"I worry that my art will never get better" – Artist Confessions

"I worry that my art will never get better" - Artist Confessions


  • Flying Pings says:

    Have a confession you'd like to share? 😀

    Send it to me on my Amino here: http://aminoapps.com/c/FlyingPingsART

  • Beth Russell says:

    how do you draw hair

  • Couch gaming news says:

    And here I am taking hours drawing a circle oof

  • LaMar Rotan says:

    Can you give me the discord invite

  • It AboutPastel says:

    My confession:

    I can't stand seeing others art. My art is absolutely HORRIBLE and seeing others art makes me feel bad for wanting to be an artist. I get jealous because i feel as tho my art will never be as good as theirs. (I sometimes feel that way seeing famous artist draw…)

  • • Sparklez_Foxy • says:

    My oc is called Unastia…..

  • Rin Korad says:

    What I do is what varieties of anime and see the different art style and get INSPIRATION

  • Zylonx RBLX says:

    Forgot to put notifications on all. Youtube needs to slow down.

  • Let me take a Jörmungandr at that says:

    I recently went through my Art-chive, and realized how much I liked my style from last year than the one I have now. I guess I just gotta stick with what I have.

  • Tanuki says:

    What do you mean you art is so much better better than my art I love your art

  • A fangirl Uwu says:

    I’m a beginner artist and I’m 17, I feel like I joined the community late because I have so many friends that have been drawing since they were young! But I know you can start whenever and imma do my best to improve!

  • BuggieUwU says:

    When i first got into art school for character design, we were taught to use all the shortcuts we can to make things easier for us in the long run. Of course we have to learn the right way before we even think about using them lol. But the 2 things i learnt so far are

    Photo bashing

    For photobashing, what we learnt was to add values to the work before multiplying an image on the item we want like a rock for example. Adding values helps a lot for the rock texture to fit properly. Else it'll be really obvious.

    Multiply my fav layer tool lmao

    I wish i had found out about this sooner because you dont have to keep picking colors since its already picked for you for shadows. You just have to have different layers and have the local color of the image and just slap the shadows on with different layers.

    This is also used in the mainstream industry. People photobash to make their work easier. Nobody can really tell they do that because they only see the finished piece. They do paint over it but thats about it really lol.

    Sorry if its long lol. Just wana share some tips i learnt recently in classes owo

  • Soleil’s Channel? says:

    I personally was never angry about criticism.i started drawing when I was two and got used to it. Stuff like “that’s ugly” or “where’s the eyes” when I’m in the middle of a drawing is unwanted criticism .but I really owe a lot to criticism people who do stuff like recommending better drawing software or ACTUAL CRITICISM when I WANT IT is useful for any artist

  • RemaGeek says:

    Yay, my confession is the first one, what luck

  • wolfk shimmer says:

    Your art style is amazing and i think it is fine just the way it is

  • ꧁ Liv ꧂ says:

    I draw allot of free art for basically anyone but, I hate it when I put so much time and effort into the art but the person just says 'thank you', leaves and never uses it. Also, sometimes they don't reply at all or never talk to me again?

  • Eva Hoshizora says:

    My confession:
    I hate when people call me talented.
    It feels like all my work is being cheated out of me, because when I look at people that are actually talented and far younger than me, I feel upset.
    It's like all my work is invalidated just because I have "talent".

  • Galaxy RoxyFoxy says:


  • Mr. A. Milksnake says:

    It's funny 'cause people act the same way about the circle tool like

    THe CiRCle ToOL iS ChEAtINg USinG iT IS A sIN ReAL ARtiSts DoNT uSE ThAT

  • Ani Flowers says:

    To be fair, I'm one of those artists who sell adopts but ask for others to not resell them xD
    I mainly do this becouse I don't want people to just by my designs and resell them for a much higher price. Stupid, I know. But I can't help it xD

  • nivencx_ ___trashymctrash says:

    I rlly want to improve my art but No-one will give me critique! So I don't know how to improve

  • owlrina gamer says:


  • Coxinha Doce says:

    I think the person is right to ask for the buyer not to resell the adoptable, since it wasn't the buyer's creation. And for me this isn't that crazy of a wish to have. I wouldnt want my adoptables to be reselled. (I don't do adoptables but i wouldnt be happy having my adoptables reselled).

  • LAURA NUNEZ says:

    Beautiful🌹As Always!♥️

  • Gacha Trista says:

    you could lineart on your refensce but change it how you want it to be.

    sorry for grammer mistakes. ;w;

  • noob animator says:

    Yey Im early

  • Kioko Manga0w0 says:

    Hiiii!love your videos!

  • TehProTrollBoi says:

    fool, you always improve in art, if you practice the RIGHT thing, sometimes your visual art quality standards got bumped and your drawing/painting skills just had a slow improvement, so it feels like you got worse, trust me, i know that feelin

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