Independent Musicians: REAL Talk

Independent Musicians: REAL Talk

hello welcome to another episode of trick wheels tea today I'm here with singer/songwriter playwright to general Welch person whatever I can do it into fireball is an up-and-coming singer songwriter and as you know someone who's been up and coming for ten years mm-hmm me and I'm gonna be asking the here some questions and she's gonna be asking me some questions so that we can get to the root of to the root of the problem yeah the root of the problem if you hit some scratching hip-hop man mm5 has a small dog right let's start with some of these questions these are questions that we have collated from an independent adjudicator what keeps you motivated to do what you do because I think I'm a rock star I think it's just so it is literally pursuing a dream something yeah but I think it's more I'm doing it for myself now I'm motivated because if I don't do it I don't feel right without it yeah I can definitely understand that if I listen to something really great I think to myself I think I could do something like that all I know I can do that so I think other people's music other people's really good music that's what keeps me motivated to keep on doing there's probably other musicians actually in people stepping up the game a bit I think that's what motivates motivates me to push a bit harder I used to be more motivated by what other people thought yeah so I used it like when I first started out it was like oh I'm gonna work really hard at this because I want to be at this level the only reason I wanted to be at that level wants to be able to say to someone I'm at that level which is really stupid and now it's now it's definitely like like that like yeah I'll hear it's something and be like that's really that's a really clever piece of music I could I feel like I could do that so then I go and write something and try and create something I mmm good I was always chasing those things yeah like no I need to do this I need to do this to make myself feel better I need to do a lot to make myself feel good or make myself feel like a proper musician but now I just need to do it for myself I know I can do that I've still got there's a life in the always like yet the next question is how do you write music I pick up a guitar mm-hmm a good song yeah play something mm-hmm random or I watch someone play a different instrument that I can't play yeah and then I'm like yeah yeah and then you write something you go terrible awful yeah if I start writing some other new it doesn't feel good straight away I'm like spice minute I do yeah I do thank god we've got it because the amount of times I've been out like I can be having coffee in and all of a sudden some like a melody it could be often noise that somebody's made where they cut up anything done it can just give me a little idea and that tiny little idea can turn into a full song or sometimes I have to sit there for 6,000 the starting point is the hardest point yeah I feel like so we we just wrote a song and it's called pretty nice I mean it I'm gonna say it's called sad to see you go it's a sad like emotional piano ballad well the first what would you say like maybe our yeah was like probably the toughest Park so we're just figuring out what our ideas were and we had some ideas that didn't work and we had some ideas that did work and as well like we did decide on kind of of the title of it or the theme to the song I think that's really important to do for me it sometimes I gotta give sometimes I think of a song name before I write the song like now as you're 30 yeah yeah then I can think about and three something like I wrote Romeo and Juliet bass song and what I did was I thought of all words that you know that theme towards that yeah and then I kind of picked those words and put them in it's such a good way to do it so then but I think it changes every time yeah you think it's never the same sometimes there's like a certain formula in pop song hmm yeah which is usually like first pre-chorus chorus yeah that's for cars cars yep middle a chorus which is fine works I don't like thinking of that in my head when I'm writing because it's very directive I don't think I used to do that a lot like the way I come to it eventually is usually like that pop structure but I don't like to say it out for myself to do that because I think it's like it just makes you brains shut down a little bit the other day I wrote three separate songs all hits all hit all number one hits yeah number one for 10 weeks those classics it's real and I took a verse from one of the songs of course from another one I actually made a song from three songs so I just picked the best bit it's weird but it really works yeah that's cool yeah this is Fox we're twins look just need to dice out there you know and someone like looks like the dog how do you do music full-time this is a question that I've actually had a load people yeah and and I think just from the like the logistic side of things how do people transition from doing like an a job of any kind just in terms of like paying bills oh yeah to becoming a full-time musician most of the full-time musician is that I know do like a lot of session work or a lot of them like private performance booking type things for events like weddings or anything like that parties and stuff I love doing session playing for other acts on the side of like a part-time job it's one of the easiest way to make it become a full-time thing because this there's like a period of time when you like transitioning between all human needs coming from like making use it and none of it is and it's hard it is hard to like get from one to the other yeah but there were ways to do it it's not impossible no no it's definitely not I've been I decided a while ago I left my job that I had a daytime job and I thought you know I'm just gonna try and make music my full-time job yeah and I've never done that before Jeff's done music nothing else and so I joined to cut this after the silence then yeah yeah this is yessir my science teacher job in the children's play center but now I'm in a covers band some covers band in a minute and acoustic double axe as well and also things like even busking supply that as well like but I I think I'm lucky to have that cuz I always think I could probably go anywhere in the world and make enough money yeah buy dinner what's kids really good generally like passengers still goes out buckskin yeah yeah like before it shows it's definitely pulse massive crowds in and it's a cool experience for everyone obviously but like good I think it's good for you I really do and you know what people people use it is like to rehearse and get some confidence or because when I think before I used to busk how often did I sing in front of people it wasn't very often at all yeah I'll be singing oh yeah you know at home and or rehearsing for that one gig yes and when you get these two nervous because you know you're not you sing in front of the ladies unless you've windows when you're stuck when you want busking how many people it's just like it's the strangers watching you you've got to have some confidence you have to have certain bolts don't know yeah so like just plug in I feel like you get that right in it's in the hit of our nobody actually cares feels like initially feels horrible but they like once you get what if you can get like one person stop it it's the best I know quite a few saw singer-songwriter up-and-coming type that