Improving Your Art When You Have No Time – 100 Days of Making Comics 2 – DAY 36

Improving Your Art When You Have No Time - 100 Days of Making Comics 2 - DAY 36

hey guys it's your friendly reminder to go check out the time point issue to Kickstarter that's going on right now it is for a comic that's I straight bones rights if you follow our channel you probably already know about it but if you've never heard of 9 point it is a fantasy comic about cat nights and right now we're trying to print issue number 2 and if you support it you can also get a copy of issue number 1 so go check out the Kickstarter while it's still going there's a link in the description down below and I'm gonna stop talking about this now and I'm gonna get on to the video okay I think one of the best things you can do for your art and your comics is to do studies if you ever don't know how to draw something grab a reference for it whether it's photos or videos or looking at yourself in a mirror or asking your friends to do silly poses for you you know whatever you need grab it it'll help improve your art it'll make things easier for you because you don't have to come up with everything in your head and it's just a good thing to do for your art if you can think of any style of art that's like cartoony or super simplified it all started from someone looking at real life and translating that into a cartoon so drawing from life is always a good thing and as much as I love doing studies and drawing from life it can be really hard to find time to actually do it call out post at me cuz basically when you're working on comics it consumes so much of your time oh I'm constantly struggling to keep up with my comic pages most of the time it feels like I'm working on one page for hours and hours and I'm not getting anywhere and the whole night is gone I mean look at these past few videos I've been working on the same page coloring it for like days now so yeah comics are very time consuming and when I'm not working on comics you know I'm doing general life stuff like I work a full-time day job and I also have to clean my house and run errands and take care of my many pets and visit friends and families so I don't go stir-crazy so between all this stuff for I'm actually making pages for my comics and all the other things that fill up my day where do I find time to do drawings and studies from life I don't have 8 hours to do that in the day I usually have like 20 minutes but I do still find some time throughout my days to study things and draw from life because it is so important to creating art and making my comics look good so here are some ways that I utilize studying in my work while still keeping up with my comic pages um so if you're starting your comic before you start working on your comic pages which is gonna engulf your life I feel I feel like I'm talking smack about the comics but I love them like time consuming but I love them I guess it's like having like a baby that like cries all the time where like you're dead tired and you want to go to bed but you love them and you have to nurture them and take care of them because they're your baby that's like comics anyways before you start on your comic pages preferably when you're doing the prep stage of your comic do a bunch of studies for everything you think you're gonna need for your comic especially cuz if you've been following the advice of me and bones you've obviously write in your script before you started working on your art so make sure you grab everything that you don't know how to draw in your script you know sometimes I can be you don't know how to draw people or you don't know how to draw certain poses maybe you don't know how to draw animals I was in that boat when I started 9-point I didn't know how to draw and throws I didn't know how to draw cats very well and so before we started making actual comic pages I did a whole bunch of studies on how to draw animals and then how to turn that into like a furry anthro character I've done Studies on medieval clothing and castles and medieval housing forests you know there's lots of stuff that I've studied before actually beginning comic pages so I think that is like a very good place to get in most of the studying you'll need for your but honestly at any stage in your comic if you don't know how to draw something that is a really good time to study how to draw it to say you are like partway through your comic you started drawing pages you've done a bunch of prep already and suddenly you discover that you have this special car that shows up and you don't know how to draw this car guess what you're gonna grab your references you're gonna put down the comic pages for a bit and you're gonna study how to draw this car because it's important to your story don't be afraid to take a quick break do some studying when you need to because it should only take like maybe an hour maybe a couple hours to figure this thing out and then you can jump back into your comic pages study on the goal I guess and even better than that keep references with you while you draw your comics instead of like stopping every time you come across something you don't know how to draw throughout your days just collect references grab photos of poses you think are cool grab photographs of buildings and settings and maybe you knew there was a car coming up in your script that you knew you needed to draw so you went and got a whole bunch of references already for that car so that when you finally open it up you got everything there I'll do this a lot I have lots of references for settings and costume designs the bones and I collect on just like in a private discord server we have where whenever I'm like I don't know how to draw this thing I'll just go jump into there and pick out a few say like a medieval dresses or