bro look at my face why would she do this to me why does that finesse gang you sugar legs queen of finesse and I'm back with another video so today I'm gonna be going to the worst rated makeup artist in my city please please do not leave my face breakout after this I'm just praying that my face doesn't freak out after this I'm gonna let her attempt to slay my face I I'm just oh we're coming close to my face like backup and I hate people put in their makeup brushes on my face because you don't know how often you know people ever have washed your makeup brushes like makeup artists they'd be scaring me like since do you wash that do you wash that we're gonna go to her house she's the makeup artist out of her house or she travels – I'm not gonna put her name or anything on here I'm not gonna show her face and I'm just gonna put subtitles so you guys can't hear her voice because I don't want you guys trying to figure out who this is not gonna purposely pull her out here like that because I don't want anything negative you know brought to her because of me but you know I'm saying I am gonna let her chowder to my face and any work that is done it's her work so imma let the work speak for herself I'm saying so yeah I have a makeup appointment at 7:30 and it's 5 o'clock now I just stopped and got some food I'm gonna be going to her house soon wish me luck y'all I'm gonna record the whole time like I said I'm not gonna get her face but I am gonna record the whole time and then excuse me I'm not gonna say anything while I'm there but when I get back in the car it's gonna be time to dissect the look because baby we gonna see we gonna see I'm really nervous but you know I'm gonna have you guys here with me holding my hand but for real y'all pray for me hey yo so I just got to the makeup artist house she got like this white background and then this little pink chair she has me sickening I'm sitting in front of a ring light just waiting on her to come back she's grabbing some stuff um are you gonna conceal this right here do you want to wit [Applause] [Applause] alright guys she stepped away for a sec honestly eyebrows are better than what they did [Applause] okay mix a lighter colored X Wiccan I think this might be just a little too dark for me but do you think you can blend there just a little bit more spot right here or like right here and you're gonna put some concealer could be a little lighter click looks a little dark and this was like a good like radish like maybe just a little too dark for me okay my phone is ringing I'm gonna [Applause] yeah the color was just a little dark but mm how much was it okay bro look at my face why would she do this to me oh my god smokey oh my god I told her I was like that colors a little dark can you add some like light to it she's over something let me see what I got Oh lipstick she oh that was like the only color she had and she put on this pink lipstick with this green in blue eyeshadow like girl do you see this hi like she like literally sweep across my cheek like aah oh my god okay I'm coming back I'm gonna finish this video yeah I am in disbelief oh my god is it can I change the settings on here cuz I look crazy I paid her $50 for this like I could've did a better job than this like this is disrespectful like y'all she can't be serious this can't be serious like my eyebrows look craziest fuck the eyelashes are literally sitting like on top of my eyes like then they just don't even know just oh my god this is terrible well my camera is about to die hurry up and write this with this makeup the makeup is zero fucking stars like look at me I look crazy I look like a Guido that's what the hell I look like and I'm not even I'm not even that color like I look crazy I look like I tan way too much like bitch I'm black I should not be looking like somebody that goes to the tanning salon every week like why do I look like this so it's definitely a zero stars I'm mad like I was trying so hard not to make faces not to say nothing to her but I had to tell her a couple of times like are you gonna change this are gonna change that and she still didn't do it and then she was just being really rough I'm over the makeup I'm over like the terrible service everything was just trash and like her little setup was cute or whatever she had like a UH a ring light and everything she had like her makeup setup set out and everything so I thought like maybe she's professional don't ever ever go to a one star rated makeup artist like you're gonna come out looking like this and I told her I had an event to go to at 9:30 so I'm supposed to be there at 7:30 and be done by 8:30 she didn't start my makeup to 8:15 and it is now 9:30 but whatever you know I'm singing she got one star rating because she's a one star artisan this is one star work I can't even be mad honestly um yeah yeah I'm gonna go home and take this fucking makeup off my face make sure y'all like and comment on this video subscribe make sure y'all watch my other videos the link is in the description for all my social media so follow me on social media I do follow y'all back you know what we did today you finesse with the finesse gang period


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