I went to the worst reviewed makeup Artist πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ 🀣🀣/gone right

I went to the worst reviewed  makeup Artist πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€  🀣🀣/gone right

hi guys welcome back to my channel yeah today we're having a guest by the name Elena which is Elena today and young Travis so hopefully she doesn't commit to a mask away today and I am so excited and hopefully I look deep as you can see I don't have anything on my face right now so we're just about to start and this stuff this is supposed to be an intro yeah this is something you're gonna be perfect yeah do some together again so guys let's get right into let me think you're okay it's not I'm using my kabuki brush wow you know I've never used fancy beauty product before my problem isn't the foundation I have foundation you know the foundation goes to my foundation okay so let's start with my brows yes okay we have the selection from benefit Wow all these things are for a dress yes Romans benefits cosmetics yes oh yeah she's going to be losing some of her makeup makeup stuff on my face which are some very popular brands that don't even have yeah so is it okay like this oh I should face like okay yes so it's this I'm gonna first outline you so I was thinking as we are doing this makeup with just cheats chance you know yeah so let's talk about your impression about that skin people dark-skinned people like black people like you know in our country you don't like see much you don't see black people now they are not coming or if they are they're gypsies okay like our country is not arrests this country can we say but we don't have that many like for example there's not a big question no but by the way my friend is from Romania Romania yes and I hate this line guys I'm doing makeup like I but I never got to make up so yeah that's like Chairman mm-hmm I don't think that if you come to our country only the really good artists will have your skin like yeah everyone is white but you know it's really good to meet like I'm really open that's why I'm buying the Rihanna's she has so many foundations and that's why I'm using the products it's important to be you know tolerance with anybody and okay this is the primer from Clarence Paris instant smooth perfecting touch I have it here we go see when I came from work it's really nice it smell so nice yes now I like this because of the textures and yeah or is that is minimizing that's good I used to ask for oily skin or just for for pores and for acne that's why I have it like I used to have acne usually on the house you clear your acne with some products I done a lot of masks they were like two to three years old in the end it was okay you're gonna see after this goes into your skin how smooth [Laughter] because I also felt like that doesn't like this is also good for your mates like you can rhyme before the eyeshadow I need to put enough wow this is nice my face is looking fine already and about our country there's no much talk about black people's yeah you know when I first came to Italy yeah I really want so many people who speak English know this part of Italy like the really north one yeah they don't speak Italy I know and they don't speak English sorry I've seen that and it's really hard you know this place is better because the young ones this new English but in Italy the young the old English yeah CNS exactly you know in this this part of Italy so many people some Italians you know that this place some people ask you whether you leave and I said attorney and I mention the name of the place when I say always big boys [Laughter] we speak Dutch like when I went to Milano Verona that they don't speak Dutch yeah they know English maybe the ones that I went to school maybe in America or somewhere yes and I think they also do in school yeah yeah now as I said our cause is that in our country we are doing in school English French toys that he bugged my bigger bodies projects are on their own liquid concealer yeah zerrin is a Nigerian product also probably they don't know it they know it I have so many Nigerians follow ups yeah [Applause] so guys the eyebrows guys my brows at dawn Wow so we have to do the other brow off camera because my battery is not very strong so we needs to save the battery so guys yeah now it's time to I'm gonna put the consider us on the makeup artist as a father I'm going to use the new nude eww okay I'm gonna new latest parent from the pizza once they have that's like a protective shield okay I'm gonna go in with bear and secret to put on the concealer and like to set the concealer onto the lid now we need to detect the crease she has big eyes so we don't is really easy to do it I'm gonna take raw and secret and do it right and I'm going to try to drag it a little bit so that I can make the eyes look okay I'm gonna go with bare and secret above like right there but letting a line between the shades so that I can highlight there after that then we're gonna move on to the lead this is not a very complicated makeup it's gonna be you look really really good but it's going to look simple I got glamorous brush more Bobby Brown yes it's better for it like to do a little bit you can shut it do the same thing and after that adding the glitter okay so then we are going to do the other eye off-camera again so see you guys when we are done wow this is come forward and now we're gonna put a glitter okay – no no these chambers which one we want these no something's wrong we're gonna go with this one and because we don't have a silicone brush or anything I'm gonna put it with a finger to be like that's from the math is very cool thing yeah yes I'm gonna wash it all right okay and don't you miss your friends from my journey I miss them I miss everybody sometimes you have to move yes the best friends cannot live together for 10 years yeah you know but when you see the cotton is damaged now we need to clear the glitter that was a fallout we meet my friend brush okay this is wrong she killed it account so the cow is a new new product in Nigeria and the last person that did my makeup introduced this to me yeah you have to really yeah the Beautyblender is not worth because we need full coverage your eyes what do you use for your foundation Oh Mac what I started with make Mac Mac yes what do you use to apply a foundation Beauty Blender or my lucky brush yes this one fun thing huh the brushes are really good but I knew of Carmindy the brushes brushes well no I never used that one the products I only have the contour palette from get money but it's really good like I love it I have a setting powder yeah I'm so bad with names like oh my god oh man the 9cj 930 luxury powder we're gonna bake bake bake bake my face oh yeah you know what you need or the that's a smoked white brush area no one is there I licked applicator damn it has this around us yeah so being sure we don't have creases guys if you have creases go again with a Beauty Blender once it's set know if there when I our second party doesn't crease no it's good it's good would I be to do they have um sitting publicizing father there are brushes going with this one doing it like this going into bear tickle and row okay now concentrating them with love bite spanked blocked by the spine perfect explore into beauty of anybody how many carats diamond bomb wow wow wow yeah I love it love it love it so you're going to do like a purplish is this but it's not that dark no back okay my sister plays with them all the time don't get your head okay now Wow gonna go meet Anastasia Beverly Anastasia Anastasia hairbrush I'm gonna go there you're gonna go eat no yes do you want to go eat no we have to take a picture first thumbnail yeah let's do the thumbnail when I'm gonna be makeup no I can't go up it's like this it's not a problem I'm gonna shine Oh God you got a glow so guys this is the finished look I hope you like it come so this is the finished look thank you very much for the glam baby Thanks so beautiful I like it yeah I really like it thank you very much


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