something that I've collected and there we go I have everything I need I didn't have to spend hours looking through photos and references and videos I have everything I need right there so make sure you got your references close so you can grab them real quick now let's say like so all this stuff is like good and fine it'll cover your bases when you are mostly focused on your comic pages is like if you've got your references with you and you stop and kind of learn how to draw things on the fly you know that'll get you through things when it's tough and you're in a bind but like honestly if you ever find that you have just 20 minutes do a little timed study session on the side you don't necessarily to like do a study session of something you particularly need for your comic it could just be like following a general interest say you're doing like nine point but you're like hey I want to learn how to draw a spaceship you know take 20 minutes of just grab some references and do some studies of like actual rocket ships or something there's nothing wrong with that even if you're studying something that doesn't have anything to do with your comic you're still you know building up your art skill and that will translate to anything that comes up in your comics I don't know you're like getting into that mindset of doing art and the more you do that the I don't know but nicer it is the more in tune with your art you are and it just makes things go a little bit more smoothly when you're actually working on your comics and honestly it's nice to take a break from comics every once in a while because they do consume your life and you need variety and you need to take a break from really big projects because otherwise you're just gonna like get stuck in it and things are gonna go poorly or you're gonna burn out it's like take breaks and study other things and like I said timing it is really helpful so just set like a 20 minute timer or a 10 minute timer if you really don't have any time which I totally understand same it's just set a little timer and just draw during that timer when the timer is done you can go back to working on comics or back to your busy life and you don't have to finish the study the set is enough to be turned into this like beautiful finished pieces of artwork it's just a mental exercise to help with your art that's it I think a part of studying that doesn't get talked about cuz usually people are just talking about like the practice of art which I totally get I think it's really important when studying art and studying from life is just to go out and observe life you know if you're just waiting at a bus stop to get home from your job or whatever just like watch people see how they walk and how they move you know study what clothing people are wearing and how light affects people and objects around you and you know think about the colors of the world around you and how you can translate that into your own work you know sitting and thinking about things and observing is a really important part of translating the world into artwork even if you're not drawing you're still learning how to draw things the more you observe so and that's a really underrated thing that is a big part of being an artist basically get studying in where you can but don't beat yourself up if you can't always do it because honestly you can't always do it that's just effect but you're always gonna be observing nature and reality even if you're not drawing it at the time I think a lot of people myself included sometimes now but a lot in the past again on their high horse about like the fundamentals of art and always drawing from life but in reality you just can't do it all the time you're your owner journey is gonna go however it is gonna go I in my early drawing days did not do a lot of studying and I'm still an okay artist now and I'm really happy with a lot of the work I've done you know there's no right way or wrong way to do it studying life should be a tool in like your artist toolbox to get the results you want on your pages and not something that feels like burden or something you feel really guilty over don't do that cuz then art isn't fun and art should be fun honestly studying is fun if you make it fun because the act of drawing and making art is rewarding and fun in itself but not when you feel guilty and sad all the time so don't do that be nice to yourselves you're gonna improve a lot if you utilize references and you're studying but you're also going to improve a lot if you're just drawing and actually doing the thing or thinking about it as well so you can't really go wrong um you can do it I believe in you I hope you all are having fun working on your comics I know I'm having fun working on my comics like I said I complain about them a lot but I love them they're my sweet children so yeah I'm here with you I think you guys are great you can do it okay stop beating yourself up well not studying it's fine woo okay well that's all I got thank you so much for watching please consider supporting our Kickstarter for nine point pawns and I really want to print this thing and being in the middle of a Kickstarter is always kind of nerve-racking because there's always a chance it's not gonna fund and I really want this to fund cuz we've been promising people issue number two so please consider helping us out we'd really appreciate it and thank you so much if you have already pledged seriously it makes me so happy and thank you guys and like I've drawn so many cats and studied so many pictures of cats and drawing my own cats being silly Billie's so like help me put this knowledge to good use and make this cat comic I'm gonna go I still haven't done my art for this video yet as of recording this so I better go goodbye


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