Indira Joshi & Sagar Raaj / Singer & Composer | The Lounge – Jai Pradhan

Indira Joshi & Sagar Raaj / Singer & Composer | The Lounge - Jai Pradhan

Thank You Dover Arase Petrelli teacher not only as a form investment has a cure you know put in the special guest special programs passages as a goodbye me single roomies okay lady and a gentleman lady think do my famous snip out the singer Anna who dances well who sings well who performs well indeed ahjusshi honey get a thing of a scigirl ass and he's come up with bloody good songs it's too talented man to aluminum our reason again give a casa so I'm promoting that song and the computer lounge so as a diamond Igor Novikov Allahu Allah Danu norsu the lounge [Applause] city cop Iraqis on Eli they came my Lena need to take a pass on Eli CCD cheerio but the joy you meet Oman Auma CCD Charlie oh but I saw true you meet Oman Auma he gonna open up my own tea garden up I know oh my god I live what I told you my Niemeyer like college you wanna live wanna live I can hear my own icons you'll a neighbor lady why don't you so – organizar add much for Iran and I want to see of III don't mean get authority to fix I excuse me lady hater okay mozzarella audition Martina tottemiro' argh ID reason is that singers are insane there is an audition minion message yes the singer injustice a music when opponent's a music video Matheny tell me when I could talk all day Saturday he's taken the entire digital platform ignore me seriously the Saturday esta singer Poonam so just listen a pal let's an income in national second wives and his new pal Coelho yoga like this are matter no it cannot be this from happening finally wanna go higher my horse sir sir finally wacko who had my crucial ever known sir introducing two amazing people in my shoulder lounge yes this is indeed a joshi and that is a garage welcome to the lounge thank you so much so nyah nyah get I go sir that's a you get go by rickie could I go on top and cut Indian sardine I know what didn't ladder Bonin what video Costa calcio my hope you get one animal ah how did you think of you know featuring in the red jersey in your song and how did Indira do she make this decision okay Sargeras let's do it one first Tiger has better oh yeah actually you get go any plans I pass was already the idiom low parts are there any well the more than 5 min young any mean crossing over I'm the joy given where the hurry and oh it should be something like soothing in between we always said to each other and then it actually happened especially fast numbers the mere after production was a theater whereas I always try to experiment I mean we wanted to have a very simple you know like you take a guitar you're plucking guarde you can sing to help you receive Oh song you know soon ABC and endow narrative in cinemas all sorts a guard even log IRA soon of anymore sounds travel we used to imagine a to help your Akebono Venera solitude a ticket boy even he's busy making music videos and composing for others you give me one after the compost go to mark on Tiffany back or even I was busy busy traveling this and that I mean what China he came to my office on a guitar boy also but I rose to no no boy and the humming part such as soon a percent avow I really love this one it was time either soon or later so I think you have to complete it let's do it whenever so basically it's his take everything while I don't mean I may not ever gonna back oh and you studio reticle arrangement ready girl he was like updating me he as a yoga recovery so I went to the studio I recorded my part of Morocco is mother they remain at Sonya oh good I go to music scene go hi the stay I did bono last two years mom's not even the artist or I mostly think that me truly mad Tori the rotary bunny raucous unidentified you have my team but when like wacko music that he rescinded when they come up with new song and when they become a rage song after song knee can have any song matter any song after song the kind of songs they come up with every song is tapped by the youth there's a hip number top in Lebanon it's the border key are you like a Lickety are you insecure in a way that I merely Gorica music booyah Serena keep we at sake I next it was also like segi what is it like oh no because Jules truepani all that here when somebody is like making a mark anywhere you know anything you do Cooney benicar not just art if you do it in a different manner you get a lot of attention so do karate taboos new person because when you started off your career I think you were different from the others and then you got all that attention and then you have to keep maintaining it I think we should be even more happy that we have such amazing flavors you know different kind of music coming up on a very organic Pony key from the very heart I did ago generation they're very expressive you know like lyrics much on you it's not like the syllabus Bramley co-author really good you know like they're just expressing themselves oh yeah yeah did it go to the point oh yeah a lot of youths can relate to it because it's fresh music Tara if we like compare ham even the Matthew generation see they are equally busy they have their audience they're doing their music everybody's traveling everybody's working maybe top I couldn't salsa maybe you think key of inserting you Matt three whole entire music or there