won't busk because they feel like there's a perception that it it's not that's the right word it's not like a good look oh I suppose yeah but it's almost like below them to do it yeah it must be it that must be a thing most people have because they don't do it because actually you don't see many music musicians even in Liverpool you kind of see the same people do it it's scary though and so many people are said to me actually other musicians say oh I couldn't ask a comment but but you could go in front of an audience in it in a you know I gig and you could do it but why could why is it what's what's so scary about singing on street is it because it's that weird feeling i I just imagine myself sometimes just walking along with my shopping and then just stop in and just started singing it's all my voice that's how I feel sometimes this makes like point you shut me down you just I'm having a song and everybody's like spurt when you watch other bus keys you don't never think that you know that they're you know they're musicians I I think it's I I think it's really good thing to do I think everybody should give it people care like too much about what other people think if you're walking down the street and you do anything slightly out of the ordinary yeah genuinely nobody cares what most people are thinking about how how they are coming yeah anybody who's starting you know wanting to be a musician and it's the first time I've kind of seen Ian in front of anyone I would always suggest actually go busking rather than play it gay go and box cuz you can sing a song and you know see how you got habanero song and then change your mind if you don't come nobody's paying yeah but as a musician you know I'm I've accepted that as long as I've got enough money to kind of get by mmm then that's good enough for me that is that's in kind of you know if you if you're a full-time musician you have to you have to remember that as well yeah like let's say that you and you're just like you're making songs at home you're putting them out on smartphone stuff like that one of them gets some kind of crazy support from Radio out of the blue you see you don't see like those royalties for so long and even when you do it's like a a lump sum yeah in like one quarter of a year for managing that not having like a set month yeah that's it yeah never knows okay yeah because I have that a lot like I do it each week is different yeah each week is different for me it's good to have the busking because yeah I do you have amazing it really is it's it or maybe it's just a security thing I know it's there I know I can go but I haven't been busking for years and I'm really missing yeah yeah I think the last time I was busking was like a couple years ago in Chester and it was genuinely really good for was it looks like a little sort of crossroads isn't it you have to know I mean yeah yeah you know that's why you suspend this is years ago huh what do you have to sacrifice to do what you do oh my son is happiness Sanofi um yeah I don't know like no benefit for me it's most of the sacrifice comes from like social life stuff particularly if if you if you're on tour or you're away or you've got even if you're at home and you've got like a project that you need to finish if you miss like a particular social event or a big social occasion on yeah someone's birthday or someone's where do not you know her friend's mom it's for a while just you feel awful there's two sides of it so you feel bad because you're not there but you also feel like guilty because you think that they're thinking you're not here for this yeah so talk like that part of touring for me is checking in terms of like other sacrifice stuff not meds do you know what like most of it it's like financial really yeah what is that that is the main thing yeah I know it's slightly bad to say but that is I hope he's not mad it's just it's it's just honest isn't it yeah it's like anyone with a small business like you spending money to make things and even if you were at home recording something up him producing something up him you still gotta buy the equipment to do that and pay your electricity bill win everything so there are a lot of outgoings and that means that you don't buy other things like I'm not particularly bothered about like it in a really flush car and yeah but I think if I was I'd find that really difficult because I'd rather like slug my guts out until I'm absolutely exhausted and depleted of all money so just to get the creativity out completely which is really that's the thing like what you sacrificing basically I but they know it's not a sacrifice because I would always choose it I would always choose I'd rather have I might have less money and more creative time it's an addiction so I'm addicted to music and I'm addicted to creating things so I would always choose it over anything else things like expensive cars and things like all that but they don't mean anything to me because it's music that makes me happy so it does make us happy but like that's part of the reason why I've probably been wearing the same clothes a lot goes into the music definitely even even just like finance they've also like brain power as well you know completely drain your brain of any energy I mean you've got nothing to give to anybody else yeah at the end of the day which is got no words they've all gone on paper sorry I'm spent it's not ideal is that fur for anybody or for anybody next question how do you feel about the music industry now compared to how it was five years ago it's weird isn't it mm-hmm it's really weird I don't even know what's going on does anything know what's going on it's improved and it's and it's face troubles yes doesn't seem to be any set rules anymore you can put a song on soundcloud and you just explode be massive it's not the way it used to be like the way it used to be you'd be found in a bar and some manager would put everything into you you'd start from nothing from scratch no fans no nothing but now obviously you've got to have for that before you have a manager yeah before anybody is interested so people who've got to be interested before it's done anything there's a lot of like there's a lot of pressure on the artists now to basically have the whole game soft it before somebody like a label or a manager or a publisher or anyone and invests time and money into them which it's it's weird because I feel like now more than ever it's easier to do that but it's also harder because there are so many people that are able to do it yeah also like it's easier than ever to make your own music video for example and to release your music yeah to really generate it it like the access is just we got great honey yeah I can I can write a song in this room record it myself and then somebody in Australia could be listening to it next week I love that side of it though that's my favorite side like the change that's happened it's that I can get music to anybody in the world and I can record it myself yeah through good technology that I've got but then there's 20,000 songs a day of learning Spotify now also it's like so I feel like it's good because it's easier than ever for people to do it independently but it's also bad because there's more there's more crap but wrong there is right this there's some amazing amazing music out there and someone like groundbreaking music out there but there's also more but more yeah because they're listening like to try and find the the new good stuff yeah week I find