I TRY ABSTRACT ART! – Dumb, or Deep? You Tell Me…

I TRY ABSTRACT ART! - Dumb, or Deep? You Tell Me...

I've always made the joke that if you screw up in an artwork enough you can just call it abstract the question is if you're trying to make abstract art and you screw it up enough I mean then what is it craps tract today I'm going to attempt to create some abstract art and if I fail I hope you enjoy my craps tractor give a lesson German welcome to draw with jazz I'm Jezza and today I am going to attempt to create some abstract art and I don't want to take the mickey out of it I really want to give it a proper go that's something I'd try and do with these I try videos when I tried gouache or watercolor when I tried calligraphy or even doodle art I'm enjoying trying things I don't have a full understanding of or any experience with and today I'm gonna really just dive into abstract art I am diving headfirst and in the deep end I have no experience I have very little understanding I feel like I probably don't have the instincts because everything I do is so literal or cartoony or comic book II so I'm really just gonna rush into this and give it everything I've got I have a dozen canvases and I'm going to plaster as many of them with as much creativity and sincere attempts at abstract ISM that I can abstract it ISM but more than just attempting it I want to learn as much about it as I can to really I don't see what it's all about and see what my interpretation of abstract art is or what I'm drawn to would be so in doing this I'm going to be getting some help from tutors and teachers on Skillshare comm Skillshare are sponsoring this video they're an amazing learning resource with over 25,000 classes in illustration painting graphic design animation and loads more Premium Membership on Skillshare gives you unlimited access so you can join into classes and communities that are just right for you and your new year's goals and resolutions so whether you want to fuel your curiosity creativity or even your career skill share is the perfect place to keep you learning and thriving well into 2019 the skill share is very affordable undiscounted membership is only ten bucks a month but they have a great deal for you viewers if you get in nice and quick they're five hundred free memberships for two months so if you're one of those 500 lucky people to claim that link in the con in the description you can have unlimited access to skill share and their many thousands of courses and join their over 7 million creatives on the platform learning today I really just want to get my hands dirty and just learn by doing I experienced some of the lessons that I'll share with you and also link to them in the description now before overwhelming myself with the pressure to create meaningful artworks and the medium I've never tried I start off by experimenting with my paints and following certain techniques outlining some various skill share classes to loosen up and to relax and stretch my visual vocabulary I really enjoyed Susan Kirill ha's courses she had a few on abstract art too in particular I found really helpful which covered palette knife and dripping techniques and dripping and scraping techniques so I took a bit of inspiration from those techniques and those lessons and tried to put it into practice and she also had a great course on painting an abstract landscape from which I borrowed a technic later in my warmup exercise of just sort of painting almost petal like textures with the brush for someone is literal with their art and unfamiliar with abstract as I am the best place to start was of course by Kitty winter calls basics of art abstract as Kitty explains and of course abstract is an umbrella category cubism surrealism modern art minimalism Expressionism in formalism post-modernism figurative ISM these can all be considered abstract art forms not always but a lot of the time and put simply abstract art is sort of a spectrum it can be defined as a visual language of shape form color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world it's that word degree which denotes the spectrum an abstract artwork may have a small degree of separation from visually representing literal reality or it may be entirely foreign from it both can be considered abstract art in the same way there are no rules but people are naturally inclined to like rules and things that are easy to understand therefore a lot of people who don't understand or even like add tract art an abstract painting might for example be titled cat and it might look like a cat it might also not look like a cat or look like nothing much at all it might look bright and playful or messy and ugly or it might even look like a dog or hot-air balloon no single one of these examples is right nor is any of them wrong in essence almost anything that is unconventional in art can be identified as abstract by the way Robert join us course on developing abstract landscape painting show someone with a really experienced from relaxed hand in mixed-media it's really great to learn from and observe as an example of just how to run headfirst into your abstract painting I found that one really interesting to watch abstract art can be as much about the intention and emotions surrounding the narrative of the artwork its creation and its creator as it is about technical execution or even visual appeal for example in this piece I started with a word that I generated at random from an online word generator the word was distance so using that word as a cue I created an artwork using two canvases and essentially just felt my way through it I didn't have a template I didn't have anything literal I