are kind of like folk singers there like so popular it could show just each Madonna oh you get wanna cool on Riley I'm like oh if you wanna cool you know you just don't know each other insecurity knows I think if you know about your teen your talent oh yeah you have to keep on coming up with a new product does that you know make you feel like okay obviously next song mr. got the infant's we can't call it as insecurity other be insecure matter name there's some plenty of things Wow gasps perceptions of the day and obviously generalize generalize or demand silly general personally accept correct perception carriers that are obviously whose know who's Yeltsin yeah I mean if a new song is Wow Trammell did Wow well keen a social sake now you are probably when you know of course we have that you can call you a little bit of guru look good jealousy once again so you know like wow you keep us there ask you to do something good yeah yeah there's a lot of songs that I'm willing to go in the back away it's such an amazing song you know okay could our new one in like you have like five to six songs in your YouTube channel so far in and you've got a an amount of followers in your YouTube channel so is that amount of followers directly okay with the kind of songs you've come up with can you get up and go Jim Jim Cornette pardon me was also a big hit was a smash hit you know 284 key you know viewers views on YouTube you've got right but this code tournaments a topic of subscribers can no more say is that really does that really bother you I know it's so it's the way that is a major casement say I've been like I've been very experimental I was a stay I go with the work my team of the works rather than like monument record to your mother go Serena market my is not my concern but Mira colors are the same when it was a Leone my Apple a after I developed 100 geography is mastermind of a next next project Castellano person to play that one layer project Katya improvement so I'm just working on my things honey this facility to my DVD of you know my things near I work at as Jets fields hide map Anita commish inside nominee have no personnel gonna go ahead outside I know our team take would rather be sitting on the soroban right now so Mira audience are utilizing when they tom knows I shall get asana I guess I know because meadow contain enough shyness laksa we started guarda gotta see the color solutions in color should Ramon Carranza I'm little follower was only about me niche audience a create go animal societies just not abused in whenever you use the new talent coming up on whenever they come and you know ask you to be get featured on the song what is your first take on it like get cost to Aggies of the cost of costly compost or I think I have to do that little calmly time we made everything you know all this experience I think I have to be very choosy over typing so of course I do that one partner for Salani Katya guitar monopod beneath your teen is also need to load Eli penny I don't take it wrong couldn't get them on forever hey there's no money involved it's just pure work just you feel the song you go you put the headphone on you sing it any rest is like audience my going sacrifice oh yeah your time at source commands Elena to quality your songs quality of songs quality of music we are in process of making music that man not making music but I take it in a two ways like putting your fast dancing number because I do a lot of vehicle travel various my dad so a body value topographic flavor Kunis halt miracle you can call it like 10 years of experience if I sing a very pure pop number Roy if I sing live months ago two Nepalese style do get this my body naturally do young store event is money not sure because I bet that's our music you know this man the essence Tony pal but you mad Almighty flew to my things like that so I do both but the fashion emergency basically movie betrothal Vimala Aragorn sir there are despite of all the other experimental numbers this a mere earthly initiative ma or friends like him or or youngsters or a journal a coracle a feature where we try to do that so what I want to do both you know because even I want to travel and buy a recovery audience I wanna you know like entertain them money I make my living purely out of this so I have to earn as well I have to travel pony I do concerts so it's basically everything boiler collaboration doosra collaboration over your organic or no like almost five years like means like we know each other since past five to six years I wanted to I wanted this song you tie them quarterly polygons or agama this matter how many OD Kiko sounds I ate you male environment oka open back o Chapel Co you know like an accounting like marriage Haruki pani nadir canine abara bersama dean pony fearsome eroding Felina so to misquote arrangement Cola get basically he helps me because he's a very different vision towards like doing music on to be llama tell you we planned on this we see a wind go Tito Family TV borrows record or later but Kiki piece a Kodak play the song so I didn't get the guitar so and we'll get started thank you so much so people joseph little and may not know why cosa yeah it's a garage and here is in the desert she'll have an exclusive for you guys city cop Iraqis on Eli they came Milan on Eli city kappa ricky son Eli Eli I am CCD cheerio but