I Paid Artists $50,000 To Finish My Drawing – 24 Hour Challenge

I Paid Artists $50,000 To Finish My Drawing - 24 Hour Challenge

I found 16 artists and commissioned them to finish my drawing but they aren't just any drawings their 24-hour drawing what they don't know is that I'm gonna triple the amount of money they asked for so if they ask for $1,000 I'll give them 3,000 instead most artists spend around six hours on a drawing so they will get twelve times the price of a normal commissioned I have a fifty thousand dollar budget and like the last video I'm gonna give whatever I don't spend to homeless people and hungry families or so for the first layout I think we're gonna do a very dynamic spider-man pose I'm gonna do five quick drawings so the artists can choose one and use their imagination to finish it in their style then something like that would be pretty cool I can't draw feet there we have it Ben Ben Ben Ben that's number one the next one I think I'm gonna have a fight scene between Dax and just some random character right now I'm drawing out a battle scene Dax is on the left and on the right it's an empty character so they can choose whichever character they want to put there I'm excited to see which character they put actually but the only rule is they have to keep the pose and layout the same it might be interesting to see what they put to help there we go done for the next one I want to do my character versus a dragon a lot of artists love using their imagination for creatures so for this one I'm gonna let them design their own creatures so I don't limit their creativity and what amazing things they can come up with you know what we'll even draw a smiley face on here we're number four we're just gonna have a dag Solo yeah we'll just leave that bet and of course this wouldn't be a good video if I didn't give him the option to join the army of strong independent women and we can't forget about lamb and animals we're gonna have a huge dragon on the side she's gonna be a female and yeah the options before were all male and I didn't think it was very fair if I didn't give a female option and I don't know if it's just me but a team of all females like this is just so cool now that it's a good thumbnail now I'm gonna find some artists in the last video all the artists did such an amazing job so I had to bring some of them back to do it again for the first one we're going with argue number six he was with us last time this is a before and after picture so good artist number two is Jackson Casper's look you did this for me last time and it just blew my mind next we have CH art Pierson an extremely underrated animator he did this for me last time and I was just so amazed and now for the fourth artist I'm gonna contact the prodigy sixteen-year-old DC's long last time she turned this into this she put an extra animation up you like that turkey getting bit she's so cute now if I'm getting artist to draw for 24 hours I had to get my favorite artist look at his art he did this for me last time I'm lost for words some of you may know the next guy his name is vex he's my very good friend this guy's artwork is amazing he's so kind he's so funny in person artist number seven I got studio Odin the manga and anime master next up we have a bunch of beans we go way back like a month ago for artist number nine I got my boy GOx art this good friend of mine has grown so much recently I'm so proud of him and I'm not too long ago she actually did a dance drawing next we had a cache art this guy is another talented youtuber and I've been following his work for so long big fan of his next I got a spectacular artist named shim PYT and who won't believe this 14 years old bro 14 years old back when I was 14 I was like 13 or something artist number 12 is art of item he drew this he even included turkey as you guys know he's one of my best friends on Instagram and he's such a nice person he even bought me merch to show support now that's a good friend hey Turkey we're friends right you're gonna buy merch what Turkey oh you are gonna buy merch sorry tricky listen misheard you Oh Daboo Jonte Nocturna this guy was such a huge inspiration for me back then and I'm just so excited to work with him also contacted Bello rashly she's so good at drawing females and last time she drew this strong women for me for the 15 artists I thought why not contact a fan so dicks ego is an extremely loyal fan I found her since she tagged me in some posts the last and final artist is Simon puts he's part of the artists army and a very young fan so I thought this would be fun so after I contacted all 16 artists I waited a few weeks and they started to submit their drawings okay first one our universe 6 damn that detail that's pretty cool isn't it Turkey yo bro how do you even get the details in well he even has like the DAX patch Turkey that's you oh my goodness he included you this is so good I can't believe he turned my drawing into this masterpiece he did this in 24 hours Turkey what do you think you want 5 punches 5 turkey punches out of 5 all right good choice Turkey sohave Alan tripled the amount he asked for and we're gonna DM him to tell him why we're doing this by the way at the start you told me you really wanted that Spidey suit at the beginning so I sent you the money to buy it have fun bro keep grinding well usually I would stop you guys right here for a sponsor since these videos are really expensive but this time unfortunately something happened and I'm gonna