Imagination, Creativity & Design

Imagination, Creativity & Design


  • :paul- :j says:

  • Soap says:

    how i miss jacque fresco

  • peruface says:

    Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor to ever live on planet earth said,  "my brain is only a receiver in the universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.

  • Caldera Records says:

    If you want to solve a problem, you must share ideas in a way that is totally alien in a society that indoctrinates avarice.

  • Antonio Reinoso says:

    El poder del cambio está en manos de la Unión de todos los pueblos del mundo, somos un único pueblo llamado tierra, la solución depende de la fuerza de voluntad que como dijo una vez Albert Einstein es la fuerza motriz más poderosa que el vapor, la electricidad y la energía atómica.

  • swaggastronomer says:


  • [Alex ] says:

    One day your knowledge will be used world wide… RIP friend.

  • Far Rider says:

    Sometimes sharing ideas💡 is like watering the desert sand for growing strawberrys🍓🍓
    mmh 🍓
    Tank J.F.•°

  • sewpear says:

    well said, but it would be easier to listen without the music in a background

  • Anna Sca'lfi says:

    Жаль, что нет перевода на русский язык.

  • Super Astral Health says:


  • Jonathan Angel says:

    I watch this insted of Game of Throens or any other show

  • El Desó says:

    What if some of the inventions/discoveries were found due to the use of some mind altering substance? Wouldn't that throw Jacque's claims out the window?
    Also, why are there so very few people that we know about, whom have inventing something?

  • TheOneAndOnlyDaan says:

    Share ideas

  • Why am I still on youtube says:

    What can you say about a man who worked his hole life for something that by the later part of his life he had to know he would not live to see. He did not believe in an after life, or anything that would reward him for what he did. Yet he kept on planting trees under the shad of witch he would never sit until the day he died. I have no words to describe such a man. You will be missed.

  • Mengele Talon says:

    Even after you've passed, your ideas and visions will live on. I would not be the person I am today if not for your wisdom and ideals, many have and will follow in these footsteps. Our dream will be realized. Rest in peace.

  • Irish Slaves says:

    All the people need to unite. Just pick a day to start rebuilding. The majority see now that this monetary system is not the way to go, we all know we are sick, but we haven't much time to fix it.
    We have the ability and the technology to make this planet an amazing place, where peace, love, and freedom could rule the land, yet we choose to live this way. We have the technology to make anything run cleaner, last longer, and have no cost. Tesla made free energy that was destroyed by J.P Morgan because with “Free stuff”, one cannot enslave the masses. I do not care what you believe in, I am telling you, both the left-wing and the right-wing belong to the same bird. The monetary system is/has taken over this planet and we continue to work for them because we are enslaved. Our natural resources are diminishing. Meanwhile, our population is exponentially increasing. Any and all scientist agree the resources are running out. NASA says it will happen within just a couple decades. I do believe this is why we see the agendas being pushed today.
    Did you know President George W. Bush bought 298,840 acres of land in Paraguay? Bush did not buy this land for any other reason besides the fact that it sits on top of the biggest aquifer on planet earth. Aquifer Guarani covers roughly 460,000 square miles under parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. What do you think this world will look like when water is the new GOLD? Do you want your children to live in a savage world? It all comes down to this people. That upon everything else, what do you want for your children?

  • Misheard Metal says:

    To serve man is to serve yourself.

  • iamLI3 says:

    that's 1 thing jaqcue is very wrong about at least information is not merely the accumulation of conscious experience when we have many examples of studies of lineages of knowledge information encoded in biology not to mention the great artworks of old that depicted many things and structures and concepts of things that supposedly did not exist at that time alah atom bombs and spacecraft on egyptian paintings so that means that either those things were conceived of through the mind or those were things that existed sometime before that were then recorded down in those images and stories…

  • Back To Eden says:

    there is no creation without imitation

  • Omega Chr1s says:


  • Slick Vic says:


  • Silent Echo says:

    People, we need to see this come to life more than ever before. Please start talking and sharing this again on your social media. I am! Anyone else?

  • Erik van Ravenstein says:

    .. the guy didn’t understand the true nature of reality … he now does, and is laughing at this caricature he made of himself … what is the purpose of this channel? Giving people depressing concepts?

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