the joy you meet Oman Auma CCD Charlie oh but I saw Troy you meet Oman Auma he gonna open up my own tea garden up I know giggling oh my god my liver I told you my girly mile I called you wanna like I need my own icons you'll a neighbor deal a man I told you my name and I told you my li kui's you what are you a singer Gary governor I mean for the race you Maya anybody Casa de voto it's really melodious Javanese video and a phone no matter you both actually felt the song so many expressions are so to ghana man you've actually felt the song was it this would have come up with since absorb with a light kesava bharati oh you know like honey he's been doing music videos so he can arrange everything so ducha character rock hero you know like a them love story a pentagon oh sorry we basically thought of let's do it very simple just do is enough boston another and then we'll sing it will feel it just to am late for my record where assume feeling you to actually take feelings of video map anew so only be the light makeup my the reason we did it is like man chennai soon dmitri video Kasturi live in kada stuff lagos Cairo was this suni metric we wanted that so Oregon i'ma over topping lead reason they are we in kcd if you collaborate Posse guru I think we do management or ago Sandra bland our next family me just the are behind or we definitely see our listeners that I mean we are coming up with next one man Kosovo we have been like planning of totally everything I don't expect the Hitman corny plan was awesome maybe jazzy stuff on a subsidy thorough it enabled us money about justice Honda and testing or a cane a belt or song LD era Cooney Journal a polka Darko composition one-third of we won deal feedback to be like me and again I was released by secure and everything EE caustic have feedback by recognizer personally pony when you around people go exactly what we wanted to hear very melodious very beautiful soothing very soothing did you have this expectation that did you like always have this expectation that you can as a battle Danny poore Sonya this like every noticeably anomaly softly to effort Lonnie Joseph no sock enzyme listeners / / listener song approvers properly prove us the way to say I'm the effort now son of a tutor if we always thought it interview always realize us the melodious number or till it slowly knee pick up lintel I be sorry people you know like people to believe it's who knew this arena answer the fast number saying it goes like very viral I don't know like a lot of – maybe party may go nuts me will kick you I don't know like fast numbers cheeto attention bow no saxophone he a melodious number or electric come on Toro it goes long way you know like even after four five years you do you want to listen to it did you smell it it's actually see two typos like Tito Pawnee move anything need to type to answer the race it'll become more expressions answer no I mean probably maybe they think indie rap or era oh and nobody knows how happy I am such a rockin life I am if I like it more share girls you know you're a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio I know what does a Titanic pose is the goddamn 1 / n Welling install Michelle Gaiser mr. Castle for ya so we'll go on with the other game minor so I would say games i costumes on Larry will play a song in Reverse Tavia motive reason it's in toast a pilot you're gonna bond so you have on your hormones wine Li can oh poor Tina just a tomono-kun are the kind of person ladies all a von Neumann sorry ID wrong bus and filled up in any kind of on you know Joe Steve get Kabul one one circle at Pope indeed why do boys a minute I wanna hold on my dick having it otherwise than any we're playing the song so get ready key channel a mother boats Organa Pashto Kwanzaa oh I think so yeah we go one of its critics Ricardo means of a God Allah you know my mother this is healthy I was I was right Indira wrong when I finally getting my Devon Devon why I like it so I should have told you before like saying the Enzo oh you're a bad friend my name is I just felt like companies when I gave us a Chinese Cheers poppy Ivy this is egg in degrees if Bobby's not night doing it alright this is not something I did this is this is the team's effort my Dominican aversive Kunekune a melon Chickasaw newborn is in the so we care about you you a nickel or Copernican a cell or doing a recipe we should move on this exit leg to the kitty you feel penis anyone saw anything in any kind of order is make you hold upon me more like do you somebody is searching you caimito horn was a male its own mind versa so telephone didn't you when I say is Bonnie boring it this is the foot episode straight up that I've been drinking this Tarou you know Margo juice pause I know yeah this very early customer just know G career no piety with a photon it you know Bonnie second while ago dream alone but if I don't want to go see him alone time you go seventeen is an alternative for us were level Ramberg are like me who knows please in there with your blessings no never I know mommy Alice hopefully payasam notice that living homes and get a new phone so sorry rapidfire on my own and so the reason am and some like I say I guess you don't actually just seeds on what are you actually pissed somewhere this Pietra dura to run out of a root zone Anza this by the deer area to run our