i went to the worst reviewed makeup artist in my city…it wasn't pretty


collie dog to the kids house the family everybody's doing fantastic so today's video we're gonna be doing the going to the worst reviewed makeup place to getting our makeup done I was trying to find a lot of different makeup artists to go to but I couldn't find any actual like bad reviews on these people so then I start to search up like alter the support so I had no vote Ulta and I'm typed in like my city and actually also had a lot of bad reviews on how they do their makeup and their hair so I'm gonna be going 202 and getting my makeup done I already have the reservation set and yeah I'm really excited I hope this comes out horrible because I do not feel like paying $45 for good make no that sounds pretty crazy I went into the coral so we gonna see what's up and we're gonna get it poppin period let's go runnin late my appointment is at 11:15 and it's 1118 right now you're gonna go in there and see what I do your freckles cover it or do you want to still be able to see them okay okay so she just finished my makeup the lady was very very nice I really liked her and you know she was black so I loved bucking pool so you know so I ended up paying $50 in total I gave her a $5 tip just because she do eye makeup I'm not really feeling the look I really don't like the lips or the lip liner like blue liner and the lipstick is not cute to me also the color like the the foundation looks really really light I love you can tell on camera but it's two different shades and yeah also like I don't see any highlighter on my face and you guys know when I do highlight I like to OD on it let me know what you guys think didn't have any lashes so that's another thing I didn't really like but do you know what it's fine it's okay I was caught looking for some lashes but it's okay this girl used to pick on me like got her makeup done it ultra the same Ulta and she looked really bad like not even trying to throw shade she looked horrible it was pretty pretty fun um let me know what y'all thought about it if y'all like this video let me know I'm still a little bit bad because I had to lie to the lady they did my makeup about where I was where I was going I didn't want to tell her that I was filming a video for youtube because every time I tell somebody that I've done many video for youtube if I'm in there like establishment our workplace they end up finding the video that I filmed for example when I did the Chuckie Cheese video the lady that helped us out help me with the pizza and stuff with a lady that served me the pizza she asked me like when I was recording and stuff and I told her I was doing like a day in my life and she literally found my channel you guys and then when she found the video that I filmed at torchie's she like flamed me in the comments and I was like I had to lie I hate lying I have to pray to God Maxim for forgiveness because I don't like lying you guys told her that the reason why I was there was because I was getting my makeup done for my mom's birthday party my mom's birthday isn't even into August so I just felt really bad for lying I told her the reason that I was recording it because I want to show my mom like how it turned out and stuff I'm so sorry like sorry let me know what y'all think though because I want to know y'all and then you guys all so much for watching you guys all so much better that's on the flip side we don't know no one like this I know I'm kind of like wait you just what a mythical psychosis


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