be real with you guys for a bit so I really did spend $50,000 and this is one of my most expensive videos ever I love spending a lot of money on my videos to entertain you guys and at first I was working with a sponsor they said they would give me a fixed amount of money to help me out with the 50000 but we worked on it for a couple weeks and for no reason they decided to delay it by two weeks and I said that was unfair to you guys and then they were just really rude about it we kept working on it but last minute they just canceled on us it's really unfortunate I signed my part of the contract but it turns out they never signed Aires so they just backed out of the contract so now we have no money it's instead of giving up I kept grinding pulled two all-nighters I designed a merch store since you guys were asking about where to live so today instead of showing you the sponsor I'm gonna show you my merch store so the website is SHOP zhc com all right look at that site I designed this myself hopefully you guys like it too but just to fund this video I created six styles for now we have a turkey cap very cute he's flexing right there got a dash cap we got a Dax tee this looks pretty nice see you just select your size and then you press Add to Cart um it's pretty simple most of these I'm putting on sale for now since this is the first time I'm putting it up the turkey merch is limited we ordered a very limited amount d more merch coming soon don't worry and for the merch I don't intend on profiting on this at all it's all gonna go towards my videos and helping other people so hopefully you guys find some value in that and you guys can support me a bit and buy some of this fire merch but yeah since we have no sponsor for this video this is all we have yeah what do you guys think of the design sorry guys I had to plug the merch so hard for this one we had no sponsor so this is all we have you can also support me by watching the entire video to the end and just sharing this video oh and subscribing would help too sorry for that tangent I hope you guys understand and now back to the video this was by Jackson Casper's art okay I think it's Dax versus venom that is a detailed venom Wow even had his scales to my character that texture is so incredible Turkey why can't you have scales like that bro what that looks so good I really love the little sparks in the foreground look at those pecs on venom that guy does not skip chest a and Dax Tim he just nailed him this is exactly what I had in mind when I was drawing it and he did such a great job how does he do that I don't know I don't know five five five again five it is one extra one oh come on oh I love you Turkey one so there's proof I paid Helen triple of the amount he asked for hey bro I sent everyone triple of what they asked for for a little surprise the next one is an animation by CHR Pierson oh okay so this is an actual animation let's go it's me Turkey what are you doing there typical Turkey – woohoo wait up that's you if you worked out okay oh that must hurt Oh ah ha ha rip you did that in 24 hours this deserves more than just turkey punches Michelle can you grab me a chair please Thanks all right let's give him triple the amount he asked for to show my support I'm gonna triple the amount of you asked for you're the best dude Turkey you want to announce the next artist it's very talented CeCe's on oh my gosh I am never doing that again all right CeCe's on all right using the iPad yo is that wha ha what is that dude that looks so cool it's like the green Kratos okay I just found out she not only did this she did another drawing so in 24 hours she did both this and this and this and this well so is it just a coincidence that they both did Dax fighting venom I think not and I really really wanted to pay her but she said don't pay me just give it to a dog shelter so that's what I'm gonna do next my favorite artists ville art I am beyond excited for this one oh okay bro that's fire how does he do this man watching this guy makes me feel like a child like my stuffs nothing compared to his it's so dynamic it's like moving on the page Chucky's do you like it yeah same it looks so good what do you mean you can draw better there's proof we paid him triple of what he asked for as a surprise I'm giving everyone triple of what they normally charge I was a little hesitant at the start but after seeing it I knew it was worth it after seeing the art 6000 doesn't even do it justice next we got my boy vex alright let's see this [Applause] what yo I got literal goose bumps the music to the music was so hype I've been trying Copic markers for so long and it's actually a lot harder than it looks to make something so vibrant that is a solid 5 turkey punches there I paid him 3 times the amount he asked for hey bro I decided to pay everyone triple of what they asked for as a surprise to support artists I was a little hesitant since it was so much to be honest but amazing art dude so this was my studio Odin here are some progress pictures I think it's a lion whoo okay so they're like rocks flying everywhere do that looks pretty dope with the colors alright alright yo the final one also I loved axes weapon jerky you like it that's what I thought alright paid him triple the amount Turkey I'm running out of money so I'm gonna take this hey bro epic art so glad I can support artists like you and just as a surprise I'm gonna triple the amount every artist asks for next up bunch of beans so bunch of beans are