solution to eat a really reliable new holiday do wanna solve in Oakland wherever my in Nepali people is there for a reason and it's a girl I see if you ever get a chance to tour outside which is the first destination that you'd want to rent my gentleman like well outside towards I agree saying this is if you had to borrow what would you Indira you personnel keys or son I knew butter sorry ah his sarcasm his humor his very humorous exam sarcastic humor and so Michael yeah I mean mr. Kali Prasad basket of course every song like goes viral and II see here's a very catchy Bono know something so he's very spontaneous so too much on each wing Oh sees like ah on each wing dolma is one person just let a meadow mirror up coming over I get tsundere discord ami matters who never see sent me a skincare or a kidnapper on latitude clinic so like obscene seized or on each wing dolma so I think hug Greece the way she speaks I like everything about her he appreciates everyone I need yeah almost everything alright so with desire and we should borrow from our Olivia you've worked with many artists acting presence on the top a leaky Bora gonna pawn a bucket or EQ a purgative dozen the tie go to sensuality servants until things of picking matters or go sick days philosopher needs a strikes a dozen or more discuss men go around to die go to ingredients colony to stay perfectly with on the back office honey Andrew tick-tock star miss Reshma song as a gig on a keyboard gonna silence at of any might be her innocence per present with a higher innocence Thespis hard easy simply City bunny okay honey what would you want to borrow from the lady next to you actually I've been learning or professionally stopped soda from her like ons anything I want to learn those things haven't really said out directly this part saying I'm literally learning gowns and things that really matters when you are an artist and how to carry your shopkins and it – Corrado saying that with all the Grace and the poise that she's got okay so which is more profitable working on an album or Tori see if your album is doing good then we connected on either way by the concert Conan's on you on Impala come on now so do you get live in Rambler buona sera sera sometimes I I can tell like stage it's very different audience korokoro perform guru is very different the way you get it done they repopulated sucks rhetoric arey your song on stage how are you going to entertain them this parameter piling shows a different yes monitor the booty on my laksa my estimate my beneath anyone's way no I mean it's all about presentation I know it's to do my presentation Gwinnett I need real public already presentation do taffeta to take those ha I know only do you take orders ain't balance got rats homina homina no they were the best okay a question for you both what would you be if you were not a singer QR – laughs – really get going on four new notch me go knees gonna enjoy girl I give my hundred percent you know storm although activities I'm involved sister organization or my summer as a Youth Ambassador through the blood donation camp in go through Red Cross Society and Aaron nearly goodwill ambassador neighbor now so that's purely were kinda like Social Work turn I always try to put my input Colin's a team like bowler office mobility row you know like we do all the paperwork's let's do LAX are eager I'm sorry girl so whatever I do I try to give my hundred percent so G boy pony I think when our AmeriCorps theorizes relax Emily Horace I can't anomaly what about you if you're not a single you're already a different Molitor you diplomatic like a mile it's a given more sandy I was like them exploring my cell phones in here sanim I used to go I'm opening put all but I know honey I used to go to with India border and I used to get a auto cars or to move our uber I had a lot of histories on my to hear more like asthma I explained myself as a creative guy Unni lawns whatever he gets lawns do things by giving 100% sake somewhat they know me or saying okay this is the last question forgive me do we have a real last question okay yeah well any no no Alan so you did open it you're gonna you know a poker perform carnival in the register why Alan I wanna go when I go sort I'm going to yoga nama to Tuesday s door confidently one-on-one is a with my pride and like to June already Cesar you have skill producer he's my mother anyways on that note thank you so much for your time thank you thank you so much and thank you so much thank you remember gift produce granola Ozzy and I entertained granola also utilizing you know for those who are coming up for their you know aspiring singers musicians are are they in Paris birthday canola even they think it's so much more so you know your time your presence at my show the lounge anything you want to share with the audience yeah great pleasure being here talking to you after so long I mean thank you everyone you know like your constant love support cool I get irritated and a bath honey I think we collaborate although what for – that's fatigue you can when we are here I know we will be here so it's an aggravator nazar through music next is coming up maid of honor next solo vinamra so I need in between they process myself we are working on another project bunny mystery about kotti time Linzer

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