was trying to convey I just followed whatever naturally was expressed through me onto the canvases to make it feel like I was creating an artwork depicting distance but that of course is relative to me and my interpretation my expression of the word and the word I was feeling at the time can it be considered good abstract art that's entirely relative to me to someone who knows my own lack of experience and insecurities I'm inclined to feel it isn't but removing my bias and context there will be people maybe watching this video who feel the connection or sense of understanding from the piece or who infer a narrative or emotion because of it and I'm sure many other people may be like yourself who just simply don't who see a bunch of lines or blobs or incomprehensible images both are correct neither is wrong this is weird on the other hand abstract art can be entirely removed from emotion themes and narratives and all that pretentious crap it can be really quite practical Victoria Shrove and Skillshare class creating abstract painting for interior really focuses on the design intent aspect of abstract art abstract art is often associated with somewhat incomprehensible pieces meant to represent emotions or figures to be displayed in fancy galleries and looked at with very serious expressions but Victoria focuses on a more practical purpose of abstract art to bring out colors or actors a design feature in a house or space in many cases a more literal painting or photograph in a home or other space can be too distracting or visually overwhelming but abstract art doesn't have to be tired to an emotion or theme it can just act as a way to set a spatial tone accentuate a room with color or create a mood to shape the space following some of the tips she outlined and of course following my own abstract instincts I created an artwork to suit the corner of my own office space where there was a little bit of that steel gray and charcoal hinted throughout the architecture in the room itself anyway with a subtle hint of green of what was on the shelves and I wanted to bring a bit more of that green in and I guess echo a little bit of that dark charcoal industrial aesthetic in my painting and try and tie that section of the room together and I'm pretty happy with how that turned out I think it it works pretty well at the very least hopefully as an example of what Victoria was talking about in her class that abstract art can purely be a design focused thing now I've learned a lot about abstract art through my exploration of Skillshare and through creating a whole bunch of artworks today so our thoughts are finish off I would wrap up with a bit of an attempted self-portrait in abstract art again I have no references I have very little experience but I've learned a little bit about how I prefer to work in the medium and I think especially by this stage after about six hours of creating paintings I really have loosened up and I'm enjoying just expressing what happens through the artwork and without consciously or meticulously replicating reality but just letting my reality my abstract expressions and thoughts and feelings and impulses totally affect the artwork in the outcome so this is it this is the result of my first ever attempt at abstract art is it good no and yes and kinda and maybe I guess that's sort of the mystery and subjective power of abstract art now I personally like some of these more than others I definitely wouldn't hang a bunch of these on my wall but there are a couple that I'm actually really proud of and quite impressed with the results of having never tried this before especially because I'm generally quite rigid in how I create art but at the same time that rigidity and my natural heavy-handedness the way I do comics and cartoon characters has sort of traveled over to the way I do abstract art and I'm naturally am drawn to using very geometric shapes and strokes and heavy lines and very strong colors and white so it's been really fun today's been as much about learning about abstract art and the point of it as it has been learning about how I naturally make abstract art and what I'm drawn to and how I can express myself in the medium I'm interested to know your thoughts are there any that you're drawn to or any of that just don't do it for you I know you like a cat one listen the second count this one cat – the cat inning it's been loads of fun trying and learning and if you want to have a go trying and learning something new and if you have new year's resolutions and goals that you and reach for skills you want to improve I highly recommend checking out the sponsor of this video Skillshare comm I actually have a couple of courses on Skillshare myself so if you're interested in the way that I present videos and do stuff I have a course on how to be a youtuber which I tend to be pretty experienced in so go check them out I put the link to those in the description once again all of the links to the courses that I followed along in this video are also in the description they've been really useful and I can't express enough how valuable and awesome Skillshare is as a learning resource so there you have it ladies and gentleman I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope although we have a variety of arty outcomes here today but at least one of them tickles your carreer fancy I want to thank you so much for watching and reminds you of course to like this video if you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two and subscribe to George's ah if you haven't yet and you want to join more future arty goodness thanks for watching and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later