streaming the 24 hour drawing right now and she told me not to pay her but we can't just give her no payment let's just give her a ton of money right now just wanna make sure this works oh hey okay let's say that works it would give her another $10 for eating the bread stick this is to cover the breadsticks you know what we're also gonna pay for a green drink over there I'm not sure how much it's worth looks around $1,000 this is pork your green drink on this side sorry for stressing you out that face okay there we apologized for stressing her out good luck on the rest can't wait to see it I'm actually really excited for this you know she's only a couple hours in and it's already looking amazing three days later this joint is ridiculous look at that fiery creature yo that is so stylized – I love this style okay this was by God's yo Loki looks like a transformer with like those big airplane wings this is vex 2.0 right here alright there we paid chef gosh triple the amount I decided to surprise you and send you three times the amount of what you asked for it we think Turkey those colors little deck yo sack buddy hope you like that piece man like I didn't do enough justice for tax because just a little chatter on the big illustration so I just went ahead and do another illustration another Wow Bell is so good in this style this is Dax then my style and hope you like it I just want to send this piece to you as my way of showing thank you for everything that you do here on YouTube and for the art it's just my way of saying thank you you know so yes in the erectus cool cool and this guy is too kind he does a 24 hour drawing and then he does another drawing this guy's the real MVP anyways we paid him triple of what he asked for I sent you three times that magic you asked for it thanks again bro alright next we're gonna read it I take it that was a pretty good rating right shrimpy whitey – that's crazy guys keep in mind this guy is 14 years old when I was 14 I was drawing stick figures and he's here drawing full-blown drawings like this yo dude should be keep grinding you're honestly the most talented fourteen-year-old I've ever seen right there I paid him three times that amount he asked for just us a little surprise I sent you three times the amount you asked for it amazing art bro and keep up the YouTube grind okay this one's by art of iDEN who's starting with the purple damn this guy's colors are so good yo love the hair love the hair oh oh it's a giant turkey did she just draw a giant evil turkey with wings and horns holding a hundred dollar bill Turkey what do you have to say about this they're paid him triple the amount by the way as a surprise to support amazing artists like you and paying everyone triple the amount of what they asked for your art is truly mind-blowing oh now we got David John Tate Nocturna so that looks creepy creepy but really okay that straight-up looks like something out of a horror movie what am I looking at this is so cool do you see how long the spikes on his armor are speaking of spikes I'm gonna spike Turkey right now just because of how good it is you guys already know the routine triple the amount I gave you triple of what you asked for it you're the best dude this is Bella rash Linds 24-hour drawing brush she made female Dax she's in like the middle of space or something okay I've got to say I love her backgrounds I love her colors I love her females her art is just amazing the hair looks so satisfying I think turkey wants ashy Turkey right triple them out the colors are incredible I paid you three times that amount you asked for cuz it looks so good this is Dixie's 24-hour drawing it looks pretty cool I like the brick wall in the back that looks really nice so originally she asked for $10 but we're gonna give her 300 I send you ten dollars for the Commission and 290 dollars for supporting me and being such a great fan see that's why you guys should subscribe and so I don't like I'm out of money last and final 24 hour drawing is by Simon puts down so he completed this drawing all six strong whamon even the dragon these kids are too good we're only gonna give this three turkey punches out of two Michelle is here on this channel to represent all the strong women okay be a little stronger Michelle you're making this look bad I didn't tell you earlier but I'm gonna Commission you to do one of them I'm gonna Commission you to finish my drawing right so you get to choose any of the five drawings and yeah you have 24 hours to do it how much do you charge cuz like do I get a boyfriend discount 30,000 what yeah you're not joking boyfriend this is the most expensive artist in there was 2,000 oh my goodness Michelle I'm running out of money here you better buy merch okay all right so I'm gonna leave Michelle alone to drop we just started what you drew a peanut and a stick-figure is my style Michelle you can't just rest for 23 hours that's not the actual 24 hour drawings my style resting yeah resting is your style oh wait I can't I still need my paid thousand dollars you want me to pay 3,000 for that okay only cuz you're my girlfriend okay Michelle I am gonna regret this but here what thousand do you want me to give you 9,000 Michelle I don't even have a sponsor for this video wait wait wait but if I give you this money what are you gonna spend it on shut cc.com all right here you go enjoy happy spending see you on the sights same goes for the rest of you guys


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