that difficult yes and when I do hear something good I want to know who it and they going listen to all that stuff because it's not very often that you come across a plan that's so good that's why I always make sure I good yeah so tell them about your story you're like well community sure put the casserole yeah years ago when I was 19 so about 50 years ago I went to an audition in London I got into this band we had a massive management company behind us and it was all going swell we were an all-girl rock band and just before we signed a deal another all-girl rock band got released and they didn't do very well which meant that our record company decided not to sign us we've just been told by everyone really it was yeah like you girl you're gonna make it midget bitch so I was walking out thinking no it's happy I was like this is finally happened basically target given to you for I think I was like 3 or 4 years we're in this band yeah everything's forever not you about to sign and then for it all to get taken away it was very hard and then obviously since then things have changed like so much yeah oh my god like things nothing like it was that band had like a single or an album out before the management got involved was it something no this was something that a management can be kind of put together they can't even Edition all all these different girls the best musicians that they can for this for this kick-ass bond like this is gonna be a big bond kind of like you know like there was we were called cherry bombs which was based on that runaways so I was gonna be the Joan Jett in the band you know oh yeah we recorded a lot we went to studios and all this business but again that's something that doesn't seem to happen either back in the day people management companies weren't like looking for the best people and putting them together and making great balance right this is what I don't think people used to talk about it that much I don't think we ever would have come out and said that's how we would have been put together well it's not people it's just kind of money acted but I don't think it's a bad way to get musicians from all over the country the best ones and then put those people together and say how about this even it works you guys have a chemistry as well oh definitely yeah yeah god yeah when it works like in that's the best thing you can do is get the best people so yeah that was quite fun I've never experienced anything like that which I think it would be really interesting to have experienced that but my experience of music has always been like I can do music independently I'm making me take that want to make I think that's that's the thing that you get to a point where you think well must be doing it because I love it yeah not because I don't really care what anybody else thinks I don't I don't actually care you've got to get to that point where you don't cakes actually then you start making the best music that's that surgery it's true you know once you start once you start watching what other people are doing that you want she just focus on your stuff it becomes better yeah cuz I used to say I remember I used to look at the chart and be like Oh what people listening to now try any kind of you cares as long as you're happy and you're proud of what you do that's another thing I think you need to be proud of what you're doing now somebody will always people will always like it if it means something to you it's gonna meet them into somebody else my thing from the experience that most of my friends seem to have had if they're in a band or if they're a solo act over and they've signed to a major I've done something like that and it's been a case of the major label is looking at how they're doing right yeah and and then saying like yeah that's a really good song send us some more songs send us some mass on things and sort of wanting them to put that career on hold yeah and send them music to see if they write like a hit song yeah doesn't feel like could have let's try not to name names but those people are then put in their career and hold waiting for some body to say yeah that's good and then time goes by in there but really spinning music for three years exactly so when you've forgotten about yeah people definitely and then you've lost part of yourself as well you're like isn't it but that's why being able to do music independently so important I think I definitely have nothing again it's like major labels I'm working with major labels but the fact that you can do music independently now is just so important because it was it used to be like major label or boss oh that exactly that that was all I cared about using and fact I'm finding the hard to get out of that mentality though because you do right because it takes you a while to realize that I'm a little minute I don't really have to worry about that I can I can you know you can't create your own fan base I have people like say from all these different countries listen to my music I've never even beat these countries and there's somebody sat there listen to a song I've written in my pajamas yes how unlucky is that that's that's good unless you end up at me sometimes when you think of it as long as you've got people who are enjoying what you do and you're happy that's all that matters I do think the cream eventually rises to the top I do still believe that you might be foolish to believe that by doing things like there's a good song if there's a good song no matter who's written it no matter what support they're getting from various people if it's a good song yeah it will get trucks yeah I suppose you see that sometimes you know when you do anything for like the one-hit wonders well there's a reason that it's because it's such a great song yeah people say one-hit wonder as if it's like a one-hit wonder they've had a massive hit yeah well it's been great to chat and I look like I'm stroking to them because they want to check in so husband surprise well it was good to chat thanks thanks very much for being a special guest I will see any time and and yeah signing off now we are both independent musicians so we don't get outside investment or support really anybody anyone at all but we're doing it and it is possible and it's the thing that you can do if you are a creative person please feel like you've got freedom because you have because the Internet's made it possible to pursue your creative dreams I know that sounds really cheesy but it's true it wasn't do it why have you got to lose yeah it's fulfilling as well to do something that you actually want to do and lot of my friends who have got like part-time jobs and they do music on the side it doesn't make you any less of a musician than a full-time musician if you're a musician or an artist or whatever it is that you actually want to do what you're doing as a part-time thing you doing it like your Fair Play I think it's kind of more stressful if you've got multiple jobs and you're pursuing wherever you creative dream might be I think that's like I'm like damn I respect that yeah I agree you just log in you go start to do that that's yeah very cool thanks so much for watching this episode of trig wells T I would say huge thanks to people who are supporting me on patreon you are literally supporting the creation of new music and I'm very very grateful for that and if you want to check out fibre winters music which you definitely should I'll pop the links below mm-hmm hey see you later the worst thing about going