  • Jacqueline Morgan says:

    Hmmm he made his nose slightly smaller does this depict a sort of insecurity of his nose? Jazza it’s beautiful it’s ok! Haha

  • Alom Fearum says:

    I personally love the one based off the prompt distance!!!

  • Kaszás Csilla says:

    cat 2 feels like cheating with that mask. but I like the `flower field under the golden sky`(or what) and the grey piece (…before you started putting down that green).

  • Zane Piper says:

    i'd definitely buy a few of those

  • Kathleen Burgess says:

    You did AMAZING!!!! Abstract Art is one of my favorites to do because of how freeing it is! I really liked to two foil ones. The gold one reminded me of wild flowers. Where, the silver was seemed very industrial. The two together seemed like the gold was the escape from our structured society! Again they all were amazing

  • gamer 3.9? says:


  • Kristin Augestad says:

    wow that looks tacky. like ikea-paintings. made fast and easy to be interior paintings. I can enjoy abstract work that is made with some effort and time and paintbrushes, like josef albers colour studies or Vasilij Kandinskij's work.

  • Chrissi Weig says:

    This actually looks great! I really like the interior design this you hung up on your wall. The gray and green really resonates with me, dunno why…

  • Coleen Reid says:

    I love cat, I'd hang it on my wall!

  • J. Seagroves says:

    Can I buy that abstract cat picture?

  • TheBigWizzard says:

    Im think starting to understand why many of my science minded friends really dislike abstract art:
    It doesn't follow rules, which is pretty much the antithesis of science^^'

  • Megan Gonzalez says:


  • Peta Hewitt says:

    So subjective! I love it. I am drawn to one of the first ones with the yellows and blues although the diagonal slash of white across it bothers me. I also like the gold foil one but possibly it's because of my brain, that is fighting to find reference for it, is screaming 'sunset'. I prefer the other cat one. the thing about abstract art is you don't like it until you see a piece that just strikes a chord in you and you can try and rationalise why it does but in the end you just like it and the rest is your brain making up the story as to why.

  • Paul Tindall says:

    distance is destined for a gallery. that's my fav!

  • Virus Hacker says:

    Shut up

  • Ellora Wilson says:

    the grey and green was good, the gold foil felt like autumn.. or what I know as autumn, because we don't get a real Autumn in Australia…but I really loved that one.
    The cat one was great too (the one without the mask and dripping paint…)

  • DevilBlackDeath says:

    Long hopefully respectful self view on abstract art ahead!

    As for the many styles I'll drive as much individually as I can. First I can find myself liking a lot abstract art that has much anchor in reality (like "Cat" and the self portrait here) as long as they have a defined style and architecture (something IMO Picasso lacked a lot). I generally don't like abstract art that has very vague anchors to reality as it sits too much between two chairs IMO.

    Now for fully abstract art, I don't generally like physically made ones but often absolutely love digital abstract art. That is of course a matter of taste.

    And the final "category" I'd mention is abstract art that represents the author's emotions or intentions. These are I think very good psychological and mental tools and allow people to explore themselves, but considering those art in the creative, visually appealing sense, and even worse, selling those is to me a travesty. Not only is it not the point of it but it also almost break the point of it, which is self discovery. These should remain personal and at the very best hanged in personal places for your own liking/retrospective.

    That's pretty much my take on the genre. I didn't mention the generally intentionally ridiculous with fake added meaning commercial abstract art as like most "sell-out" (damn you Passpartout) it's a shame to me.

  • Nicky Fee says:

    I really like the left one on the table. But also the first cat. Can't really decide wich one is better. ^.^

  • NerdyNerdP says:

    10:35 actually I personally prefer "Cat" instead 🤔

  • Sloth-Chan says:

    I love your self portrait, I can't stop staring at it

  • KaedinKane says:

    the self portrait is amazing

  • S Kenzig says:

    I really like the gold foil/ sunset?? One I can't remember what you called it. I like your self portrait and Cat 1

  • Iam Joergen says:

    Your very good at painting WOW!

  • Linley-Jane Shand says:

    I love the first cat one.

  • Yoda Boo says:

    Love the cat and your self-portrait!

  • Sandhya K S says:

    Nice. Except bleeding cat's head…!!!😊

  • Qualified Cornstarch says:

    4:03 to 4:45 — for some reason, I LOVE this one.

  • Benedicte P. says:

    I reeeeaaaally like the grey and green one and the two canvas one

  • Dragon4sale says:

    My issue with abstract art is when anyone creates it with the intent of it being famous. Now, there can be pieces that can become famous, that is fine, sometimes things are just more appealing. But the idea that one abstract art has more meaning that another is complete bullcrap. Let me just flip a urinal upside down and sell it for $1,000,000. Complete garbage like that is why I hate abstract art. As weird as it sounds, abstract art becomes crap the moment it has to mean something. It can be derived from meaning, but meaning alone doesn't make it art.

  • Ashley Shagenburgal says:

    This was oddly deep

  • Like90 says:

    That portrait piece is amazing!

  • Miri Creates says:

    I absolutely love your self-portrait and a few of the others are wonderful. I love that you actually tried to do so well and you enjoyed it, as well. I'm an abstract artist, but I do a bit of realism as well. I love seeing you trying so many different things. It's always so cool to see what you can do.

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