see mommy's face hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is a dizzy and I'm a mommy blogger from Port Harcourt Nigeria and if you are new to my channel you're welcome if you're returning subscriber thank you very much coming back and yeah so today I want to film the worst rated makeup artists in my area video yeah so I believe video Boonen and I actually enjoy watching the video cause yeah it's a very interesting video so I was like mm maybe I should film it too and see how the express is going to be hopefully not so bad yeah and my birthday is actually next month and I also have entered a professional photo shoots and also do my makeup as in have my makeup done by professional next month and the last time someone touch my face was on my wedding day now like almost 8 years ago and actually I didn't like my makeup I'd like my church wedding makeup much as I wanna make opposed okay so since then I have really not going to keep my face for anybody to touch because I really don't trust makeup artists so let me try now I'm not going through what was reviewed actually we don't really have a way of determining the worst reviews in our cities and those guys go to a salon in a place that I feel they won't really be so professional what's a Sunday and silica do my makeup there if you like to see this video just keep on watching [Applause] so yeah actually what this dress it's just an option a dress I wanted to look believe it but I'm going for a birthday photo shoots so I'm going to talk to dad I'm with my buddy photo shoot and she should do something very dramatic for me okay I want something very justice car I'm going to show her a picture of Jackie I know yeah we should help each other okay I know I'm exhausted picture somewhere here yes I was Joshua duckling but aha the picture Tejada I want that exact makeup so I choose Jackie because Jackie everybody knows Jackie Jackie has very hard I put in her she has not only lifted on her eyes a lot of I need speech so makeup eye makeup is usually very popping on her meanwhile I have hooded eyes okay so I want to see how the leg is going to recreate Jackie's look on my face so let's go I think Oh baby I look like a witch or like if we get person how if you and Duke okay so then it starts with the rules of this makeup first of all the makeup access was very friendly she was you know just very friendly and I could tell that she was trying to impress me she was trying to have better about we have you beat up soon that's a good one and then the environment was okay she had a green light the AC was only place was cool the chair was kind of comfortable I thought if I was shot at each other with more comfortable but anyway the chose comfortable and whatever and okay and and I feel like we did some more guidance in itsumo Keyser söze I've got my eyebrows better off tugged on my eyebrows went up I feel like that should be put I feel if they don't look so bad what if like I had should have something may be factual because if I wanted or something else matter who's that now let me now talk about the cons first of all the facilities be awkward everything was freaking dirty everything you every tool was freaking dancing okay when I first came she brought our wax okay you know how when you bring out wax can easily just take out a piece of white she brought out on piece the variety into two and kept the other half then the half – she helped best of all the makeup on her hand was from a glance it is before me big foundation to use that wiped clean ha Fingaz okay now this same way is what's used the same pathway is what's used from the beginning we come to the end the same half half in white hat she comes in her hand in her mouth to use you to touch – you have to cut something in my back the eyelashes she put them in a box I'm use had since ooh I think to cook them on salsa with the eyelash but she use eye drops because the kind of things that is nice yeah even the eyeliner brush juice is exactly the most useful bit before me actually cleaning the eye makeup is not that bad is modified this much is fine is a – don't worry which it puts the popular self see how finding this will be I don't know me I know many looks anyway club you know how to draw thick lashes and it does not move anyways so delete I don't know look at me back Showtime this is the nib I shouldn't have this is lipstick for me no claws I don't know what to black liner is just this one line control axis then put one line groceries or small process so bless the process put gloves on me there's a big burst brush to put highlight she applied the highlight like blush nice job to highlight and play they're applied in apply go back forehead like a fire does not beat you not like my forehead was not was not Providence no I brought she shall play highlights here there might a straight line to the middle is now going to save my love seeds mostly planet this is what's our plan of madness in the memory so you can pick up the red pen to be fair to like she tried and she can do better like if see me come back since October something because of you have simple to that be put back on the back of look something like this so I think if she's not from someone phantoms matter – well as usual let's stop is in our mouths for a cup of stop absolutely nothing to be clean on thumbs up and subscribe to my channel thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video bye [Applause]


  • PENIEL EDWIN says:

    Your baby's reaction at the beginning killed me🤣🤣

  • Oyin Ade says:

    I think she tried. Not as bad as most of the other ones I’ve seen. She has good techniques, but she can try to improve. The bottom lashes are an absolute no no for everyone. Why do they mise wipes in Naija? My cousin does makeup too and mises wipes, but she doesn’t cut it into two oh. Yes, she can’t be using her teeth to cut stuff oh. Haba! Me I would have said something oh! I can’t stand things like that.

  • Sabena Beauty says:

    I still will never get the purpose of this trending videos, i get that people want to make a lot of views and stuff but to be honest, its at the detriment of another makeup artist who is in her little corner trying her best on her craft and making money on it…..Was her permission asked for before making this video and does she know it will be on youtube for the world to see and talk about and probably make jest of? I don't know the agreement u have with her tho but i don't watch this kind of videos

  • Chiamaka Juliet says:

    She use her teeth to bite the lashes.you r very funny.lol

  • Tuke Morgan says:

    Hey, New Subbie here, at least it was not in a market, the environment didn't look too bad.

  • miss luchy says:

    For me she did a manageable job apart from the under lashes

  • Laviv says:

    😂😂😂😂 half wipe. Your face throughout the Makeup process got me rolling on the floor

  • Donna Yu says:

    I love this and your reaction!! I couldn’t keep a straight face lmao

  • Ttk Jinadu says:

    The makeup artist was not too bad, but the bottom lashes ruin it, there is room for improvement though

  • Ifunanya Vera says:

    Korra oh😂😂😂Jesus!🤣

  • ThatAmbaChick says:

    To be fair she tried. Just need to work on her blending with the eye shadow especially. What ruins it for me is the bottom eye lashes.
    It’s difficult to recreate exactly thesame makeup. Plus Jackie’s lighting might be different and who knows the picture could’ve been edited?

  • OZI TOCHI says:

    6 months later 🤣😂

  • neuyogi says:

    OMG! Did kora say “Jesus” without prompting? Cos that took me right out lmao

  • Norwall Music says:

    Explosive job on this one my friend 💣🏆

  • onianwa juanita says:

    This has to be the worst review I have seen

  • omos GJ says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she use her teeth to bite the eye lashes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣biko shift le me fall and laugh

  • Ashley Walsh says:

    Sho 🙈

  • Dyna Ekwueme says:

    😂😂😂😂 “two days later” your straight face can kill😂😂😂😂😂 dunno how you managed to have patience like this! Those bottom lashes😩 what are those???

  • Grace land says:

    How can she used teeth to bite lashes

  • Grace land says:

    How much did you pay for this makeup????

  • Johanna Ihuaku Aguh says:

    The way you were breathing, your facial expressions, you were just over it before she even finished your eyes 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I got tired with the hands all over your face 😫😫😫. Kora ooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Juliet Mozia says:

    I hope you told her to sub so she could watch and correct her mistake.

  • georgiasglam says:

    Amazing video, love your channel! Just subbed and would love if you could sub back to my channel and we can support one another! ❤️ Have a blessed day xo

  • Hilda Mwape says:

    Kora’s reaction though, lol…

  • Ego Nwogu says:

    Personally, I feel she's close to perfection. Just a little improvement and she's there. The bottom lashes is a no no tho.

    This video cracked me up alot. No be only 2 days later 😂😂😂. BTW, you look like a doll. Cant wait to see your birthday photoshoot💃💃💃

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