confession I always feel like my art is not good enough 🙁 and whenever I ask someone if they like it they either say no or give me a yes that feels forced

  • Magic says:

    The first one triggered me. Honestly it wouldn’t matter if we traced gacha characters. I mean, Lunime DID make the hairstyles and everything, but we made the character up and it’s our of, so we can trace it…

  • 乃1卂匚Ҝ_乙乙 says:

    When you color on the wrong layer without realizing it til your done

  • Pencil Connoisseur says:

    I sign 90% of my Art, even if i think it's a bad piece afterwards 😂 great video! 👍

  • Screaming Mustard says:

    Ironically.. I taught myself how to draw by tracing on our old desktop computer when I was little. Now I can pretty much look at stuff and draw it. But I am more geared towards realism now versus a cartoon style when I was little. Just an interesting fact I guess!

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