Today I’ll finally show you… 🎵 my 🎵 art 🎵 haul 🎵 these beautiful bags only contain Copics, other markers and some other art stuff I really have no plan for this video I will just grab the stuff out of these bags and show you what I bought I won’t show you every pen (you will!) but I’ll make some speedpaints with the stuff I bought or challenges it depends, so we’ll see especially what my inspiration and mood will say the first thing I grabbed I- I just had no choice! there are freaking cats on it, you can make notes on it and it only costs 35 THB which is about 1€ isn’t it cute? CAT – GOD SAUCE and because I always have my difficulties when it comes to choosing… I just bought two of these … because they are so cuuuuteee next we have a mixing palette it’s a plastic one only 15 THB… I mean come on of course you can also get these in Germany for a cheap price and there are also low priced ones which are porcelain and not plastic which I would also prefer… but but I just thought… so what!? just take it I also bought this watercolour set from Renaissance no, it’s not from this time it didn’t time travel I tried to find this on Amazon but I had no luck you know, I’m really no person who can work good with water colours I’m just like… (stupid laugh) brush colours mix it! and having no concept at all! I’m just experimenting with this medium because it’s still something I don’t really get when using markers I have the full control of what happens with the colour I know if I do this… this or this will happen and with watercolours it’s just different you have to let the colors work a loss of control that’s why I want to practice more I also hope to get some more high quality water colours someday from what I’ve learned there’s really a difference so the pigments won’t break or make groups of clumps I’m of course not sure if these are decent colours! but let’s just try them out and see what happens another thing that I could have also get in Germany… but I was like… (strange laugh) just buy it because why not? just something… for… jgddgkjf….fdf colours! so i can use it for the watercolour tubes it’s just sweet to have something like this what else do we have? what I’ve shown you so far is from the Copic store in Central world I had to search almost all floors to find it then I finally found it and it was like 🎵 singing angels 🎵 I was so excited to find it my heart was beating so fast… 🎵 door bell 🎵 *sigh* Mail for me Alright guys, it seems like this will be a huge
unboxing video! what’s this package? I guess it’s not for me man… this scissor is too big ok I’m afraid of losing a finger… however, I ordered some fresh T-Shirts and tote bags and this is the final load of T-shirts for now oh… a love letter? wait a second it is one!! (joking) O – M – G wtf I thought this was for my boyfriend he recently loves to make handmade tofu my himself and he ordered some kind of tofu press… box and I thought this is for him but no it’s for meeee HA! so funny aww this is so cute I’m sorry Steffi but I’ll now read this loud XD Hey Rambu please don’t be surprised I decided to send a package I know that you can do more with washi tape than I can that’s why I’m sending you my tapes that I don’t need anymore hoping you can use it. They’re better off with you than getting dusty with me. Greetings from Kiel, Steffi I got most of the tapes from Wish haha just like me omg thank you…. ooooooooo OoO Washi Tape That’s so nice of you Ok I wasn’t expecting that at all. I just wanted to show you the haul and that’s it now there’s also washi tapes I recently ordered a lot of new tapes and they already arrived that’s really a surprise today you didn’t see that at the moment I’m just sitting on an exercise ball for my back so I can work better without back pain because my old chair is broken and have you already noticed my new T-shirt? HA! You don’t have it (childish) let’s unpack this one look it’s a Koi tape Thank you so much Steffi! so much stuuuuuff so much pretty stuuuuuff If you’d like to send me anything if it’s fanart or washi tape you don’t need anymore and where you think… Rambu can do something with it! just send it to me there’s a mail address of my P.O. Box in the description Box of every video and also in my channel description Steffi is such a nice person she’s supporting my already for so many years now she always supports me by liking my art and commenting and now she’s also supporting me on Patreon This is so much and then I also get Washi tapes from her omg that’s super nice of you! hopefully we’ll see each other at a Convention then I can give you something in return :3 Ok we’ll continue this haul in a few seconds but first I want to unpack the T-shirts because I’m already unboxing things so why not showing you my newest T-shirts? omg it really looks awesome! Ok maybe I should print some more of it in case some more people would like to get one (sings) sleeping cat no wait it’s… sleeping meowmaid the print looks great because it’s just a test I’ve only ordered shirts in size M most of my customers are wearing size S but some people also like it more loose some girls have a large bust size so M fits pretty good for them You can get these T-shirts now at Comic Con Berlin
