I'm an incredibly gifted artist but people just DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!! – Skribbl.io Funny Moments

I'm an incredibly gifted artist but people just DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!! - Skribbl.io Funny Moments

like hi you Caillou buddies in the army now just just so y'all feel yeah thank you are you just putting this for us that's a wander this time coming out of his ass boy he is the big can head Oh in a big ol Wang Olli Smitty did this one what's this from up here you got some some pillars some pillars for the palace yeah wait letter letter postage you guys have these in Canada I know you do oh yes have the on them a mushroom stamp adores the penis it's a great drawing thumbs up this is a person they have honestly never mind about that so she spanked make a bootie very raid coming out it's punishment guys come on I thought about first you idiots this that's that is this now with this usually works it's not about hole got a man he's got a crazy hair not from Dragon Ball Z he's very angry boy he has a thick body it's just the same color he's got arms duel muscles penis arms I still don't get it I'm pretty sure he didn't have Goku's hair well I'm pretty sure I didn't ask you for drawing tips mister I can only draw homers seconds bragging is combine this to combine this with this yes but I bro trapper okay but what's in the wrapper Oh semen here I'll draw this to make it easier for you guys I think that's helping me at all it's a it's a bottle of mustard Tyler what thank you they don't really have like normal you know skin tones and it's a symptom it's not a Simpson that someone's neck humans that's all I know hey your purse is still lacking an arm homie this is a piece of something these are these are bins on it imagine these as bins not crippled but crumpled and it's it's very it has a has a sheen on it it's very it honestly looks like trash and here is something you might this is not a kidney bean potato we're gonna give it pear eyeball you wrap you wrap this and you wrap this around the potato you buy that cat rat scat scat tip-top flip-flop egg I'm Chad blocked I can't type right now I got this could be a really good it's not a boat by the way mm-hmm I had some shitty words boy psycho idea he type maybe I said he was close I would you at least toss those North Carolina or something ah I hate you stop drawing no it's birdies it's clearly obvious see mother mother me dude am i retarded multiple you are confusing me [Laughter] yes and if it was white seagulls are white take your second word no matter what all right you don't know please how is this new rule no I just wanted to tell ya idiot no unless you want me to yeah oh you're going W web it's like I'll just imagine it was a web but it's not the web imagine the amount of web [Laughter] Fleck oh this is gonna be drawn quite shitty but just stick with me then we got Oh Oh as a piggy oh no but with this one I guess oh is it the N word Vince Vince are you sure it's not Japan Oh nukes are you trying to blame 911 on Japan right here no just something they did [Laughter] this is something this is a boat for sure Arnaud Davi NCI is how you spell it Leonardo da Vinci oh you mean leonardo Donatello point but he's got it yet is he doing the stayin alive dance uh no and then maybe like Zoey 101 they got a new one coming out how would that be but it's this it's this mother yeah maybe give him some teeth I don't know what I'm looking at ah yeah some so smart waste more than all you pathetic idiots a book oh okay I know it's above now I can't think of how do i how do I give where'd you keep books John books in the fireplace that's right I think all literature deserves to burn oh I don't know it's a brush you dumb bitches [Laughter] arguing


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