Incredible Wax Art Cards Made Easy with Crayola Crayon Melter!

Incredible Wax Art Cards Made Easy with Crayola Crayon Melter!

hi everyone welcome back to the hedgehog
Hollow takeover here at Crayola and today we’re using the crayon melter I’m super
excited to experiment with it and first of all we’re gonna use it in our
card-making something a little bit different and when I flip over my lid
again it stamps in exactly the same place again which is super cool now
we’re gonna fill it in with our crayon melter just like this so you pick out
your melter I have already punched a bit of green in
and I’ll show you in a second how I’m going to do that with the others but all
you do is there’s a little tip at the bottom and when you press that tip down
it activates and it gives you out your color so you can see here my green is
coming out just like this I’m going to trim down my crayon piece
here to 3 and 3/4 wide by 5 inches tall just like this I send all of our members
a birthday card so we’re trying to make lots of fun birthday cards and this will
be one of those hello in there you go to the Hedgehog hello calm
there’ll be full supply lists of everything we’ve used so if you want to
know something in particular you can find out all of those details and just
add that on here and there’s our finish card so thanks for joining me for this
quick and easy card and I’ll create a takeover join us for more ideas we’ll be
using the crayon melt so we’ve got planner ideas so many different things
and do join us over at the Hedgehog holo as well thanks for joining us see you
soon bye

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  • Kelly Jo says:

    Cute idea but would be nice to see a smaller tip on the end. Cards would be good for hand delivery or winter mailing, but not for summer delivery here in Florida, lol. Thank you for sharing!

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