(yes now!) right now if you’re watching this! so hurry up! everything that will be left will be also sold at MEX Berlin which will take place next month it should be the final October weekend it would be great if you join me! maybe I’ll have some new shirts with me in case people like it however let’s continue with the haul what I was talking about before? my heart beated when I was close to the Copic store well, then I went in and I was instantly in heaven it was so pretteeehhh in the same moment you step in you see this big Copic shelf and you’re like… (do I really have to translate this?) I’m pretty happy that I didn’t forget to bring my color chart with me So this time it didn’t took me hours
to find the ones I need but of course a lot of time passed XD my mom and my nephew left me in the store because it took so long guys, this is not something that is done in 10 minutes you’ll first need to find out which colors you like to get which one you already got then you have to find the ones you need that’s work! it was pretty good that they had their own list of available colours in this way I was also able to see how these colors really look like even if I miss some colours I was still able to see if I really need them by seeing the actual color like do I really need this specific color just because it’s missing in my list? I think it’s a wonderful thing to say: ah… someday I want to own all Copics that exist but honestly… it’s not necessary I personally don’t even use all colors I own I got most of it just in case to have some variation so that I have something to go out of my comfort zone and I think you rather need colors that match and go well together and you also need cold and warm tones but I really think it’s not necessary to have them all (but it’s cool lol) that’s how I choosed my markers but I noticed that a lot of shades I would need are still missing I got a lot of pinkish and red tones (for skin) but I want to focus more on grey tones (because it’s basic and useful) brown is also something that is important to me since I’m also doing a lot of Manga postraits (so I need it for brown hair for example) which you can also get at Comic Con this weekend here are all copic sketch I bought I decided to buy more sketch because they can carry more ink inside so the container is a little bit bigger compared to ciao it’s also great that they don’t roll off the table thanks to their shape it’s convenient if I’m at conventions if they last longer than ciao so I also don’t have to bring my various ink with me It’s good if I can rely on knowing that they will last even if I draw some more postraits I picked some of almost every color fam let’s be honest: it could be way more my mom was just like: what why are you not buying more?! and I was just like: but mooom I don’t have so much moneeehhh but I thought I bought more than this XD of course I also bought some various ink problem was other than my copic chart list I didn’t made any list of my refills but here are all I bought well I know it’s a super humble collection you’d think that I would just go and buy the whole shelf if it’s that cheap but no I’m surprised by myself that I bought just a few markers past Rambu what did you do?? why not buying more? why didn’t you listen to your mom?! doesn’t matter but I bought some other stuff there was some more stuff in this copic store like this one which I think is interesting


  • Taniya Buengsoong says:

    Fc.​ Form thailand​ คนไทยจร้า

  • Gilgamesh King of Mongrels says:

    I always wanted to send stuff to your P.O

  • Nightmare Fanatic says:


    I loled really hard at that for some reason. I guess it's because you just suddenly switched English out of nowhere just to say "WTF."

    Also, are you able to get the Copic Collection app in Germany? It's really useful, you can mark down the colors you have in any form you have it in (Like Ciao, Sketch, refill) you can make a wishlist and it has real swatches of each color, not just a computerized approximation. And the swatches are done in 3rds to show you what it looks like with 1, 2 and 3 passes. It keeps me from having to find a swatch sheet and take it into a store.

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    24:19 dachte kurz das war mein Kater vor der Tür der Aufmerksamkeit will 😀

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