  • Luciano J. Matos says:

    Curto demais as músicas que você canta
    Parabéns 😃😄

  • Jim Molter says:

    uum huummm.

  • Alexander Dempers says:

    Hey Hannah, umm not a lot of questions just like one, how did you know that you were ready to go public with your music, and how did you know that you could sing? everyone says I should go try learn how to sing my own music because I also write lyrics but then it ends there, and I have done research, most of the time the results I get online is that "if you got it, you got it, not everyone has it," and that sort of breaks my motivations and the will to try vocals instead of just composing guitar songs and writing. Hope it makes sense.. anyway, a huge fan. Much love, Alex

  • Donovan Levine says:

    YouTube needs more real talks like this

  • meus Tempos says:

    Agora curto Suas músicas e os cover… Você é 10….

  • Joe Saunders says:

    Hey Hannah out of interest what strings do you use on your Bloodmoon?

  • Sara Adams says:

    I accuse Hannah of intentionally trying to show off her biceps. 😉

  • Sara Adams says:

    Interesting how the titles of your songs are something that you sometimes "write around;" as I, with poetry, (similar to songwriting, but different), usually do the title last, and almost always intentionally pick a title that has nothing to do with the title. Lol. Love the decor ladies!

  • Sara Adams says:

    Questions for next time: How many tatts do you have? Who are your top 5 musicians of all time and why? Who, what, where, inspires you each on a daily basis? What are the little things that you think mean everything? What is the definition of love TO YOU? do you expect a lot of love and understanding from others? What makes you feel successful. I'm a clover field of questions….just warming up! @hannahtrigwell. I enjoyed your chat ladies. I adore both of your giggles and laughter + smiles. Lol, "suck off." British expression there, Hannah? 😉

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